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If I could go back in time, there are several things that I would do differently with money. Also with other things of course but since Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community, we are going to talk about choices with money in this post. Since I don't have a time machine, at least I can make better decisions in the future and share my lessons with you hoping that you can benefit.I'm not any "guru" nor I have achieved super extraordinary results (yet!) but I use this post as a self refl
If you can brush your teeth twice a day, you can make money online.What do I mean with that?It's AutomaticFor most people brushing teeth twice a day is something that just happens. You don't have a big inner conflict every day with yourself, "Should I brush my teeth today or not?""What if brushing my teeth is too hard?""What if I brush my teeth in vain?""What if I keep on brushing my teeth and it doesn't make my teeth healthier?"You don't think about these questions.You just brush your teeth. I
At some point, I used to listen to a lot of teaching from Brian Tracy. One of the most powerful principles that stuck in my mind from Tracy is the following:"The person you see is the person you will be."What kind of image do you have about yourself? => This single question will “make or break” your life.Now we are not talking about what kinds of people you see even though surrounding yourself with the right people is crucially important as well.We are talking about what kind of
As Grace said in her great 4-year WAnniversary post, sharing this kind of proof gives members here a boost of inspiration and motivation. Therefore, I decided to share this with you to give a small motivational boost for your new week.I also want to share with you a couple of insights to make you ponder a little bit of your affiliate marketing business.Yesterday I wanted to check the commissions this program has paid me recently to stay on track. As far as I can remember, almost the only thing
I have been pondering this question recently A LOT,"What's the #1 reason why do some people fail to make money online even if they wanted it? What do those people do differently who succeed?"Of course, one reason is that some people simply prefer ordinary 9-5 jobs but now I'm not talking about that.I'm talking about a situation when 2 persons start their "make money online journeys". Then another one of them succeeds and another one fails. What's the #1 difference?Since you are reading this blo
Today Wealthy Affiliate notified me that I've had a premium membership here for 5 years.In this post, I decided to quickly share 3 major things about how Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in a positive way.I share this just to inspire you and anyone who might be reading this. It has been more than worth it and I look forward to coming months and years with excitement. I'll probably stay as a member here for a lifetime.But before sharing 3 things, I want to explain how things started out for
Yesterday I reached 30,000 YouTube subscribers on my channel Learn to Make Honest Money Online.I wanted to celebrate it here together and share some thoughts regarding the YT progress.Hopefully, it will also help you to get some insights on growing your channel.Video Views from Subscribers vs Non-SubscribersI remember when I started my YouTube channel over 95% of all the views came from people who weren't subscribed. That continued quite long.Until March this year still around 85-89% of the vie
September 04, 2020
Shared joy is a double joy...Today I have 3 good reasons to share the joy with you!And hopefully with this post I can inspire you to grow your online influence too. It's a lot of fun!1) I hit 30,000 Followers on TikTok!This is nice because yesterday I published a short 15-second video on TikTok asking my followers,"Have a guess: On which platform I'll reach 30,000 followers first: YouTube or TikTok?"Yesterday I had 29,100 followers on TikTok and 29,400 on YouTube.Then I got over 1,000 followers
You know that we all want it...Everything immediately just by clicking some buttons. Not next week...Not tomorrow...People want everything RIGHT NOW.That's the reason why most people fail.Making profits with any business takes time. If you start a business in some other industries than affiliate marketing, it may take years or even a decade to start making profits.How many years did it take from Amazon to start making profits? Or what about Tesla..?We all understand that Amazon and Tesla are pr
First, may I share a part of my own story and experience?I believe it helps to illustrate my point to you on a more personal level.My StoryMaking your first $100 online is fun but..... Making your first $100 online WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING is SUPER FUN.Why?When you make money with affiliate marketing, it's passive income. It means that usually money will keep on coming even when you've stopped working.In addition, I was super excited because I had finally proven in practice that this process wo