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November 12, 2019
I bet that most of you have seen the following question somewhere on the Internet:Is Blogging Dead?The answer is:No.Then we have these other questions...And answers......Is Email marketing dead?No.Is affiliate marketing dead?No.Is Facebook marketing dead?No.Is YouTube marketing dead?No.Is Paid advertising dead?No.Is SEO dead?No.Is e-commerce dead?NoIs Amazon FBA dead?No.Is INSERT_SOMETHING dead? No.---I find it a little bit hilarious that people sometimes question that something that has been w
I published recently a video on my YouTube channel with a title, How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos in 2020?It seems that people found the topic interesting so I decided to post about it here and open the discussion.This became a trendy topic on YouTube at the beginning of 2019 when Kevin David published a video about it claiming that his friends are making $100,000's following this strategy. Now before rushing to YT and watching those videos, just read through this article bec
If you are a woman, I've got AWESOME NEWS FOR YOU!You may have heard something like "man's $1 is woman's $0,80" meaning that men are getting paid more than women.But today the tables have turned...Making Money Online Is Easier for Women Than for Men!Now before you jump into the comment section, read this through carefully. Okay? :)I have been creating and consuming YouTube videos for the last 2-3 years basically every single day on topics such as:Making money onlineInternet marketingAffiliate m
1 week ago I published a blog post here at Wealthy Affiliate with a title, More YouTube Ads -> More Views + More $I had noticed that adding more ads to videos brings more YouTube ad revenue.Some other YouTubers had noticed that adding ads to YouTube videos also increases your views.Therefore, I thought why wouldn't I go on and add even more ads to my videos.I added one in-between ad to every 2,5 - 3,5 minutes on my videos. For example, 3 in-between ads in a 11-minute video.It took a few hour
When I started on YouTube, I didn't put any ads to my videos.The reason was the same why I don't put ads to my website.I thought that I will earn more money directly from affiliate programs so why would I distract my viewers with ads.But I realized I may have been wrong...Ads to Videos => More Views?I heard from several big YouTubers who had +100k subscribers that adding YouTube ads may give you more views.The reason is that YouTube is a company that wants to make money. When does YouTube ma
💰How to make money as an affiliate marketer?✅ Solve people's problems.👨Genuinely help people.Let me give you 3 simple examples:3 Practical Examples To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing📱 Person A wants to find the best smartphone for $500. An affiliate marketer connects with the right phone and earns a commission.Person A is happy because he found a great phone.--🎹Person B wants to learn to play piano and is looking for the best step-by-step course.An affi
I searched yesterday on Google "1000 true fans" and came up with something interesting.Take a look when the post was written / published that's ranked #1It was written more than 11 years and 7 months ago.That's more than 4,230 days ago. And it's still ranked #1 on Google.Then I thought, "Hmmm... Maybe this keyword isn't so competitive and it's not driving them any traffic."I was wrong.Take a look at the metrics in Jaaxy:QSR (Quoted Search Results) = competition is 240 which means that there is
Recently, I published my 4-year WA Anniversary post. It also meant that it was time for my 5th yearly premium membership payment.I wanted to write this post to you for 3 reasons:Help you to save money.Help you to see this "make money online" thing from a long term perspective. (That we often forget!)Help you to understand the potential of affiliate marketing. Practical example on how to make $750 for a single sale.Are you ready? Let's get rolling immediately!How to Save MINIMUM $229 Per Year?Wh
I have talked for like 1,5 years "I must start using Facebook ads..."But for some mysterious reason, I have always postponed it. Also, for some mysterious reason my Facebook page was banned from ads. Well, I've created a new page where it seems that I can start advertising.One reason is that I've been focusing on other things but I think I should have made time for learning this earlier...Anyways, finally I'm studying them and going to start doing Facebook ads very soon. Over time I've talked w
I just got a following badge showing that I've been here a premium member already for 4 years :)Now I wanted to write this post to you for 2 reasons:Encourage you to stay here at Wealthy Affiliate for years.Reveal the biggest mistake that I made and help you to avoid it.If you find my post helpful and inspiring, share it with all your friends and followers as well :)Now let's start right away.Discussion Between 2 Ears: "Will This Work Out?"Have you ever asked yourself a question, "Will this wor