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Last Update: Aug 28, 2022

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You do realise that there are literally millions of other people out there just like us?

I’m talking, people who are blogging and using SEO in order to make money online.

Delving a bit deeper, I’m talking, people just like YOU, starting out as a one-person business.

And I’m talking MILLIONS & MILLIONS of people.

Just think how many different platforms, forums, communities, discussion groups, etc. for affiliate marketers, bloggers, etc. there are in the online world.

Amazon alone has approximately 1,000,000 active affiliates.

And let’s not forget all the other Affiliate Marketing Networks, Google Adsense, Premium Display Ad Networks.

I think it’s safe to say that there are quite a few one-person online businesses out there.

So, what we’re going to do today is find bloggers and websites, at a guess I’m going to say that they are all still in their…hmmm… I dunno, let’s say, first 3 years of business.

So, there will obviously be varying levels of skill, knowledge, and FINANCIAL success (that’s what you want to know isn’t it?? LOL).

Okay, so I’m going to show you how to find bloggers (just like us), who are in their first few years of business, and they are monetizing either with AMAZON or GOOGLE ADSENSE or PREMIUM DISPLAY ADS (Mediavine, Adthrive, etc.)

Realistically, these will be people who are already making money online, once more, probably at varying levels, but it’s safe to say that all these blogs we find are earning something.

Then, I’m going to introduce you to a neat little trick, the latest addition of a Partha Potion.

Following that, we’re going to use these blogs to find EASY TO RANK KEYWORDS & ARTICLE TOPICS.

This will involve using Google (but, it’s easy, trust me).

You will also need to download some software, but I’ve mentioned this in previous blogs.

You’ll need something that gives you the domain rating of websites in the search results.

You can use MozBar, WhatsMySerp, hmmm… ,my mind’s gone blank (can someone suggest the extension that they use please).

So go to Google and literally type into the search bar

MozBar chrome extension


WhatsMySerp Firefox extension

These are basically free software extensions that come with you specific browser, e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Here they for Google Chrome Users - MOZ BAR - WhatsMySerp

This is all you need, plus about 82 cups of coffee, a sleeping bag, a change on underwear (NO!! Turning them inside out doesn’t count!!), and a razor, Hahaha!! (I’m saying NOTHING!!)

Let’s get to it

The Amazon Affiliate “Trick”

What we’re going to do is actually very simple.

Any affiliate marketing website that is promoting Amazon products must have the Amazon Disclaimer published somewhere.

The following is the only part of it that you need;

“is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to"

Don’t worry, it will all become VERY CLEAR in a moment… patience my little possums.

You KNOW, I’m ALL about the intrigue, the suspense..


RAMBLING NONSENSE as a certain Old Fluff like's to call it!!


We are now going to head over to Amazon and check out something in our niche.

For today’s example I’m just went to the Amazon Best Sellers List, picked DIY & Tools and chose


Okay, once you’ve picked something from YOUR niche (so if your website promotes Amazon products, then simply choose a product from Amazon in your niche, eg. Dogs, Laptops, Lawnmowers, Smart TVs, Weight Loss, Protein Powder, etc.) head on over to Google.

Now pay attention, I want you to copy and paste this EXACT next paragraph into Google but obviously REPLACE Ring Video Doorbell with YOUR NICHE PRODUCT

So, my Google search is going to be this:

intitle:ring video doorbell "is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to"

What this basically means is this:

Hello Google, I would like to search for all websites online that have the keyword Ring Video Doorbell in an article title, plus they are also a member of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

Once you hit enter, Google will give you a list of search results featuring AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITES, that have the keyword RING VIDEO DOORBELL in an article title, and that are also an Amazon affiliate.

Okay, this is where the chrome extension (or whatever browser you’re using) comes in handy.

I can’t actually 100% remember, but I think mine that you see in these images is WhatsMySerp.

