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What if I delete media files from my back office?

What if I delete media files from my back office?

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If I delete them from the back office will it also delete them from the posts I have them published on?

You've gotten great advice below. Don't delete anything from the back office unless you're sure you aren't needing it in posts.


Good information to know!

Absolutely if the images are used in your posts and pages.

The sensible thing to do is to clean up as you go.

Yes, deleting images from your Backoffice means they will be missing in your posts and pages.

DO NOT delete media files (image) unless you know you are not using them in any posts or pages.

It is a good practice to delete an image you don't like for whatever reason right away so the media library does not become cluttered.

Thank you!

You are so very welcome.

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Unknown user labelled as subscriber?

Unknown user labelled as subscriber?

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I received an email telling me that a password had been changed for someone on my website. I looked at the Users, which should only be me, but that person was there as a subscr

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You can change that in settings, untick subscribers.

Settings > General where it says "Membership" untick

see image.

Yeah, I didn't know I had it marked, Thanks!

I am glad. If you believe the other user should not be there, you may delete

And you're very welcome.

This is someone who has subscribed to your website and will get notified when you post. Trust me, I have experience in this. They probably left a comment or went down to that section and filled it in. YOU WANT THIS!!!

Every time you see that, think ka-Ching! You know how “the money is in the list”? Well, this is a type of list building without an auto responder. Ignore those who have no experience on this.

Check this training out: Darlene

No, there was no comment left. I checked to see before I did anything else. Their email address was strange, it was @nestmoon.com. I will check out the training, though. Thanks!

They don’t actually need to leave a comment to subscribe to someone’s blog, that’s just where you find it. Plus, who cares what their email is? They can do NOTHING to your site except get notifications that YOU send. They are only users and have no power to do anything on your site.

Don’t you WANT people to get notifications when you post?


Hey :) I agree with Abie :) That's what I would have done :) Thanks

Also to what Phil correctly stated, don't forget if you haven't already, delete that user then clear your cache and refresh your page.
You can also before you log into your website refresh the password there as well just in case.

Wishing you well


Thanks, yeah I did that already also.

Great to hear have a wonderful weekend and continue being productive Siobhan
Take care
Andre :)

Thank you! You do the same!

You are welcome and thank you as well
Andre :)

Under Users, do you have Anyone Can Register ticked? If so, that's the issue. Untick it, then delete the unwanted user.

I had apparently ticked it at some point not meaning to. Thanks!

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