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Hello Everyone Eric Here,

Let me tell you about why I came to Wealthy Affiliate. I was stuck in life for many years, battling all sorts of my own personal demons. I simply felt like nothing I could ever do would matter one way or another. I even got close to some serious one time only fixes for my situation.

I know a great deal about the ups and downs that everyone experiences in life and I believe I have finally found something I can do with all my spare time. I am not gonna lie and say everything is now perfect for me or that I even know what it's like to be happy.

I just know that I feel I have a purpose and I have found a place to sort of fit in for once. I am not the most social or outgoing, I find it hard to ask questions or even sometimes to say hi.

Sharing things about myself is one of the most uncomfortable things I can imagine, but for some reason, I have been finding things come out much easier.

I have always been somebody who will fight and never give up but I find in the past I have not always tried.

I like things too so don't think that all I am gonna say is gonna bring you down.

I do enjoy gaming, movies, and television. I love to sleep and used to workout often. I am more into fantasy sci-fi and others out of this world things.

That's about it for now.

Thanks for following me I really do appreciate everyone that has. I will always work hard to help because that is the real reason I joined here.

From day one Wealthy Affiliate's community made me feel good to be here, and for that reason, I want to help out as much as I can.

Update: 2/27/20

For the last 3 years of my life, I have been a member of this platform. When I first arrived I was full of self-doubts, lacked almost any useful skills aside from typing, and I was afraid to be seen, heard, or even known.

Since that initial stage, I arrived here at... I have been learning and writing about personal development. My website which you can check out is on my profile...

On it, I have written about nearly everything I have been learning but what is more exciting is that I have also written over 600+ additional posts that aren't published yet.

I wrote a book, added a workbook section to it, and continue to add more organization and information to the system that I am building.

It is my hope that when it's put in front of others as a finished product... That it will forever alter my life and anyone who is willing enough to build a relationship with me.

Basically, it's all about how to solve problems and face challenges by learning how to transform anxiety into enthusiasm.

Also, I do mention how I overcome an addiction to alcohol and other drugs...

I came from abuse and alcoholic parents... And that everyone needs to rewrite their life story so that they can become the hero in their own eyes so that they love and trust themselves...

Which of course begins the transformation to believing in yourself as the most important part of the belief system.
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Money I would be happy earning
Enough to keep earning more
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Enough to get others to do the work for me
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
as much as I have
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Apr 25, 2017
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cramervod Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
Enough to keep earning more

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Enough to get others to do the work for me

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
as much as I have
CMahoney1 Premium
Eric, wonderful to see that you've listed your goals! Be sure to take advantage of the top notch lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you stay focused and motivated you will surely achieve your goals in no time!
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My-Mate-Bert Premium
Hiya - can't use PM until next week as showing some-one WA here beside me and what they will get from day one and when upgraded. Thanks ever, ever, ever so much for your help on chat. Demonstrated WA perfectly. Thanks again.

I've designed eCommerce stuff and done system support for decades them rather than WordPress so I know an expert when I see one. You're an expert at this.
cramervod Premium
yeah, pm's only work for premium members.
bill808 Premium Plus
One time solutions are to permanent and final.
You have found your purpose. Now break your purpose down into small actionable steps so you can mark your accomplishments off and see progress. You will always know what to do next. My purpose is to help people live a quality life in harmony with each other and our environment. My first objective is to help people live resilient lives both personal and financial. My entire life has been about managing our environment for the long term benefit of people. We have a lot of work to do if we can manage to leave a pleasant earth to our grandkids.
cramervod Premium
I like the way you said this. The purpose is broken down into actionable steps. Then the actions will be objectives: 1-99 give or take a few. Helping others is great but says very little.

Helping others achieve success is better but still general.

Helping others achieve success with online marketing. Gets it more focused.

Helping others achieve success with online marketing and creating a process that can be repeated to earn a full-time income. is best.
Surfdude123 Premium
Hey man, I like your profile and it shows you are a thinker of life. I also spent some years battling my own demons and I think its something we all do in trying to either fit in or keep up. I have been a US Marine, a commercial electrician and even went back in the Navy reserves and got honorables out of both services. But like most people we tend to fail to recognize our accomplishments. I made a checklist of everything I am proud of and go to therapy classes for mindfulness and they help. By writing down a daily reminder checklist of what to watch out for in not recognizing your positive traits it can help you to look at the positives you have and are doing. It helps me to stay in the moment and not be so self critical. It also helps me to move forward in working here. So, you're not alone and I have a feeling if you persist you will find that happiness maybe even through here meeting and connecting with those who may feel the same way are want a better life. Best to you!
cramervod Premium
Well, I am glad to hear you have found a way to survive out of everything. I don't have the same exact past that others do nor do I feel it really matters. I believe we all must work from within and find out what makes us unique and what positives will encourage us to keep going. For many years I was under the wrong influence and that changed when I threw it away.

