Please, Don't Do It!

Last Update: June 02, 2018

This is a famous poem by the amazing Charles Bukowski and I think it is fantastic one where we are free to interprete it in any way we want. All the way from breaking a pattern to change a whole life. To me, that is power beyond measures, and the reason to why the pen always will win vs the sword. This poem is an eye-opener and helped me to pursue my dreams and stop being in my own way. But as It relates in so many different levels and fragrances of the world we live in, I figured I had to shar eit with You, because who knows how it could help You in your current or futured life situation. Just look at the fact that we all suffer from writers's block, and since there are many examples of this in here, this text could be a way to get past that. Now, in all fairness, perhaps it doesn't necessarily qualify for the casual blogger just starting out, but if You truly feel passionate for something, then this surely could apply.

I do, however, I fear that this could also be a major issue if You, as of person, haven't practiced the art of following "Your heart's voice" and listen to it, genuinely and authentically. Also, not everything needs to be done this way, as they are tiring and slw processes but surely makesa significant difference - such as working relationships, to mention one. It is not meant to be something You should wait for, but actually embrace all You do (and not all of those pursues will be of this level.)

This would essentially put us at risk of clouding Our whole judgment and keep Us from "pursuing" life in all its forms.

Whether it is to break through the comfort-zone or to just try a different recipe. Not everything needs to be down to what Charles says above, but if You decide to slow down and try to listen to what Your inner voice is telling You, without that white noise surrounding You, then this Rule of Heart could truly make a difference in Your current state of mind, and potential life situation.

The true essence of Charles Bukowski can only be felt when You listen to Tom O'Bedlam.His voice is truly unique and the way he tells everything almost feels like he is creating each word in his mouth, before it comes out as it never even existed. It's interesting, because that is far from how others described Charles...

Listen exclusively to the audio.mp3 here

Who was Charles?

Quote: "It’s no news that Charles Bukowski was a one-of-a-kind writer: womanizer, boozer, Dirty Old Man, two-bit ignorant who couldn’t tell Hercules from Hitler, bar-room brawler, Shakespeare of the sewers, and many more not-so-flattering myth-making depictions are still making the rounds—admittedly, some of them were self-mythologizing, deliberately perpetuated by the man himself."

- Abel Debritto, the author of the book "Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground ",

"So You Want To Be A Writer?"
by Charles Bukowski

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PhoenixFlame Premium
Wow, this is pretty amazing Robin Hood.

You should be reading books from Des Cummings Jr. He has a Ph.D and helps out in Florida hospitals.

His books will make you forget you have writers block and bring a smile on your face anytime. I love it!
RAFStuart Premium
This is new to me, and really awesome.
DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for introducing me to this character...wasn't familiar with his writings. I'll have to check him the poem.
RobinSxD Premium
Go ahead and do that. He's dynamite. nothing like those soggy others. just pure kickass! :-)
MKearns Premium
A good definition of passion and fun times!
RobinSxD Premium
It sure is! Thanks for sharing. :-)