Rule change? Should "Self Promotion" Be Allowed on Your Own WA Blog?

Last Update: April 30, 2019

I have had a nagging question that won't' go away. Should WA's spam rules be changed to allow self promotion on their own WA blog? The more I think about it, the more I think it would better serve the community if people could provide links to their own websites on their WA blog.

Since around 2007, I have belonged to a real estate blogging community that is made up of people mainly from the United States and Canada. People are allowed to promote their own business on their personal blogs. Members are allowed to post links to their websites and contact information on their blog posts.

Yet, people are not allowed to Spam or promote their business in comments they leave on other people's posts. If/when we see that members get points for reporting spam.

I propose a similar policy would work well here at Wealthy Affiliate.

1. It would allow us to learn from people if they want to share a link to their website. I have seen some great posts lately where the person shared a link to their website or YouTube channel. Those links added value to the reader. Yet, officially it was considered SPAM.

2. Allowing promotion on one's blog would help people learn how to create signature blocks on their posts. These could help inspire other members seeking to create their own.

3. If people use their WA blog posts to sell rather than to share useful, intersting content to readers - most people simply won't read the posts or follow. That is very similar to what happens in real life on Google.

4. If people do not engage with their followers or the people that comment on their posts, people tend to ignore those members's posts. Most of the lonely posts, with no comments that I see on the real estate blog site are due to items 3 and 4.

5 I would suggest that if this policy was allowed that we would be limited to publishing only one or two blog posts per day so keep people from being tempted to publish hourly or whatever.

6. WA blog posts should still stay on topic - discussing things that are related to WA experience, online business etc. Religion, politics, niche related discussions should remain on personal websites. Why give your content to WA? You should want to save it for your readers.

7. I would also suggest that personal blogs still not be used to promote or market other services or programs. No affiliate links to other sites.

What do you all think?
(Remember, this is Kyle and Carson's business. It is not a democracy. If they do not want to change the rules, that is up to them. That is the privilege associated within owning Wealthy Affiliate.)

Such a rule change would eliminate the distractions and hard feelings that are arising on an almost daily basis here at WA. The current rules are causing a lot of grief and unhappiness.

Wouldn't it be nice to not spend so much time worrying about SPAM caused by a member providing links to their own website? That time could be better spent on building and creating profitable affiliate marketing websites.

Kyle, if you read this, would you please consider a test period of a new policy for a month or two? If people abuse it, WA could go back to the current rules.


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MikaelM Premium
It would be terrible and become more or less impossible to find any posts that were not self-promotion.

People can promote themselves on their own websites and there are places here where they can leave their links.

New people would be scared away by the amount of self-promotion and older people would leave because of the same. So definitely do not think that would be a good idea.
SondraM Premium

I certainly understand your point of view. I have considered the fact that WA is supposed to be a spam free zone as one of the advantages.

Yet, the drama associated with keeping it that way is frustrating.

If Spam rules remain, they need to be fairly enforced, across the board. No playing favorites.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree with you to an extent, but self-promotion sometimes brings ideas to the forefront, which we might not have otherwise ever considered. Just a thought.
MikaelM Premium
That is true Jeffrey. But in my experience, you have to spend A LOT of time going through self-promotion to find an idea.

For example, look at the Facebook groups that allow self-promotion. You might be able to get an idea from there but the amount of spam and self-promotion make those groups nothing but spam and nobody are there to help each other.

The people that are genuine leave because even if they ask a question all they get is being bombarded with links and self-promotion. So it just leaves the promoters and spammers left to promote to each other because they found a place where they would not get banned for it.

Many groups and communities have vanished after allowing this and no matter the arguments, it is clear that if you look at how things work online if spam and self-promotion were allowed it would get completely out of control.
RichBrennan Premium
Hi Sondra
IMHO, no it shouldn't be allowed, and there shouldn't be any rule change.
We can place our websites domains on our profile and anybody who wants to take a look can do so.
I don't see any real issue with writing posts on our WA blogs about niches we are developing, but to put affiliate links in the posts could be construed as spam even if it's not intended that way.
The anti-spam rule is about creating a 'safe space', especially for newbies who might be put off by it and who might decide to leave WA because of it. I'd been in other online marketing programmes before coming here, and so I was pretty accustomed to it and one thing I really like about WA is that it is a spam free zone. However accustomed to it you may become, it doesn't actually get any less annoying. You just learn to scroll on past. Marketing newbies who haven't been in other programmes could get quite fazed by it and not know how to respond to it.
We can submit our our actual niche website articles to the Community via Site Comments and people commenting will have visibility our affiliate links and can check out what we're doing if they wish to.
As you rightly point out, this is Kyle and Carson's business. We're paying guests and as such we have to abide by the rules of the house. Anyone who manages to achieve what they have and create their own global online marketing community can make their own rules but while they're here, they don't have that option.
Rich 😃
SondraM Premium
Well said Rich. This is Kyle and Carson's business.