Sorry, I’ve got about 7,277,648 chrome extensions, which is still only about half of the unread PMs sitting in my inbox, Hahaha!!

Anyway, I know you all love EXACT FIGURES, so I’m going to give you one.

You want to find websites ranking on page one with a DOMAIN RATING OF 21 or under.

Okay, I’ll let 22 go as well, we can possibly stretch it to 23, but please NO MORE than that.

These are probably websites that have been around for at least a year, more likely 2-3 years, if they are simply concentrating in ON-PAGE SEO (What you are taught here at Wealthy Affiliate).

So, we’re hoping that they have learned a lot in this time, and we can now get some fantastic ideas for keywords and article topics from these websites.

We are literally going to STEAL their keywords.

But, NO, it doesn't end there.

Oh No!!

I don't want THEIR keywords, I want BETTER ONEs, EASY TO RANK KEYWORDS.

So, we have to add just a teeny-tiny Partha twist to it.

So, I have pasted the above paragraph into Google, here’s the results.

So, immediately at the top of the rankings is a website with Domain Authority of 21 (are you starting to realise why I gave you the “exact number of 21” now? Hahaha!!)

Anyway, I’m going to scroll down the page one results, just to see if I can find something with an even lower domain authority.

Oh look, in position number 10 is The Tech Guru Guy (I hope he’s not a Wacky Affiliate!!! Ooops, awkward!!! Move on, the tech guru guy, there’s nothing to see here!! LOL)

Okay, so the Tech Guru Guy has a domain authority of 14.. Perfect.

So, this is the website.

You can see what appears to be display ads at the top of the page, an ad for TripAdvisor.

So, this person is monetising with display ads, Amazon, and potentially other affiliate networks/programs too.

Now, we’re going to look through his article titles to see if anything catches our eye.

You know FOR ME, I’m going to be looking for articles that ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE IN THE NICHE ARE POTENTIALLY ASKING.

The Tech Guy has got his website in a nice order and I can “Most Popular Articles on the Right Hand Side.

I like the look of:

Can the Jabra Elite 75t Connect to Laptops?

This even feels like a “Partha-type” keyword, LOL.

Okay, simply copy the headline of the article without the question mark.

Head over to the Google Search Bar and paste it in.

Press Enter

Next, simply place the cursor ANYWHERE in the middle of the search bar

And then just left-click on your Mouse.

And as you can see, Google AUTOMATICALLY SUGGESTS related topics as SOON as you click your mouse.

Here’s one I LOVE the look of

Jabra Elite 75t Connected to Laptop But No Sound.


And wahddya know, as if by magic, Hahaha!!

Position one, Microsoft’s Forum, so even though it’s MicroSoft, it is USER GENERATED CONTENT

Position two, REDDIT, once again USER GENERATED CONTENT

Next is the People Also Ask section (Make a note of a few of the interesting ones, you can research those another day… remember your aim is BUILD a MASSIVE LIST OF KEYWORDS, realistically you should be doing 15-30 minutes keyword research EVERY SINGLE DAY, Build that list of 1,000 keywords over the course of the next 4 months).

Okay, I’ll admit that there are some huge authority websites on page one


II would still target the keyword

Jabra Elite 75t Connected to Laptop But No Sound.





Actually, that may not be ENTIRELY true.

There are occasions when they MAY have answered the question, but more as an off-the-cuff remark, a sentence, a paragraph at most.

This is WHY they are ranking on page one (RELEVANCY)


You would expect an authority website to rank above User Generated Content.

However, Google feels that the top two search results have MORE RELEVANT CONTENT about - Jabra Elite 75t Connected to Laptop But No Sound - than the authority websites (simply because the authority websites may only have 100-150 words to answer the question).

Enter Partha.


Jabra Elite 75t Connected to Laptop But No Sound.

I have relevant images, I have a relevant YouTube video, a Canva created infographic or chart, relevant internal and external links.

I publish.

I wait.



