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To remind all WA'ers....

To remind all WA'ers....

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This is a continuation of my other post here...

I know what's behind everyo

Think I might have missed something here, am I right in thinking that someone perhaps did not agree with a post you put up either way do not let it bother you, Kyle encourages us to ask questions, but I am sure he would also no want anyone to offend another, hope it has all passed and you will not let things get in the way of your journey

Its up to others how they understand it. I was just only expressing my opinion or telling people so that they will know.

You are judging the motives of "most" people on here ranking to either pretend or compete. I don't think that's totally correct. I do think it is in part. I don't think that's fair to place such judgments, though you do have the right to such opinion.

Speaking for myself, I'm very proud of this community and the cause behind it. It has done more for me than any other venue I've ever been trying to get the social help I've needed for years.

I also keep a Journal. I have since 1973. It contains thousands of pages. I've written three books. I've been very active in another forum just before and partly concurrent to being here.

I do not have many friends outside of here. That's just the way it is. All of my writing efforts are online. This community is where most of my friends are. To me, this is where all the action is socially. I am trying to branch out through my campaign.

I have high ranking. Others have expressed their feelings towards me that I've put so much content on here to rank high for the sake of doing that.

My point is, I do an awful lot of writing every day. It makes up for my lack of oral speaking. I do not have a voice in my physical surroundings. It's been that way for years. WA has been an extension of my Journal and makes up much of it since 2010.

Even though I'm a paying member, I feel I need to return extra favour because I've gotten much more than just learning how to market on the Internet. So, I try to be active in here and write things that would be helpful to others - or I try to. Just like your complaint in the other blog, sometimes my own writing doesn't even get a single "like" or a response. That can be disappointing, but not because it didn't help my ranking. Not everything I write makes a big hit. Once in a while it does.

There are others somewhat like me, or they may have other reasons why they are active on here. We have Kyle & Carson saying, "Be active." We have a number of members saying don't do that. Time is money.

I don't particularly like the ranking incentives on here either. It has always been a place to game the system. Thing is, you don't know others' circumstances and motives. It's not fair to some of us who did wind up high on the ranking to have such stigmatization. Not all of us are doing any gaming. In a big way, I wish WA would just abandon the idea of having a ranking system on here. That would really weed out who's really helping and who isn't. I have a feeling the helping aspect is not particularly going to get hurt by retiring the ranking system.

This membership is just too good for that.

We have the owners here having established the ranking system on here and they encourage helping with such an incentive. On the other hand we have members saying that paying any attention to the ranking on here is bad.

Helping on here and reaping the incentives of the ranking (how little they be) is not the same thing as helping others in order to rank. Quite the fine line here, and there are people on both sides. I would not go so far as to say MOST people are on the side of the latter.

If being high in rank is such a bad thing because it must entail wrong motives and competition, then I too should tank my ranking, as others are apparently doing. I could do that very quickly and be off the entire list of 100.

There are many people on here that have been here since 2007, 2008, 2009 (first half of WA's existence) who are still with us, but they are unseen.

I wrote this in a hurry because I have to be somewhere. So, it's total impromptu and unedited. If something is off kilter or doesn't make sense, my apology. I will deal with it later. This is turning into a mess and I hate seeing this occurring.


I'm back home and I just want to add one more thing...

It is universal consensus, even amongst Kyle, Carson and the top performers on here:

Your business needs to come first. I'm not always consistent with this, but we all need to have publishing schedules and to treat our businesses like we would any employer assigning work to be done. That is, get the important work done first (our campaigns) and then go to helping on here.

Just noting how the courses on here are set up - getting folks in the habit of doing the necessary work by scheduling page/post assignments almost every day based on the core perspective of each lesson. When the learning is over, we seem to go on vacation and the campaigns sit.

Before most of us came on here for the first time, we knew why we were coming on here (to learn, do the exercises and to build campaigns.) If we are finding we are doing other, then this needs some serious thought and a getting back in line with our own businesses.

I really do love to read all your post, I wish I was as vocal as you.

You can read my post all the time. You don't need to be as blatant as i am. You can express your opinion to others at anytime because we have the right.

Enjoy reading...

Try not to let other members opinions bother you.

This is a community so you need to remember that everyone is free to express their own opinion on anyones post/discussion.

Interesting post .... makes me go "huuummmm"

Oh no! I have this feeling that you are hating me right now, Arnel, cause I was there too.. :-(( okay, you can hate me, but pleaseeee not too much, you still one of my favorite star here, Arnel.. Peace :-))

A big no no... I was just to remind everyone here what i am pointing all about.

Thank you Arnel.. :-))

You are always welcome gusti.

No judging from this peanut gallery. Have a great day!

I read this post, but I must have missed something because I don't even know what you are talking about. Wish I had more insight.

You are welcome all the time to participate.

Nope...not mad at you, Arnel...but I don't know why...there are no comments here except mine. Strange. Of course...I wasn't one of the people trying to debate you. Have a good day.

I know melanie. That's what i like from you. Thanks again.

No one is judging you. Enjoy

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