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I wanted to have a conversation with you regarding the pros and cons of blogging and YouTube. As you already know, I run a YouTube channel with 100,000+ subscribers and I love creating videos.In Wealthy Affiliate, there is a lot of training for both blogging and YouTube (and many other things) but the main training still mainly focuses on blogging.After you have read my post, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I want to learn from you and I believe that I can provide yo
If you have a YouTube channel, there are 2 different verifications that you’ll want to do.Verify Your Phone NumberGet a Verification BadgeBoth of them have significant benefits for your channel. In this post, I’ll show and teach you CLICK-BY-CLICK how to do both of them.1) Verify Your Phone NumberI recommend that every single YouTube channel verifies the phone number because it gives immediate benefits.Benefits: Videos longer than 15 minutesCustom thumbnailsLive streamingAppealing C
Today is a celebration day!We just passed 100,000 YouTube subscribers!I Created My First YouTube Videos After Watching the WA TrainingWealthy Affiliate Training played a key role for me starting a YouTube channel...I watched Jay's and Kyle's lessons years ago and that got me started originally on YouTube.Thanks to Jay & Kyle for great introductory YouTube lessons!Some people might think that Wealthy Affiliate is just a blogging community but that's not true.In Wealthy Affiliate, we have exp
In my recent post here I told that I got a warning on YouTube because of the video with the title, "How to Download YouTube Videos (5 EASY Ways!)"I've learned all those 5 ways from other people's YouTube videos that are still public on YouTube. You'll find them searching "How to Download YouTube Videos" and you'll see that some of those videos have got millions of views.My video was 100% original and I didn't show any clips from other people's videos.I Appealed the DecisionAfter receiving the w
Niche = Market segment that you work on.For example, Fitness = Industry, Home Workouts = Niche.Relationships = Industry, How to Have a Happy Marriage = NicheNow I have a question for you:What Are the MOST IMPORTANT Criteria When Choosing a Niche?Personally, I think there are 2 criteria that stand above all:You are solving a real need that people have.You enjoy working on that niche.I don't know which one is more important so I must mention those two.Famous author MJ Demarco argues that the fact
June 15, 2021
Last week I published a YouTube video with the title, "How to Download YouTube Videos (5 EASY Ways!)"In the video, I showed 5 different ways to download YouTube videos:Downloading your own videos on YouTube studio.Downloading videos using your YouTube app (YouTube Premium feature).Donwloading YT videos using VLC Media PlayerDownloading YT videos using WinX YouTube Downloader.Downloading YT videos using YouTubeppI've learned all those 5 ways from other people's YouTube videos that are still publ
June 11, 2021
As Joseph McClendon said, Many people belong to the self-beaters club.They beat themselves up saying things such as,"I haven't achieved enough!""I should do more...""Why haven't I yet achieved x and y...""Others have achieved so much more..."Etc. Etc.The chances are that you can recognize yourself from that club too? ;)At least I recognize myself from that time to time."I Have Already Done X But..."I see this all the time in messages, comments and social media posts...People say all the time, "
I just quickly read Cassi's post on Neil Patel losing traffic after the Google update.I have good news and bad news for you.Let's start with the bad news.Bad NewsAlmost every blogger that I have talked to has been hit by Google updates.No matter if you do white hat/grey hat/black hat SEO, the chances are that you'll get hit by Google at some point.I have lost 50% of my website SEO traffic overnight.From 1000 visitors/day to 500 visitors/day.Overnight.It seems to be really common at some point o
I was thinking why are the people on TikTok so negative while people on YouTube are so positive?Of course, there are many reasons for that but one of the major ones is that ON YOUTUBE, YOUR VIDEOS ARE SHOWN TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY INTERESTED IN YOUR TOPIC.Did Mark Zuckerberg Say This?I heard a few years ago that Mark Zuckerberg had said something like this,"The best way to sell products is when people already want to buy them."You don't need to convince people to buy because they're already c
Depending on the source, different statistics say that 70-96% of the businesses fail within a 10-year period.Do you know why it's a great opportunity for you and me?It means that your competition is generally really easy.Over the past few years, I've seen so many starting their online businesses. Most people quit fast for all kinds of reasons."Life gets in the way" is probably the most common reason (=> They didn't make business success a priority).People Don't Use Their FULL PotentialYou ha