How To Get Affiliate Marketing Mentoring? [5 Easy Steps!]

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The single most important factor for my 'affiliate marketing success' has been the ability to ask lots of questions.

In this post, I'll show you, How To Get Affiliate Marketing Mentoring for FREE inside Wealthy Affiliate that would normally cost you $1,000's or even $10,000's.

This post is a very practical guide and I'll teach you some highly important tips to make you succeed faster with affiliate marketing.

If you're not a member of Wealthy Affiliate yet, I highly recommend joining this amazing community here (it takes only 5 seconds!)

Here are the topics I'll cover in this post:

  1. Why Is Affiliate Marketing Mentoring Important For Your Success?
  2. How To Ask Questions Within Wealthy Affiliate?
  3. How To Find Successful Members within Wealthy Affiliate?
  4. 5 Actionable Tips To Get Personal Mentoring From Successful Affiliate Marketers

Let's get right into things!

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Mentoring Important For Your Success?

Simply put:

  1. You will save $1,000's
  2. You will save 1,000's of hours
  3. You will succeed faster

Let me share my story with you.

When I started out with affiliate marketing, I was hitting my head to the wall for almost 6 months and making the same mistakes.

Then I realized that I can ask questions from more experienced people here.

I started asking questions from a few successful members at Wealthy Affiliate.

They immediately gave me tips that could have saved me 6 months of time and those tips were easily worth $1,000's in money.

I should have asked those questions earlier.

The fastest way for you to succeed online is to ask lots of questions within Wealthy Affiliate community from more successful members.

You can accelerate your way to success like a guy in the image above if you follow more successful people :)

More experienced members may have already spent $10,000's and 1,000's of hours to learn those skills.

You don't need to do the same because you can fasten your progress by just asking a few questions.

They'll share with you tips that are worth so much money and time.

I can say this from my own and other people's experience.

I've also seen over and over again that those who are active within the WA community seem to achieve much more success than those who just try to do thing on their on.

So, ask lots of questions and apply always what you've learned.

How To Ask Questions Within Wealthy Affiliate?

One of our long-term Wealthy Affiliate community members, Loes, Has spent time to create you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide where she shows you 7 ways to ask question here.

Go through that guide and practice each steps she shows so you'll get more familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

After all, Wealthy Affiliate is extremely easy-to-use and even my almost-90-year-old grand-grandmother would be able to use this :)

How To Find Successful Wealthy Affiliate Members?

Let's be honest here... A lot of members are just starting out their affiliate marketing journey.

Listening to advice from other beginners won't usually get you much further. You need to ask questions from the right people who are ahead of you.

Recently, I shared a list of some successful Wealthy Affiliate members to my email subscribers. I'm not going to share it here publicly but if you want to receive similar awesome and helpful resources you need to be in my email list.

I share tons of free information publicly but the most valuable tips I reserve only for my email subscribers.

But let me still share you 3 great ways how you can find successful members so you can contact them and send even Personal Messages.

  1. Check out some 2018 success posts here. => Click each post and see who has written it. Then click their profile image to see the person's profile.
  2. Follow Wealthy Affiliate "News" feed regularly. => You'll see success posts from active members in Top 10 articles and you can contact them.
  3. Search for specific keywords like "Success" "$5,000" "$10,000" etc. in the search bar and see who has written success posts.

Once you've found some successful WA members (unless you're in my email list and you know them already), do the following:

  1. Bookmark their profile pages (so you can find them later).
  2. Go through their blog posts and training lessons (to pick powerful ideas and tools to maximize your success).
  3. Ask them questions respectfully. (Through live chat, blog posts and Private Messages!)

If they have achieved something that you'd like to achieve it really makes sense to read their blog posts and training courses.

Also, number 3 is highly important!

If you want to get personal support and mentoring, you need to know the right way to approach people.

In the next chapter you'll learn 5 amazing steps that will make your communcation much better.

As a result, you'll get better support and achieve a greater success.

5 Tips To Get Mentoring For FREE

By following these 5 tips, you'll achieve the following:

  1. Get better support from successful online entrepreneurs.
  2. Build better relationships.
  3. Eventually succeed more and make more money online.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you have an incredible opportunity to be able to be in touch directly with some great people who have already achieved a lot.

But they're not going to answer you if you don't follow the principles that you'll see below.

So, listen carefully now! :)

1. Be Specific And Concise

Nobody wants to read a long wall of text.

Define for yourself first what is the goal of your message.

Then write it down in short paragraphs.

Make sure that it's easy for a person to understand what you're asking in 10 seconds by just skimming through your message especially if this is your first message with him/her.

Today I just received an email that was just 1 bunch of text with 300 words put together in one paragraph.

What do you guess? Did I try to read it?

2. Be Respectful

You wouldn't believe how often I receive emails like,

"Help! Help! Help! Roope!

You promised to help me to succeed online so send me money now or do something!

I'm from a poor family and bla bla bla blaaaah...."


I am patient and quite tolerant so often I've still responded these emails.

But 90% of the people won't respond to you if you write like this.

Be respectful and write messages that you would like to receive yourself.

3. Don't Just Take, Take, Take

Some time ago I received a message from another WA member and he asked me for some help.

I provided him with a long and a thorough message for free tips that are probably worth $100's for him at least.

In addition, I also asked him a quick question. I didn't even ask any favor or anything.

Just a quick question regarding what he said in his email.

He completely ignored my question in his response and asked for more help.

Do you think that I again wrote him a long and a helpful response?

Of course not. I ignored his message as well.

You may call it rude but I helped him with my message a lot and he didn't even bother to answer my short question.

