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Happy July! 😊Let's reach some new milestones in July, alright? In this post, I'll share my recent milestone and thoughts. I hope this will enccourage you to work hard in July too.At the beginning of June I said to myself that I wanna reach 20,000 YT subs before the month ends.We made it! (if we look at the Hawaiian time zone :D)25,000 YouTube Subsceibrs in July?I'll reach for 25,000 YT subs within July.You may be asking, "Why?"The first answer is "Why not?" ;)YouTube subscriber amount i
The purpose of this blog post is to warn you about a common scam that tries to prey content creators just like you and me.Thank God, I've never fallen into this scam but I am 110% sure that many people have and I want that you are safe my friend.So read this post carefully and take notes."Do You Want to Collaborate with Us? We Will Pay You."This has happened to me many times:1. Someone contacts you on behalf of a company and they want a CollaborationThey will say to you something like,"Hi Roope
During the last few weeks every single time I've been in the city center, someone has commented under my TikTok videos, "Were you in the marketplace place at 19.15?"Or"Were you in front of the mall today at 18?"Or"I think I saw you in x place tonight... Were you there?"It means that they have seen my TikTok videos and later recognized me in the city.It's so funny. 😂(Below is a picture from the city where I've been = Oulu.)Every Finnish TikTok User Has Seen My Videos (I guess so!)One thi
Have you ever seen those YouTube titles like,"Earn $210 in 60 seconds!""Earn $500 playing games!""Earn $1,500 today by answering questions!"Then in the video they lie in front of your eyes saying, "You can make $500 playing games with this mobile app today!"Then they repeat that sentence over and over again.Ryan Hildreth, Branson Tay, Investor channel and many other YouTube channels (read: scammers) are doing it. And it works for them...They blatantly lie.By the way, Ryan Hildreth was one of th
If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you already know that the answer is no.But if anyone ever claims you that "WA is a pyramid scheme", here are a few arguments that you can go through with him/her. You can also link this post to anyone who claims you something like that.Obviously, anyone who claims that Wealthy Affiliate would be a pyramid scheme doesn't either know what he is talking about and he's just very ignorant.Let's go through 4 criteria quickly.4 Pyramid Scheme Criteria - One By
Today I published the 600th YouTube video on my channel Learn to Make Honest Money Online! 😃And I want to encourage you to publish more too.Think about this from the following perspective.Once you have published, x number of videos, you get all the data that shows you:What kinds of thumbnails give you the best resultsWhat kinds of Titles give the most clicksWhat things you should / should not say that people watch your video longerWhat kinds of videos get more viewsWhat kinds of videos
Have you ever heard of a guy named Jim Rohn?Let me tell you about an interesting story that happened to him several years ago..."We will add a few MILLION dollars to your bank account!" Jim was already +60-70 years old and he was looking for the next exotic beach.He was semi-retired after having a looong and successful career...Then one day he gets a telephone call from a man that says,"Our company is expanding internationally. Could you come to speak at our events and train people? We will add
I started publishing daily videos on TikTok 5,5 weeks ago.Since then I've published mostly 2 videos per day.Most of them are fast to create. Depending on the video it has taken 5-30 minutes to create a video.But then I've also spent a lot of time answering comments which has been kinda fun but also time-consuming.Anyways, I wanted to share some thoughts what I've noticed so far about this platform.I hope you get some interesting value out of it. If you've also started your TikTok journey, feel
A lot of people join Wealthy Affiliate all the time.Yesterday 62 real people joined through my links. Welcome to all of you! :)But how many actually take action and get results?One study showed that 91% of the people who buy online courses never finish the course and only 9% of the students actually finish through the course.Let's say that 100 people start...9 of them finish the course...How many of those 9 people are actually going to apply what they learned in the course?I guess that 1-3 peop
Let's go! 💪🔥This post is to inspire you and to share with you 2 things that have skyrocketed my views on YouTube recently.But first, take a look at 2 pictures below: During the last 90 days the views on my YouTube channel have been skyrocketing primarily for 2 reasons:I've started publishing 1 new video every single day.I've started using TikTok that brings in also some views and subscribers. I publish two 15-second TikTok videos per day. (Learn more on TikTok on my recent WA bl