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Did you beat or exceed your goals last month? Personally, I have encountered some unforeseen obstacles that set me back by four months. So, this morning I have found myself going back and forth between wanting to panic and being mad at myself. Yet after logging onto WA, I found myself feeling thankful that I was able to read a few blog posts written by some of my favorite longtime WA members. I remembered that we need to allow ourselves to have some time to receive a dose of daily motiva
It is time to put the past behind us. It is time to move forward with new goals. Happy New Year! This morning, I took a few moments to reflect on last year. When I looked at my stats on WA site content last year, "discovered" that I had not posted to my website(s) since March 29, 2020, last year. Basically, when our stay at home order was lifted, I wanted to be anywhere but at home working on the computer. Yet, as I was working on my 2021 business plans, I realized that while face
Social Isolation. That is the new buzz word. I never used that phrase until this week. In order to help prevent the spread of this virus, it seems that the whole world is recommending social isolation. For me, living and working on a farm, "social isolation" has already been a way of life to some extent. For those of us that have already been working online or working from home, social isolation is not really a new concept either. As result, I really appreciate the value of the WA
Have you been struggling with your website(s) not producing the results that you dreamed of when you joined WA? I know I have. It is because I have not done the work that was required. All too often, I also chose to ignored parts of the training. Some intentionally. Some things I just overlooked or skipped because I rushed through the training. This week, I have decided that I am truly ready to succeed with my affiliate marketing website. It is time for me to shift gears. It is time
Can you remember why you decided to join Wealthy Affiliate? Why you first wanted to start an online business? Can you remember why you wanted to make money with a blog or website? This is a short, photo explanation of my "whys" It has to do with the babies. Reason for this post: It is important to remember to be thankful for what is good in our lives. It is important to remember our "why/"If we take time to scan the news and even the WA blog roll, it is hard to miss the negativity, sadn
February 24, 2020
If you can only accomplish one thing today that relates to your website, what will it be?Did you know that Nike’s slogan “JUST DO IT” was coined in an advertising agency meeting. 32 years ago? That was a long time ago. Yet, the idea embodied by “JUST DO IT” can be just a relevant to each of us today as it was back then. Think abou it. The time to start is NOW. Today. When you finish reading this. It is time to do what you have been dreaming of. It i
February 20, 2020
Every time we encounter a situation, we get to choose what we think about it. Will we think something good? Will we choose to see the negative? For example, this morning when I woke up it was a miserable, frigid 9 F degrees outside. Although the picture of the two horses was taken last October, it shows what it looked like outside this morning. This morning instead of thinking what I do NOT like about the weather, I am trying to focus on what I DO like about it. It makes for pretty pho
February 19, 2020
Those that succeed take action. Massive Action. It is important to learn. Yet, if we do not implement what we learn - NOTHING new will happen. Starting today, I will start taking massive action and work on my affiliate marketing websites. What about you? Are you ready to take action? ———————In the first training lesson of the Online Entreprenuership Certification course, Kyle states: “Take action on what you learn! Action leads to s
January 20, 2020
When it comes to your online business, have you ever felt stuck? Like your wheels are spinning. Fast. But you are not going anywhere? Or even worse, like you have just become bogged down? I feel like that is what has happened with my websites. As you may be aware, I have several other business and farm activities that consume my time. My websites will compliment those activities and bring in more sales.I have made money with affiliate marketing in the past, so I know that it is po
November 29, 2019
I just took advantage of this year's Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special. What a relief! This is my third year as a WA member. I can not imagine NOT being a WA member. WA has taught me how to make money online. Yes, I have made some money even though I have only been working on my affiliate marketing business part-time.My online affiliate marketing business is part of my long term business strategy. My real estate, farm and shop activities are my currently my primary focus. Gr