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In my previous post, you saw 3 real-life examples of YouTube channels that had MASSIVE potential but they decided to quit.Nobody knows how AMAZING things they'd have achieved if they would have continued.We can only guess...Now I'll show you YouTube channels that didn't quit. We don't need to guess what these channels could have achieved because we can see the results in front of our own eyes.Are you ready?Let's go!1) MrBeastMrBeast reached his first 700 YouTube subscribers after a year and 100
September 29, 2021
Over the years I've seen so many YouTube channels quitting.I think most of them have missed out on a HUGE potential that they probably didn't even realize. Many people had big success on their fingertips just before ending.I'll show you 3-4 examples on this post that have really made me wonder why didn't those people continue.Then I'll show you 3 examples of YouTube channels that did continue their channel. They are now making millions and influencing millions of people worldwide.They Came So F
September 27, 2021
I assume that you have some goals and dreams for your life, right?(If not, it's time for you to set some goals first but this article isn't about goal setting.)Once you have set goals and dreams for your life, I'd like to ask you a question.What if you'd NEVER give up on your goal?It may sound like an easy question but it really isn't.I've seen literally ENDLESS number of people starting their first online businesses. Almost all of them are full of excitement in the beginning.Most of them say,
Let's say that you'll want to make money with affiliate marketing.You'll publish a "my day" vlog and it gets 10,000 views.Next, you'll publish the "x product review" video and it gets only 1,000 views.Video with 10,000 views obviously generates you more money, right?No.There's one important thing with affiliate marketing that will help you a lot...Understand Your AudienceWhen people watch "my day" videos they're NOT actively looking for buying something, joining to new websites or spending mone
September 20, 2021
If you just "try to make money online" for 1 week, your chances of success are close to 0.If you do the right things, your success is probably 99% guaranteed.Success is a numbers game.When you'll constantly increase your odds of success, sooner or later you'll become successful.Now I'll lay down a couple of important factors that will heavily increase your chances of success.10,000 Hours to Become an ExpertMalcolm Gladwell popularized the "10,000-hour-rule" which states that it takes 10,000 hou
Recently I received a notification saying that I've been 6 years as a member in WA.Nice!I am going to be a member here for at least another 6 years too :) It's been a really amazing time.This is an amazing community.Many nice things have happenedSeveral FriendshipsI've met several WA members in person too (in Las Vegas, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Singapore, etc.)I've Learned Money-Making SkillsBlogging, YouTube, Email marketing, etc.Amazing Vegas Experiences I was in WA Vegas confere
September 11, 2021
There's something that most people don't realize.Let's say that you work ONE year to build your affiliate income and you'll earn $3,000/month.Now some people feel like it's "only $3,000/month" and they think that going to a 9-5 job they might be earning more.What they don't realize is that affiliate income is passive income.It simply means that you'll keep on earning money AUTOMATICALLY even after you have stopped working. Meanwhile, with a 9-5 job your income flow stops the moment that you sto
One of the keys to success in your online business is to immerse yourself in your niche/industry.To say the same thing through an analogy...Everything in your industry = all the people, companies, conversations, forums, content, blogs, videos, etc. is like a big swimming pool.Instead of just dipping your toes into that swimming pool, you dive there completely just like the boy in the image below ;)What Does This Mean in Practice?You start to consume all kinds of material within your industry:Re
You've published your YouTube video (or blog post)... Now what?One option is to do nothing and just move to create another blog post or video. That's completely fine if it's working for you well.But you might want to consider giving some "boost" to your current video before moving to the next one.Here are 2 suggestions that you can do to give your content a nice boost.1) Share Your Content If you have an email list that is interested in your content, you can share it with them.Or if you are bui
I've never been a "video guy".I've never wanted to do video editing.I've never been really enthusiastic about cameras, photography nor videography.Still, I have been able to grow a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers with millions of views in total and it's marching towards 1 million subscribers over the time course.My own example is proof that you don't need to know anything about videos in order to build a wildly successful YouTube channel.You just need to start and keep learning.Su