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How should I get starting affiliates? I am an emancipated minor trying to start a website so I can start a family with my beautiful fiancee. Please help? We will barley get by and we are trying to improve ourselves. We have seen a lot of missfortune
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Hi Pauric,

Thanks for following. I am glad you like it here. I am also finding my feet and enjoying it. I hope to make this my home as well to help achieve my goals. aT least, I'm here for the next 12 months to start with and I am looking forward to making it permanent with time. I wish you more success

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Hi Pauric, thank you for the follow and wish you continued success. I am following you now as well!
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Hi, Pauric, thanks for the following it's music to my ears! Glad to follow you back and maybe reap the benefits of your experience online.
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Thanks for the follow from one who has Irish heritage. Married name Weiss - maiden name McNulty. My Dad is in his 80's, his cousins from Ireland/England have been visiting Australia lately, it's great to keep the family connections going.
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thanks for the follow Pauric.
Nase Premium Follow Me
Thank you for the follow. Hope to learn from your experience.
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Thanks for the follow Pauric. You have very nice looking sites.
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Hi Pauric. Thanks for your follow. You live where my husband and I are trying hard to move to! We want to live in the countryside though. I hope that I can learn much from your success. If the online business pays the bills, then I'll be more than happy!
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Thank you for your profile introduction, Pauric. I love it.
Love it, because I'm happy for the success you are gaining and because I'm happy that I will reach it again.

Wish you and Florica all the best.

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Great story, Pauric! I agree, WA is the best of the best! Thanks for the follow, and best of luck!
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hi and Welcome I hope to have an online biz paying the bills soon. You will be a Asset to the community. Your right WA is the Best.
Thanks for the follow.
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Hey Pauric! Great to be connected with you here. I've always made my living in the music industry so i totally get what you're saying about the uncertainty of it all.. that's also why I'm here.. it's so important to have handle on how to operate online now no matter what industry you're in.. hoping i can increase my online income to alleviate some of the pressure on the amount of gigs i have to do to keep food on the table.. this is definately the place to learn & grow. very grateful for what they have created here for us all to benefit from. :-)
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Hello Pauric. Thanks so much for the follow. I bet Dublin is beautiful. I am of Irish heritage and am hoping to someday visit Ireland.
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Thank you for the follow and I so much enjoyed reading about your journey. That's inspiring that in only three years you now have an income that at least goes beyond paying bills. That's great.