“In your face User Generated Content, as I leapfrog at least one of you, if not both, into Google Position 1 or 2.

And this is how you use Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites, the Amazon Associates Disclaimer, the Google Search Bar, A Domain Authority Checker, and Google Autosuggest to find EASY TO RANK KEYWORDS.

Go and get that 3rd cup of coffee, have a walk around for 5 minutes, come back, and read that all again.

And then

GO AND ACTUALLY TRY IT FOR YOURSELF IN GOOGLE (use my example above if you want so you can see it with your own eyes, and of course use examples in your OWN niche).



Come back to me with, “It doesn’t work, I can’t find anything, my niche is too competitive” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Spend some time doing it.

As I’ve always said, keyword research is a LEARNED SKILL, so the more you do it (without the moaning pleeeeeaaasse!!!), the better you will get.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.



Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same as above, but we’re just going to replace the Amazon Associates disclaimer with the Google Adsense disclaimer, so we can find bloggers who make their money with Display Ads.

I’ll be really quick, I promise (NO funny jokes please!!!)

The Display Ad “Trick”

So, I’m going to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING, again using Ring Video Doorbell as my niche example.

However, now with the Adsense disclaimer.

Once more, copy and paste the EXACT paragraph below, but simply replace Ring Video Doorbell with YOUR NICHE example.

I swear, if someone comes back to me with, “It doesn’t work, I keep getting results for Ring Video Doorbell, but I’m in the Cat niche”, I am gonna dropkick you in the Googles!!!

Here it is:

Intitle: ring video doorbell "Google uses cookies to help serve the ads that it displays on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner's website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser." (The Adsense disclaimer is more often found when the PREMIUM ad networks add their OWN Privacy Policy to your website).

So, once more, I’m asking Google to show me the results for websites that have the keyword Ring Video Doorbell in their title PLUS they also have the Adsense disclaimer on their website (they have display ads on their website).

Now, you’ll see that Google’s give you this spiel about there aren’t any results with that EXACT phrasing, i.e in “quotation marks”, but here are some BROADER results that are RELEVANT.

This is simply because there may be slightly different worded Adsense disclaimers on websites, that’s all.

With Amazon you HAVE to use their EXACT Wording.

For display ads, especially with the Premium Ad Networks, they will install their own privacy policy and disclaimers (which does include the Google Adsense disclaimer anyway) .

In other words, it's more likely to be websites that display ads from Ezoic, Monumetric, MediaVine Adthrive, etc. that will have the Adsense disclaimer).

But, anyway, back to the point, we have some results.

So, let’s have a look at these:

Lots of authority websites at the top of the page.

Here we go a Domain rating of 21 (again, LOL).

So, let’s go and visit the website - Robot Powered Home

And we go straight to their article - Does Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home?

Now, I promised I’d be quick, so I took this title and put it into Google and these are the results.

I clicked 2-3 of the results, dug deeper, using People Also Ask as well, and I found this search (see, btw, even I had to spend around 15 minutes coming up with this ONE keyword, so it’s not always easy and straightforward, just keep going.

Ring Not Working on SmartThings


Featured Snippet - The SmartThings COMMUNITY Forum - USER GENERATED CONTENT

Position one - The SmartThings Forum, but a different discussion thread - USER GENERATED CONTENT

Position SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, & NINE are ALL the Ring Doorbell Community Forum - USER GENERATED CONTENT

Position 10 is Reddit - USER GENERATED CONTENT


Final Thoughts

I think that’s about it, not much more I can say.

Please, Please, Please do read through a few times before the onslaught of questions begins.

And please direct all questions to

Andre the Not So Giant @



I shall of course, try to do my very best to answer any quetions.

Thanks You For Reading


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PP, BB here, man, you could easily create a course out of this and charge $1-3k USD (or GBP) as high ticket e-course and coaching clients 5k or more. Instead, you offer it to us free of charge, that goes to show where your heart ❤️ is inside of you.