Then he's asking for even more advice and consultation.

Most likely I would have still helped him if he wouldn't have completely ignored my question.

But it just became obvious that this guy didn't want anything else but just to receive, receive and receive.

Not a good attitude...

4. Put Yourself In His Shoes

After you've written your message, read it through quickly and see how would you react if you'd receive such a message.

Is it easy to understand what you're saying? Can a person easily answer your question?

If it's hard to understand your message, it will be also hard to help you.

5.Treat Them As Friends

People like to help their friends.

If you would need to prioritize who would you help out of 2 persons, which one would you choose:

  1. Your best friend
  2. A complete stranger

This comes down to building relationships with people that you ask for advice. Don't just try to take something from them but also offer something in return.

One good way is to notice something that they have written in their blog posts. Bring that out in a nice way to build connections.

For example, somebody approached me recently with a private message. He noticed that I'm also a Christian and said that he's also.

Then he asked for some tips. Of course, I was very willing to share with him because he was my Christian brother.

I saw him immediately as my friend that I want to help immediately.

Compare that approach to those who sent me those messages like, "Roope! Send me money or do at least something!" or those wrote me 40 lines without a single break! :)

Little Recap:

Let me go through the most important points of this post with you:

  1. Learning from more experienced members will save you $1,000's and 1,000's of hours.
  2. Spend some time to find those members on Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Bookmark their profile pages, read through their blog posts and training lessons.
  4. Ask them questions directly by following my 5 tips.


I hope you've got some great value from this post.

If you liked this post, smash the "Like This!" button below and leave me a quick comment below!

Is there something you'd like to add? Let us also know in the comments.

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Thank you very much, Roope! Great, long post with high class tips.

Recently I asked you some questions about doing online business. I got very much valuable information about it. I appreciate that a lot.

It is so great to be here to learn and do.

All the best to your Christmas time. Work and maybe also some rest :)


Thank you very much my mother! ;)

Fantabulously written Roope with amazing content!
I went through a similar journey here at WA - was too proud to ask for help within the first 6 months but I was repeating the trainings and learning how to build out my MMO Website to Promote WA as it was all I knew and Kyle's instructions made everything so clear!
BUT, as you state very clearly, I too needed some boosts of help...I wrote all about it in my Profile Page but I had decided that I had 1 year only to make back my WA Membership costs and my iPhone and iPad and Internet costs otherwise I was to fold up and move on!
I was determined to succeed so...I got my "AHA!" Moment and realized that I did not have to reinvent the Affiliate Marketing Wheel!
I could learn from those who were and are "Light-Years" ahead of me!
Just like playing Tennis -
-play with Level Triple AAA Players who are way better players than you and have with massive serves and you'll either sink or swim!
I started reading every single WA Blog Posts and every single published Website (in the "FOLLOW ME ON" Links area from the Top Ranked WA Members from 1-49!

It took me from Sept 1, 2016 to November 6, 2016!

And then...I struck it rich!

With a Traffic Tip from a WA Expert Earner and Leaderboard Champion!

I started earning Online the very next day and I've never looked back!!!

Your experience is so similar!

I have helped over 2,000 Buying Members on my Email List and provided FREE TRAINING (that I could have charged for but didn't) all the way!

It is so rewarding after being a Family Physician x 30 years to go from assisting people with their Physical Health Issues to helping them with their Financial Health Issues (which leads to the physical with stress and anxiety and lack of control over their finances)!

Your writing really resonates with me:

- You are honest and trustworthy and that shines through
-You write clearly and concisely
-Your content is chock-a-block full of ACTIONABLE CONTENT
-You call people out on their rude habits and manners

And so much more!

You are one to watch Roope!

Dr Barb of Easy-Moneys

Thanks for sharing your story! Interesting to hear that!

Great post, Roope - thank you very much for sharing!

Blessings to your way as well Louise :)

Good advice. Thanks for posting this. WA is a true wealth of wise and helpful people and they deserve to be treated like you advise within this community. - Shirley


That's practically doable.
Thanks for sharing these tips Roope.


Thank you very much Joe!

I think this had been one of my biggest downfalls here at Wealthy Affiliate. I haven't connected with enough people or asked enough questions and I'm beginning to see and feel the consequences of that.

Sure, I have a lot of people in my network, but I just haven't really engaged with anyone and I need to change that if I ultimately want to be successful here. I'm reaching a point in my website where I can promote Wealthy Affiliate, where it is becoming difficult to overcome and I'm starting to need some assistance with that.

I love how you laid out how easy it is to get the help and mentoring needed here at Wealthy Affiliate to become successful or overcome an issue you may be struggling with.

I recommend picking up some people in your network and starting to change ideas with them regularly :)

what a total diamond of a post!

Anyone here could use this to help spread the word of WA and recruit/get commissions, if I understand correctly (and I may not) by using the affiliate linking button.

Even if that's not the case it's a purely well thought-out post of the process to get ahead of the expense and time curve.


Yes, anyone can use this to invite new members to Wealthy Affiliate by using their own affiliate link.

Coooool ....Really?! So i can use it in a anchor text in a post or
maybe a youtube video?
Also is there a video which explains what exactly you CAN and CANNOT show from the membership site? I was going to make
maybe a lot of walkthrough videos . Could I? Anyway I will check later for response .

me too it's a great question ;)

I think you can show anything in your walkthrough videos.

On top below the title, on the left side of the email button you'll get your affiliate link for this post.

Wow... now THAT is VALUE ! Thank you very much.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the help and support I got from you until now.
Enjoy your holidays

Thank you very much Tommy! All the best!

Thanks Roope!

You're welcome :)

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