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People often ask me, "How can I find good affiliate programs to join?"Let me answer your question within this post.(Feel free to share this post to anyone who is thinking how to find affiliate programs.)Here are 3 ways:1. Type on Google, "your_niche Affiliate Programs"You may find 100's of great affiliate programs within your niche in a few minutes. Replace "your_niche" obviously with the niche that you are working on. For example, "luxury travel affiliate programs" if luxury travel is your nic
I'm not telling you become an excessive spender.I write this post to help you to overcome the challenge that I have recognized in tons of people that I talked with personally (including myself): Fear of spending money on tools that would take your online business to the next level much faster.(Note: I used already once 45 minutes to write this post and made it even longer. However, I lost it completely because of some error and I needed to re-write everything so I made this a bit shorter than t
I love to read emails from my email subscribers. It's interesting to see what people think.Obviously, I encourage people to join Wealthy Affiliate and make money online following the steps and principles that WA teaches.One common objections that I hear people saying goes something like this,"I am not good enough. I don't have any prior skills or experience."Well, let me tell you a secret,You are good enough! :)I didn't have any prior experience of affiliate marketing or Internet marketing when
July 26, 2019
I've written and sent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails to my list during the last couple of years.That has given some data on what works and what doesn't work.The most important thing with your emails is obviously your subject line = title of your email.You may have the best email copy in the world but if your subject line is not good, nobody is going to read it.By the way, the same applies to your blog posts and YouTube videos.The title is always the most important piece of your co
When I was starting at Wealthy Affiliate and building my first website, I often asked myself this question,"There are already millions of blogs and websites out there. Isn't the competition too tough nowadays?? How could I ever succeed online?"Many people have also asked me that same question.However, I realized quite quickly one thing that has always helped me to move forward.The answer is simple:99,9% of your competitors will quit sooner or later.Just by staying in the game and keeping on cre
One of the richest man of all time said, “Put all of your eggs in 1 basket, then watch that basket.”I think many people who start an online business should remember that wisdom.Way too many beginners start like this,“I’ll create 3 websites and try to make all of them successful at the same time.”The result?None of the websites is doing well and a person quits because “nothing seems to work”.In short, he doesn’t only make mistakes on one of his web
Wow!I've just finished attending Affiliate World Europe conference in Barcelona and as promised, I will share with you a couple of key takeaways here with you.This was my first Affiliate World conference and I can tell that the first day really blew my mind.Even though I have been in this affiliate marketing space for a while now and seen tons of different programs and opportunities, I've still been looking at things from a certain perspective.This is going to be just a flow of thoughts after t
During the last 2 days I've been in the Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona.A ticket price at the door is in US dollars around $1,350 (1,200 euros), early bird ticket much chaper though.The information from the conference was awesome and really worth it. I'm going to share more about it later...They also had a lesson on how to get your website ranked high on Google (SEO = Search engine optimization) by Matthew Woodward.At Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn most of that Google stuff even for f
Hi my friend,I'll be attending Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona next Monday and Tuesday and wanted to ask if you or someone know is coming also?Wealthy Affiliate has +1,7 registered members and there are +6,000 attendees in the conference so I thought there might be chances that some WA member would be attending as well.Hit me a message here or on Facebook and let's meet up.Or if you know someone who is coming, feel free to connect me.The only drawback of being an affiliate marketer is t
Today I wanted to share you a "secret" that works extremely well.When I got started with email marketing, I used a very formal and "professional" language within my emails.That may work for some industries but if you are doing email marketing as an individual person or a small company, that's a big mistake.The same also applies to your blog posts or YouTube videos.People hate to deal with big, faceless corporations and robotic customer servants.They want to hear from real human beings just like