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Just recently I started writing an eBook. It's about when I first released my latest startup (in Feb.) Due to some investments (not talking paid traffic here)





Have you ever experienced writer's block?

Have you ever experienced writer's block?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am developing a system to deal with Writer's Block, which I plan to give away as a gift to You all in here. This is because I know many of You suffer from this, and this can

Happy birthday Robin (mine is tomorrow), I have all sorts of chronic blocks, writer's block and husband's block LOL being the most sever. One of my fields of endeavor is technical writing and I seldom approach a submission deadline without being under tremendous pressure. I await your solution with great anticipation, haha.

Happy birthday! :-)

I'm so sorry but I think I can only help You with 2 of those 3. ;-)
What causes You this tremendous pressure? Is it related to Your niche or Your work? (or is it both?)

As a writer of some experience but limited success, I'm well acquainted with writers' block. In my case though, it's more accurately labeled procrastination. lol.
I started a novel nearly 2 years ago and still have barely finished the first chapter. Now, I've rethought much of the plot and I know I'm going to have to do a complete rewrite "one day".
My websites monopolise my time at the moment, nevertheless even after some time here at WA I still struggle with motivation. I can always find more excuses for doing more "research" that for getting my butt into gear and actually writing something.
The only "cure" to me seems to be self-discipline.
Thanks for starting this thread. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Thank You for sharing this with me, Thomas, and thank You for the birthday greeting.
I am pretty sure that You will find great value in this upcoming training. Everything You mentioned can be "cured" using the skillset and exercises I hope to teach You. :-)

There's a poem by Charles Bukowski that focus on the exact thing You are struggling with. It's found on my blog "Don't Do It". I highly suggest that You read it :-)

Happy Birthday...enjoy your day. Looking forward to your course for writers block.

Thanks a bunch, Debbie! I will try to make time for it. :-)

Happy Birthday Gemini pal, I have faced researcher's block mostly because it is time intensive. MY ideas are everywhere and to gather such scattered thoughts are hard to contain. It requires focus. Writers block follows that, its not that ideas are short its the creative representation of our scattered ideas and neatly packaging our gemini minds to perfection, that gives us a feeling we cant handle it.
SInce you have great ideas its only fair it say take it a chapter or paragraph at a time.
I had set such goals in site content but owing to 'Researcher's block' ill be a bit realistic on myself. I need to do 2 perfect articles a week to feel that faith in myself .

fear not, I will send you my first lesson to you in a pm right now, where it covers the situationm¨of when "you run out of things to write about". stay tuned. :-)

will look forward to that....

...did it help, my friend?
*no spoilers* ;-)

agree it was very stimulating that itself is the help . its our purpose here

Happy Birthday and it would be great to always have the words flow when we wish them to flow.

Certainly, since I've broken the code to this for my own sake, I can only agree with You. :-)

Also, I'd like to Thank You, Betty, for dropping by. - You're most likely the first person to actually read the description of the question, so... Thank You for that, and thanks for the birthday greeting. :-)

I'm sure this training will be of high value to You, once it gets released. :-)

This is very simple what I do is step back and take a breath and breathe and go and do something fun and get those creative juices flowing and then I come back and start to work again. That is what I do and for me, it works. I hope this helps you out

Thank You for sharing Your thoughts on this, Mary.
In other words, to deal with this You need inspiration and creativity to get past that? Sounds legit. :-)

You are so very welcome that is right and things come to me when I am not stressed and relaxed.

I will meditate and read scripture

I like this method.
Are you saying that Your solution to this is to have a calm mind? :-)

Perhaps I'll give it a try myself someday. :-)

For me it helps me to concentrate on the task at hand.

Thank You for sharing Your view on this, Jerry.

You have the power to deal with it through creativity and marshaling your thoughts!

I enjoy having You here, Michael. Thanks for sharing Your thoughts on this. I support Your answer, but perhaps with a tad more to add to it, dependant on the situation of it, but I see where You're getting at. :-)

I often try to reason out the author's voice and approach in books I read!

That's an interesting method! Not to mention, creative. :-) Thanks for sharing it with me.