I find that everything is a long term process and the best way to deal with life is to fit in somewhere somehow and never give up. This is far easier said than done and it also means constant relearning of things we believe we already know.

I like the saying never give up and never surrender for the inspiration it in stows upon us. That fighting attitude that I am sure you have as well.

Thanks for the support and know that it really does help to hear from others, I was afraid to keep my profile like this at first, but haven't thought about it for several weeks now.

Best of Luck and success

GrannyDear Premium
Hi Eric,

The way you dress up your responses and comments so genuinely sympathetic impressed me so much that I had to follow you.

Well, after reading your bio it all makes sense - you are an honest, respectful, sympathetic person. You do have courage!!

WA is indeed an unprecedented "retreat" for all of us.

And .. you have finished all of the five courses - !!!!!

I am off now reading your posts -).

Warm regards - Henriette.
cramervod Premium
Yeah, I didn't really know what I was the first 30 days here. But I live and learn and believe I will make a bigger impact if I can help people instead of whining about everyone's shortcomings ...

I like the way you say nothing in your profile but suggest it's a lot. At least it can make a smile appear on someone's face for no reason but to extend the words...
GrannyDear Premium
me too .. out of every corner tI heard the whisper of "Overhelm' and that it would subside in a week or so .. well .. to be frank .. it took almost six... SIX weeks for me to get used and to go with the flow of this supporting community!

This was my first adventure on WA -).

Once again - your approach is subtle in every respect - You read between the lines, but that was clear by the responses you gave in course 1 - prepare for writing novels in 25 - 20 years from now - I am serious!!

Good to know you - Best Wishes and Warm Regards - Henriette.
cramervod Premium
That's always been something I thought about. Wishing I could from all the characters and the dialogues but my interest, for now, remains within single-player role-playing video games. The stories and the playable characters are just the same to me as an open picture book for adults. And the content in some games becomes more adult with every decade.

One of my biggest obstacles is I don't always want to write, it just seems to be on certain days and then nothing for a few more days.

Today and yesterday are great examples I wrote 8k words in 4 posts and feel like I can go for another couple hours.
GrannyDear Premium
That's the magic of the passion. Actually I am a painter by profession ( looking for and working on a more reliable income) and a few hours before each painting is finished the flow takes me with her and the surrounding world is just gone.. away.. non and never existent.. I think we as artists ( maybe you are an artist by now and have always been, but didn't realise this so far) are addicted to those brief episodes and are ready to take on every challenge within our circle of passion to be permitted another stay in our paradise .. well ..
But ... the writers we know, from the Russian 19th century till John Irving, they had an immense strong sense of selfdiscipline. They never just fiddled around!! Well may be a bit .

Well ... I think it all depends on the comfort zone - which is a very complicated concept after all... I am working to feel comfortable preferably outside my comfortzone .. -)!!

As is the sentiment of feeling content and peaceful.. also a complicated concept, which has for everybody a totally different connotation.

As an artist and as a writer as well, as an active creator in general, I think, we can only obtain this state of mind and heart - not to forget - in our own creative environment.

Life as an artist is complicated, for yourself and for your loved ones as well .. but .. there's never a dull moment, due to the magic of passion.

Should we be happy wit this ?? as far as I know .. we do not have a choice -)!!
cramervod Premium
Yeah, I am gonna try and do another 10k word before the month ends. We shall see if this gift is something that comes and goes or if it can work with my determination as a factor as well.

On a separate note, my sister has a gift for music, my mother has always amazed me with how well she can draw.

The rest of the family hasn't always stood out but perhaps all of us with something still hidden...

Anyways will talk to you later am gonna go take a break for now. Back at it later or even tomorrow.

Wishing you the Best

GrannyDear Premium
Yes !!! let's stay in touch!!

Ws great talking to you!!

WDay Premium
I've had the experience of not opening up to people and keeping things that may be going on with me to myself. But one day I did talk to a few of my peers about something that happened to me. It was indeed relieving and I found that some of them had the same thing happen to them by the same people. It made me feel much better.

Saying Hi to people is a joy for me especially when they speak back. It is something I miss now that I live in Minneapolis. The people here don't speak as much as in my home town in Virginia.

By the way, I am an avid Sci-fi / horror fan. Classic horror movies, the best ones is my niche. Maybe you have a suggestion or two that will help me to get traffic on my site.
cramervod Premium
The first thing I would need to know it which area in history you mean by classic. For some people they think classic as childhood and for me would include nightmare on elm street, child's play, Friday the 13th movies.

The second thing I would expect on a site about horror movies is nostalgia, things to remind me why I loved them once and should revisit them.

Considering everything you could promote what pain point will you target, what about classic horror movies might a person lose sleep over that your site will help them with.

Getting people to visit the site is just one part how will you supply enough answers to keep them wanting more.