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paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi and I see you play guitar and great to have you in WA
musicman99 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I read your success story and also found it very inspiring. I'm trying to do the same thing, only my niche is "how to learn piano." I know another composer on here who is trying to do the same thing as you as well. We should connect and chat :)
Anh Premium Follow Me
I read your story and profile and it's very inspiring. Great to see how others from different walks of life are generating online income... very inspiring and I look forward to hear more from your success.
SmileOfJoy Premium Follow Me
And again, awesome! I'm not a professional guitarist, just playing part time, I'm really looking up on you! I'll learn more from you! See you around in WA, following you.
america2000 Premium Follow Me
Amazing story...thanks for sharing...God bless you.
Quincy17677 Premium Follow Me
Hi Pauric! Congratulations one year out and best wishes for continued success. Thanks for the follow.
cawells Premium Follow Me
Hi Thanks for following. Good luck here at WA
CindyFS1971 Premium Follow Me
Hi Pauric, thanks for the follow, following you too. :)
justeileen Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I am so glad you found your way here and have success and happiness.

May your blessings continue. :)

Your friend on this wonderful journey,
LLeary Premium Follow Me
Hello Pauric, thank you for following and I wish you all the best.
SKretsch Premium Follow Me
Pauric, what do you think has been the most significant, tangible thing that has led to your success so far? I looked at you website and it's very good. It is very consumer driven and seems to answer lots of questions the consumer may have. And, obviously, you have knowledge and experience in your niche. I'm sure that's a big plus as well. I've been at it for about two months now, and although I'm happy with my progress so far, I'm not getting any traffic. Any advice?
dougbeney Premium Follow Me
"My latest hobby is watching the sunset wherever I am in the world"
That's awesome man! Internet marketing is a beautiful thing:)
NemiraB Premium Follow Me
Hello Pauric, thank you for following, all the best to you, regards.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Pauric
Thanks for the follow back.
fitmomuv3 Premium Follow Me
Awesome to see someone doing such a wonderful job at making this work. Looking forward to learning more about you! Sarah