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Recently, I have seen a couple of negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews online and I wanted to bring into your attention a few important points about them.If I would not have seen in practice in my own life and numerous other people's lives that Wealthy Affiliate really works, I might have fallen to believe those negative reviews.Here are a few characteristics of almost all negative WA reviews that I have read and seen:They Are Almost Always Promoting Their Own ProductsWealthy Affiliate is the lea
Woohoo!Today my YouTube channel hit 11,111 subscribers so I wanted to share with you one funny story about growing this YouTube channel.My Professional Videographer FriendI have a close friend who was a professional videographer.When I saw his videos, they looked really professional, TV quality.I remember we talked about starting on YouTube…He was thinking about starting too.At some point, I started publishing some videos. The quality was literally awful. If you don’t believe me, t
1 year birthday as a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. Hehe :DThank you for being able to be part of this life-changing commnity!For beginners and new members here at WA, it simply means that I have been active in this community.I Started as a Complete Beginner at WAWealthy Affiliate has been very important for me personally over the last couple of years.First, I started here as a complete beginner, without any experience of affiliate marketing. I didn't even know what affiliate marketing means.Sec
December 31, 2019
Happy new year and new decade!I hope you've had a great year with lots of learning experiences and beautiful memories. When a new year starts, I challenge you for one thing:What is the 1 thing that you will change as we step into a new year/new decade?Even 1 small change in your life can make a huge difference in a year and especially in a decade.For example, what if you would spend 30 minutes more on your business on a daily basis (that you would normally spend scrolling Facebook or watching c
Merry Christmas to the Wealthy Affiliate family!I hope you are all having a great time and you're well prepared for a new year.Greetings from Finland. I'd like to share some thoughts with you. I was supposed to be now in Asia but I came here 1 month ago for a surgery since I got injured at the gym. I've been recovering my arm little by little but I also got a tough fever, swollen tonsils and such things. Last month has been really tough and I haven't been able to work much but I believe that th
Hello friends!I wanted to give a quick word of warning.Many people have been reporting that this guy, Olufemi Ayodeji (see the Facebook profile below) has been scamming $1,000's or even $10,000's from some individuals. Andy Benson wrote on Facebook, "IC3 Department of the FBI reports this person to has take approximately $300,000 from unsuspecting parties online."I Thought He's a Legitimate Business PersonI was extremely surprised about this because that person had also contacted me on Facebook
December 03, 2019
My friend,did you see what just happened?I just woke up and saw something insane.Kyle extended the life-changing WA Black Friday offer for 2 more days!I heard that some people missed this during the weekend.Therefore, Kyle was generous and gave you 2 more days to get it.Congratulations to all of you who already took the WA Black Friday deal!And congratulations to all of you who will take action now since you've got a second (but last) chance!This is a Life-Changing DecisionJoining Wealthy Affil
Woohoo!I just hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!Even though this is not a huge milestone it still makes me happy because I believe that if I can reach 10,000 subscribers it means that I can also reach 100,000 and 1 million subscribers over time.Recently my YouTube channel growth has been a little bit faster end part of that is because of my video editor that I found from Upwork.I have noticed that people give it much more likes for videos that are of high quality. In addition, better quality vi
Good news!Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 offer is now Live!This is easily the best deal that you can find in this Black Friday 2019. I tell this based on my own and also other people's experiences.In short, Wealthy Affiliate transformed my life completely.Let me tell you a part of my story...Some years ago, I always thought that you would need to be in a certain location to make money. I had been working as a taxi driver, grocery store cashier, kindergarten teacher, etc. etc.I studied soci
Some people asked me already this year and also last year:"My Premium membership will renew in February (or other time). Can I still take advantage of this amazing Black Friday 2019 deal and purchase the membership for $299/year."Here's Kyle's response:Yes, You definitely can. You will pay ONLY the $299 and it will add an entire year onto your membership. So, if you paid for yearly in August 2019, the additional $299 would take you right through to August 2021. Then moving forward, you will be