I have liked the spam free environment here at WA. Yet, I really dislike the drama associated with trying to keep it a spam free environment.

Favoritism causes problems where some people are allowed to get by with it and others not. I see it everyday even though I do my best to try to ignore it most days.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I've noticed it to, but simply move on--we all do have a choice, but I do really like that you have opened the dialogue!
BrendaMZ Premium
I honestly believe that when people sign up into WA need agree to a contract to the no spam rules I feel the drama will go away I plan to suggest that to Kyle. Like in other affiliate marketing or mlmers we agree to contracts like being ethically responsible, use their marketing services for promotions, no advertising without the marketing dept’s approval, agree to be independent contractors, and agree to follow company no spamming rules for internet marketing. These companies have contracts that we have to sign the same should go for WA. There should be contracts that we sign, I would sign one in a heartbeat thats how dedicated I am. All need sign a contract that we understand the no spam rules and that we will not do it and consequences termination from company. Some mlm company bans taking stealing downlines into another company if that happens its a breach of contract they get sued. I feel a contract will force the responsibility thats one thing I noticed this site doesnt have is a contract. Real estate, insurance sales, mortgage bankers all have contracts. Why not WA?
SondraM Premium
It has been a good dialogue. I hoe you have a great week.
Hjuby Premium
I would like it. Mainly for networking and supporting and yes maybe even buying. I always prefer to buy as much as I can from fellow entrepreneurs not big corporations. I am part of several MLM networking groups and we like to support each other this way. Also I think it would allow us to support each other on a deeper level. I can see the potential for spam just not sure how it would play out in reality
SondraM Premium
Now that you mention it, the real estate website does encourage a deeper level of networking than here.

The challenge at WA, is there are so many types of businesses. Within the real estate community - we typically have one goal. Within your MLM communities, you too have one goal.

Overall, I do not know what the best answer is other than if there are rules, everyone should be required to comply.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well said, and something else I have discovered is that SPAM to one person, may NOT be to many others, that is what makes us all unique.
feigner Premium
hmm... is it spam to link to your site if there is useful and relevant information to answer a question - you can do it for other sites but not your own.
to me the rules say that you mustn't link to your site with a read more here reply, but if it gives the complete answer why not just add your site link with a i wrote a post answering that.
as long as it really does answer the question then no problem.
if it is click bait then strike 1 - thrid one and you are silenced pending apeal
i think people are too literal with the spam accusation - maybe they should read the article and then decide whether it is spam.
there ae sme tool that i think are good and could suggest to some members but i cannot as they are articles with affiliate links in - but again they have a choice to purchase or not -so as long as it is relevant then as you say why not.
will the rules change - of course not as it will be abused.
this many people and that sort of rule not abused - never.
so i really don't see this changing any time soon.
i wish it would but....
SondraM Premium
Hi Phil,

I truly do not know what the answer is. I have liked the spam free environment. Yet, then as I thought about the real estate site - things works very well for them.

There is not all of the drama that we have here.

I truly believe that if there are rules, they need to be applied fairly across the board.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree with you Phil, and for the very same reasons.

Hudson Premium
An interesting post. I am not sure I have an opinion as I have not considered this. I think you need to raise it to Kyle and Carson as they are the decision makers. If they think it could be worth pursuing they will - if not a polite refusal might ensue with reasons. I just think this is the way to go as you will probably get many answers here but not necessarily representative of the whole community. One thing that was not clear to me but remember please I have not considered this fully - what are the pros and cons of this approach you are suggesting - is there a clearer picture if you were to do this, just saying. Thanks anyway.
SondraM Premium
I certainly do not know the answer.

I do believe that if there are rules, they should be applied to all. If they are not going to be upheld, then the need for them should be revisited.