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Not literally, but figuratively ;)Just wanted to share with you an interesting story from today.This morning I woke up...I opened up my mobile phone.I opened the TikTok app (I have a strong following of 45,000+ Finnish people on TikTok).Another Finnish influencer (with 50,000 followers) had created a negative video about me and it was full of negative comments.I responded to the video.He sent me a message that his purpose wasn't to talk negative but people took it in that way.He said he can del
I think this is a constant challenge in any area of life:What people WANT and what people NEED are 2 different things.I write this post to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic and to hear how do YOU handle this within your business.It would be ignorant to say, "This doesn't apply to my life/business" because I'm pretty sure this same thing applies to YOUR life pretty dramatically as well.People Want $50 Rather Than $1,000My YouTube channel is all about making money online. I show people different w
As you probably know, one of the biggest reasons why most people fail with their (online) businesses is that they quit too early.A lot of people might be in a process of building a multi-million-dollar business or something that could help millions of people, but for some reason or another, they quit.It's like the picture below.However, you've perhaps seen that picture already so many times that it doesn't affect you anymore. You just put it into a category of "endless motivational images".Rece
After watching Kyle's lesson on how to become a more effective writer, I have watched a few other YouTube videos about this topic to learn more.As you learned in my previous post, faster typing speed is one of those skills that can fast increase your earnings per hour.Therefore, I've been putting effort in the last days to improve it and I've seen surprisingly great progress. I have written probably around 1,500 blog posts (or more) but still, I noticed that I could become a much more effective
In the last days, I've been playing a typing game that is dramatically increasing my typing speed.As a writer, your typing speed will determine a big part of your hourly salary.Just by improving your typing speed, you'll get an immediate raise in your salary.The average raise for employees' salaries is 3-5% per year. If you're a writer, and you play this typing game, you may get the same raise in your salary in 30 minutes that most people get in a year!If you play this game a few times, you may
A lot of people still go through the old-fashioned path:9 years of compulsory school.3 years of high school.3-6 years of university.In total, that's 15-18 years of studying.Still, a big part of those people who study 15-18 years end up unemployed or working in entry-level jobs.Even if you'd study to become a doctor, lawyer or another profession that's considered "high-income" after school you'll still need to do the basic work. After many years you can do specialized high-level stuff. From the
January 05, 2021
Try = YrittääEntrepreneur = YrittäjäNow you're probably telling me,"Roope, why are you giving me a Finnish lesson?? Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community, not language enthusiasts group!" ;-)Yes, you are right.And even though I have a website where I help people to learn new languages easily, this post is about building your own online business.(I'm Finnish by the way.)Yrittäjä = Trier So, the Finnish word for an entrepreneur is Yrittäjä.If we
January 01, 2021
Happy new year everyone! Now that a new year has started, remember to update the year in your content:From 2020 => 2021Website: Blogs, footer, landing pagesYouTubeEmailsEtc.People prefer to see up-to-date websites.It's fast to do and definitely will have a positive impact when people will see up-to-date content.I hope the new year has started great for you!
Let me tell you a story from this year 2020.The beginning of the year was really tough...I had surgery at the end of 2019 and I wasn't able to raise my right arm almost at all. On top of that, I got other "bonus challenges" such as mononucleosis (=2-3 week fever) and other things.Obviously, those challenges affected my work since I wasn't able to use my right hand for a while and I had to recover from the strong fever.Fast Forward Until TodayNow everything looks sooo much brighter than 1 year a
2020 is soon coming to an end and I have a 4-step challenge for you!Let me explain how I will do this challenge and how you can use it too.Important Note: This post gives you an example of a long-term goal (4 months) but you can use the same 4 steps to set short-term goals (Even less than 1 day).My Own Challenge as a Practical ExampleI reached 50,000 YouTube subscribers on the 21st of Dec 2020My 28th birthday will be on the 19th of April 2021 and I decided that before that I will reach 100,000