On Page SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Last Update: August 17, 2019

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Hi Folks

At least a couple of times a day I'm asked to give my opinion on a new members website.

I'm a very straight talking person and tell it how it is so I usually tell them exactly what I think of it. Some of the sites are good, and one or two are very good for a first time effort. Unfortunately even the very good ones have quite a few common mistakes.

This is mainly due to the new members having very little or no understanding of the importance of search engine visibility, which leads to traffic volume. They seem to place more importance on producing a 'Pretty' website. This is not a bad thing, but it really is secondary to the site's listing in the SERPS.

Hopefully, the following common mistakes made by quite a few website owners will help them generate more targeted traffic to their site...after all, isn't that what they want?

  • Not using keywords effectively

This is probably one of the most critical areas of site design. Choose the right keywords and potential customers will find your site. Use the wrong ones and your site will see very little, if any, traffic.

  • Repeating keywords

When you use the same keywords over and over again (keyword stacking) the search engines will most probably downgrade the page or site.

  • Using unrelated keywords

Many unethical website owners try to gain search engine visibility by using keywords that have nothing to do with their website. They place unrelated keywords in a page such as the name of a known celebrity, or the hot search topic of the day inside a meta tag for a page. The keyword doesn't have anything to do with the page topic. However, since the keyword is popular, they think this will boost their visibility. This technique is considered spam by the search engines.

  • Keyword stuffing

    Somewhat like keyword stacking listed above, this means to assign multiple keywords to the description of a graphic that appears on your website by using the "alt=" HTML parameter. If the search engines find that this text does not really describe the graphic it will be considered spam.

    • Stealing from other websites

    How many times have you heard or read that "this is the Internet and it's ok" to steal images and text from websites to use on your site. Don't do it. Its one thing to learn from others, and another to blatantly copy their work. The search engines are very smart and will detect page duplication. They may even prevent you from ever being listed by them.

    • Hidden text

    You might think that if you can't see it, it doesn't hurt. Wrong.... Don't try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them invisible. An example would be to have the keywords the same colour as the background of the page.

    • Using very small fonts

    This is another version of the item above (hidden text). Don't try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them tiny. Setting the text size of the keywords so small that it can barely be seen does this.

    • All search engines are not the same

    Many people assume that each search engine plays by the same rules. This is not so. Each has their own rules and is subject to change anytime they want to. Make it a point to learn what each major search engine requires for high visibility.

      • Forgetting to check for missing web page elements

      There are some more things you should check as well as the above graphic shows, so make sure to check every page in your website for such as, missing links, graphics, etc.

      This is just a few of the methods and techniques that you should avoid. Don't give in to the temptation that these methods will work for you. They will do your website harm than good.

      Not only will you have weeks of wasted effort, your site could be banned from the search engines forever. Take a little time to learn the proper techniques for increasing search engine visibility and your traffic numbers will increase.

      Ok folks there you have my opinion on having a great site that is search engine friendly.

      Anyone with any other tips and advice can of course leave them via a comment below.

      Have a great day and be successful.

      Robert Allan

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      JohnnyJKZ Premium
      Thank you for a great article. good information.
      Robert-A Premium
      Happy to point you in the right direction Johnny.
      Lots in the blog for you to get your teeth into.
      Have a great evening over there in Sweden.
      Jenny28 Premium
      Hi Robert,
      Great article. You mentioned not allowing links in comments. I have followed the training and have placed product links in the comments where it is natural, as well as linked to other relevant articles. Is this a bad thing??
      Robert-A Premium
      Hello Jenny.
      No its not a bad thing to insert links to further information (I do it all the time).
      However if you already have product links within your article then its surely overkill having them again in your reply to comments.
      This is what the search engines wont like and could affect your ranking.

      Also I always delete any links that are in comments left on my site.
      I certainly don't want to help the competition, do I?

      Enjoy your day.
      Jenny28 Premium
      Thank you. That makes sense. 😊
      ghimes Premium
      Hi Robert and thank you for such a great post. Wonderful insights to consider when building a business website/blog!! Have a wonderful day!
      Robert-A Premium
      Happy to share George so hope you went away with a tip or two.
      Enjoy your weekend.
      IlanaHarel Premium
      Thank you for sharing!
      Robert-A Premium
      Thank you for taking timeout to read my blog llana.
      Its always appreciated when the newer members read my blogs becaiuse I know there is information in them that will help them as they progress through the training.
      Enjoy your day.
      GlenPalo Premium
      I find it challenging not to keyword stuff on long-form content. I try to balance the use of the keyword and pronouns. Readers may be challenged in what "it" or "this" is referencing if I use it as a reference to the keyword. So I will use the keyword frequently if it makes the content flow better.
      Calvinator63 Premium
      Hi Glen,

      I could not agree with you more it is hard to produce a 4,000-word blog without repeating the keyword unintentionally many times over and over again. Thankfully the search engines have introduced artificial intelligence into their algorithms programs.

      By simply using synonyms (the best solution I know for this problem); I will write my blog then use a word content editor to find out which words I used the most then go back and edit the repeated words out and replace them with the synonyms.

      In other word say I write a blog that I use the term “Bright Red Cars” within it 20 times I will go and change at least 15 of them to other synonyms.

      That is why I love thesaurus, it can literary save a blogger and their writing from being accused of keyword stuffing from the search engines.

      An example of this would be if:
      “Bright Red Cars” is my keyword
      Alternatives for Red could be any shade in the red color spectrum:

      Or descriptive words like:

      And then for car, you could use words like:
      Gas guzzler
      Four wheels
      Go cart

      Then you can also again use descriptive words like:

      Hope this helps those that often face this same common writing problem as well!

      GlenPalo Premium
      Thanks, Calvin. This is a good reminder about AI and using LSI keywords.

      😀 My first thought was what about the Stanford Cardinal teams.
      It would be difficult to use synonyms in the event of writing about the Stanford Cardinal and Louisville Cardinals football teams.

      A writer cannot use crimson in place of cardinal since they are specific colors. And then there is the Crimson Tide. I don't think Alabama fans would appreciate being called the Red Tide.

      I imagine Google could sort it all out.
      Robert-A Premium
      Hello Glen and thank you for reading the blog and for your input.

      In your opinion does using your keyword frequently harm your ranking in the SERPs?

      I can't see any harm in using a one word keyword often throughout your article but frequent use of a keyword phrase of say 4/5 words would surely harm your rank.

      Hope your Saturday has been a good one so far.
      GlenPalo Premium
      I agree with your scenario. Frequently using a 4/5 keyword could be considered as stacking as it is difficult to work in long tail keywords like that. If it reads naturally, the ok. But I think it would be difficult to use it often and still have the content read naturally.
      Robert-A Premium
      So what you meant in your other comment was that you use single keywords frequently?
      GlenPalo Premium
      I would not say frequently as most of the time my content is built around long-tail keywords. But I add one or two-word keywords in the content.