Sweet of you do this, not a selfish mean bone 🦴 that reflects your integrity and your true personality. The essence of you.

Meanwhile, there are others out there who sells course content like this and charge a lot of money to scale up, smooching thousands off of people who really can’t afford to spend that kind of money.

I am throughly in awe of this and it touched my ❤️ knowing you gave us your keyword ranking content free of charge.

WA members, pay attention, this information could easily cost you a lot of money to buy to find out how to do this.

This content given to us free. Helping us save a lot of money so we can make money by following PP’s Keyword Potions.

Let’s follow his instructions to the letter, make this a daily goal for the next 30 to 60 days. I’m in, are you? Hands up everybody, 🙋🏼‍♀️

Totally and makes sense Brenda! Thank you for your notes.

Yes, it is niche of Partha to share his vast knowledge and experience with us and yes it is worth following to bring results to our online business.

Amen to that, Brenda!


Awesome stuff again, Partha 💯 💪

I have come up with a new phrase "ParthaPower" 🤓


Aaaw thanks BB, most kind (and thanks to Abie, George, and Roy too, much appreciated)

Already on it Brenda

Me too. I'm learning a lot from this post.

Well said Brenda. And totally true 👍 Thank you.

All I can say is WOW...

Thank you Brenda for this reminder.

Partha doesn't have to do this at all, but he naturally would share. Yes, that's just him.

For this I am grateful,

Corinne, you are absolutely correct.

Lightbulbs going off everywhere 😂

Thanks for directing me to this blog from your other blog. I’m now going to read the other blog you said to read!!

I can’t believe I haven’t read all your blogs already 🤦🏻‍♂️

Awesome info Partha! Very informative for much info I'm going to have to reread this and make another pot of coffee before giving this a go. I thought I'd stop in here today and wow, found a gold mine on keyword research in your post here! This should help a lot!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us Partha!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Ok Prince Partha, I must say that once more, my jaw must be lifted from the floor.

I am just now getting the hang of the other methods you have shared, and then you pop up yet again with pearls of wisdom, and knowledge, that has literally got my head spinning worse than it already was.

This post is so full of fabulous knowledge that I am buying more toner for my printer just so I can have a printed copy to keep handy!

I will be hones, the time I have taken to research keywords, following your methods, does take a wee bit more time than when using Jaaxy. I've used Jaaxy for so long, it's a "piece of cake" for me.

My brain is boggled and bogged down right now with google, Quora, chrome extensions (which I NEVER thought to use until I read your posts).

And I am LOVING every minute of it! I get bored easily, and when things get too ho-hum and repetitive, I just chug away at the same ol same ol (much like most do at real world jobs) and think "Wow, I want to have some fun!"

I've had more fun the past few weeks, with my online ventures, than I have in years! Simply because you provide so many resources , fun gadgets, super strategies that are new to me.

And now you share all of this, again I humbly bow to your wisdom and knowledge as I start following your guidelines and strategies in this post!

THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful wisdom yet again!

Hi Partha,

I love this!!

And you have just saved me £290!! Maybe even £490!!

I am a bit of a shiny object person, and today I received an email from Neil Patel offering me lifetime access to Ubersuggest for £290 (for one project/website) or £490 for up to seven projects/websites,

How exciting!

There was a third option as well but was completely out of my price range so I wasn't going to be bothering with that!

I was very tempted but I kept hearing you in my head telling me to just follow your methods and not to be led astray by shiny objects.

I decided to do a bit of research and see what other people thought. I was still tempted although not entirely convinced.

Then I decided to come back and see what was new at Wealthy Affiliate.

Yay!! There was a new article up from you!!

With a new method to try out!!

This looks fun to play around with - probably more fun than Ubersuggest - and it is FREE to do!!

So,,, Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

I know what I will be doing this week!!

All the best,


Hi Julia, I agree with you 100%.

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