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Is jaaxy down for anyone else?

Is jaaxy down for anyone else?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I am trying to use Jaaxy, and it was working fine at first. All of a sudden it's giving 1 result with <10 with every keyword I try.

Is anyone else having this proble

Mine is working too

Thank you, all is working on my end now too, appreciate the help!

Great 👍

My is working fine but just had issues logging to my website and they just fix that so more glitches they need to fix and work on.
At the moment all is good try the refresh is not send then a ticket they are responding quickly at the moment.


Thank you, Andre, I swept out the cookie crumbs, booted my browser, kicked my tower, screamed at my WIFI and it appears to be back up and running lol.

My sense of humour may go unnoticed as humour or frowned upon by many....

It's working fine now :) It may have just been a glitch in the matrix!

Well at least all you screamed and kicked out got the message and are now cooperating as they should.

Maybe next time this will think twice before meddling with you when you want to work LOL

Enjoy your day :)


Lol, thanks for the laugh Andre. My work is progressing very very well....now I am off to enjoy some more of Prince Parth's Potions....YUM

Oh that should be interesting enjoy your large mug of coffee as well. heheheh

Have a great day and glad you had a laugh best way to take things


Works for me, too...


Thanks, Rudy, it may be my browser. I'm going to clear it out a bit and give it another try.

I was gonna tease and say that maybe it was your keywords.,grin.

Most likely its the cache...clear it out, you'll have to log back in.


Um, well, since you would know my keywords better than most here lol.

It was my browser, but you are correct, some of my keywords are a tad bit off the charts lol.

Hey, you never know...grin.


it seems fine for me Maria...

Thank you!

Everything looks ok over here!

Thank you! I will clear my browser, it must be my system.

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