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Greetings from a jungle!This is a relaxing place to do some work.Green forestFar from the cityPrivate swimming poolBeautiful sounds from the natureWe came here for a few days.I feel like sitting in front of my laptop and getting some work done is one of the most relaxing parts of the day. I've learned to love it over the last years.We also went to the beach today which was fun. But I need to remember to put on so much sunscreen or I'll burn immediately :DTomorrow I'll also record a few YouTube
Wealthy Affiliate can transform your life completely.I will prove it to you in this post.This was me when I joined Wealthy Affiliate:No followingNo audienceNo connectionsNo experience of affiliate marketing (I didn't even know what it means)No idea how to make money onlineNothingIn fact, my plan at that point was to become a kindergarten teacher and work in ordinary 9-5 jobs.Then I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and it changed my life forever.Here's what happened:I learned the skillsI know h
What is the most important thing for success as an affiliate marketer?Personally, I think that choosing your affiliate programs is among the most important things.$0.39 vs $2170 CommissionWhen I started with affiliate marketing, I didn't understand things very well.I started promoting books on Amazon that I've found useful.The BibleRich Dad, Poor DadThe Magic of Thinking BigThe Millionaire FastlaneEtc.However, there was one major problem that I realized after a while.If I'd ever want to make a
Life has a lot of paradoxes and things that seem counter-intuitive and surprising.One of those things is that the ONLY way to succeed is to FAIL.Failures make you successfulThink about anything you've achieved in life.A career accomplishmentA skill that you learnedAchievement in your hobbiesI bet that on your way to any of those achievements, you've failed dozens of times.For example, when you learn to speak a new language, you fail over and over and over again.Once you're fluent in a language
I'm curious to hear how do you find/pick affiliate programs for promotion.Here are 6 common strategies to find affiliate programs.Start promoting products that you're personally using.Promote products that your friends/family members are using.See what other people promoting in your industry.WA promotions tool: for the biggest and most reputable companies in your industry.Start collaborating with companies that contact you.And there are s
If you have a YouTube channel, you have one choice to make:Do you want to publish a video that generates you more views OR more money?Most of the time, those are 2 different things.This is surprising for most people.At least, I didn't know that when I got started on YouTube.Now I know.General vs Targeted ViewsIf you want to get more views, you'll publish a "general" video.If you want to get more money, you'll publish a "targeted" video.A general video with a broad topic will most likely get you
Tomorrow we'll start a new series on Wealthy Affiliate Classes called "Make Money on YouTube: 4 EYE-OPENING YouTube Monetization ClassesAbout This Series."Subscribe for the first class now below:Learn 7 POWERFUL Ways to Make Money on YouTubeThis series willl have 4 classes7 Ways to Make Money on YouTubeMaking Money with YouTube Ads (“1-click strategy”)Making money with Affiliate Marketing (My favorite)Making money with Sponsored Videos ("Guaranteed income")What Is Included?In the fi
March 22, 2022
I came to the beach for a few days. I told myself that I'll not work.But I couldn't resist :D"The office" is like from the digital nomad dream as you can see in the photo.200 meters from the Ocean28 Celsius Warm breezeBirds are singingWhat else could I ask for?Love from Costa Rica!- Roope
February 28, 2022
Think about the things in your life that you're proud of.Think about the things that give you the most satisfaction.Think about the times when you've been able to look in the mirror and say to yourself, "good job!"After you remember a few of those things, I'd like to ask you a question.Did you feel good after doing what is EASY or after doing what is HARD?In 2017, I heard for the first time 4-minute teaching on YouTube from Team Fearless called, "The Best Part Is That It's Hard"I didn't fully u
There's a company that I've been promoting since last year.The service has been good. I've been happy. People have been happy.I've brought them THOUSANDS of registered users and every single day dozens of people register there using my links.But yesterday they dropped a bomb.They'll stop paying commissions for affiliates!They've been paying a percentage for referrals.However, yesterday they said they'll stop doing that in 2 weeks and in the future they'll pay only a one-time commission for new