Do you have any other innovative solutions to this? I'd love to hear them. :-)

I'll present in an upcoming post!

ok then. :-) in case You missed that part, I asked officially to be able to outline my upcoming training on how to deal with this. :-)

I look forward to read all about it :-)

I don’t ever really have writers block , mostly just a long list of articles I dont feel inspired to write . That was me this morning, 60 articles with keywords researched that I wanted no part of .

So I went on boards and on pages related to my niche and read around , a hour or so later I got my first spark of inspiration and stared playing with jaxxy than of course started writing , that article led to 2 more brand new plus once I was rolling I knocked one off my list and added a couple others so 4 articles wrote today with 2 published , 2 held back and some extra inspiration for tomorrow.... or later today . I had a headache and and a back ache and had to take a time to clean a floor of my house break or I would have just kept going.

I should note that was not accomplished quickly , I started this morning at 6 am and went to 4pm . If I don’t write anymore today I plan on listening to some of jays training.

Thank You for sharing Your view on this as well as Your day of turbulence, Christina. :-)

A hot cup of tea, a walk in the yard, a nap - it varies.

They are all really good ways. But it also shows that You would be helped by this training as well, as it doesn't equip You to deal with the block, but instead regroups Your thoughts for another attack. Thx for chiming in Mel, by the way. :-)

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Author guidelines to legit training at wealthy affiliate?

Author guidelines to legit training at wealthy affiliate?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello there!

Please, I need some clarification to this:
I wish to become a valuable asset in here, at Wealthy Affiliate. So far I've been a 'Helper' to the community,

It is probably ok but I would run it by Kyle or Carson to be sure.

Thanks for Your suggestion, Jerry.
Unless I'm wrong, I believe that this is the right channel for this question. :-)

After all, it is a question for those who give a crap about the platform, and from what I understand, WA surely does give that crap - so to speak... :-)

But I guess we'll see...fingers crossed. :-)
Thanks for sharing Your vsaluable opinion on this, as well, Jerry.

Hi Robin,
Any content that add value to the community is most welcomed. Since these resources are based on your personal research collection, I would opine it is okay.

Just create the training and as long as there is no infringement to any copyrights, you should proceed. I believe the community will appreciate the content.

Thank you in advance.

My opinion.


Thank you so much for Your opinion, Joe, as it has much value to me. I will still be on my guard (as well as save this thread as some kind of evidence for the trial ;-)). But at least now, I have a very well-respected partner-in-crime who can go down with me if this would ever backfire. haha ;-)

Joke aside. Thanks, Joe. Perhaps now, I will find the courage of making this happen. ;-)

Noticed that error - I rather say if there is NO infringement of copyrights (corrected).

I am looking forward to participate in the training.


As I am, to have You aboard on it. :-)

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Seal of approvals for wa?

Seal of approvals for wa?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform


If you are looking for a Job, these certification does help tremendously.

But if you into affiliate marketing (being your own boss), these certification will show some form of "street cred", but it does not give much confidence to the people you are speaking to. People who wants to learn how to do affiliate marketing are more interested about your results and how much money you've made, than to know how much you know.

By the way, I have some of the certifications in your image. This is just for my personal knowledge and I love to learn about Internet Marketing. I am not looking for a job though, it is just my passion.

@judebanks, those are great internet marketing training sites for IM professionals. You can find it on Hootsuite and Digital Marketer.

It could be useful for sites where product/service testing can be done by independent recognized experts, such as for security software or medical products, etc.

I don't know of any well recognized seals of approval for internet marketing training sites.


Hello Jude, thanks for sharing Your experience on this.
The thumb-of-rule on Trust Seals are:
"No matter what industry you’re in, there is some type of accrediting organization that can give your company the seal of approval." :-)

And out of all niches, this should really be a primary target. :-)

I agree that Seals can influence buyer behavior. But they would have to be provided by independent and legitimate industry experts. Do you know of any organizations that would be suitable?

I doubt that Kyle and Carson would consider "some type of accrediting organization" if it is a pay for rating service, and most of them are. ~Jude

From all I have seen and heard..with my eyes..lol..I think they need the highest seal of approval possible. I love everyone here. I wish some of your expertise would rub off on me.

Oh, but it will, Judy.
Just be a sponge and absorb everything! ;D And eventually You will make your own history and teach Us what You have learned from it! :-)

Best regards,
Your biggest fan

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