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Two WA blog posts in one day.Wonders will never cease.An apology first.The following may be somewhat advanced, but I guess there’s learning points for everyone, including myself - but sorry anyway.Once again, I set about simply answering a question to the best of my knowledge, but felt that it may be better to share with the wider community.So, Stephen replied to my earlier blog post, and mentioned about Google potentially not liking external links to Wikipedia.MY BLOG POST===>NoFollow
You’re lucky!! This blog post isn’t that long (less than 650 words I believe).I was just responding to Erlene’s recent question, but then thought I would share my answer with the community as a whole.It’s something that gets asked over-and-over again, so I guess it’s nice to have a reference point.Erlene’s question:Can Someone Explain How to Fix "No Follow" Attributes?MY RESPONSE:Hi Erlene, Firstly, your wording has confused me a little here, i.e. "outgoing i
Hey Everyone.Okay, I want to take you through a journey of one of my articles over the last few days.Basically, I’ve received a tiny spike of additional traffic since December 9th 2021.It’s not huge, but I’ve received between 100-500 extra DAILY visitors to my website from a “NEW” traffic source.However, the vast majority of this traffic is due to just ONE single article.In fact, this one article has received nearly 2,000 visitors in the last week, with 1,503 visit
As usual, I started replying to a question/blog post by a member (in this case Abie), and it turned into a monster-long reply.So, as I occasionally do, I decided to turn my reply into a blog post in its own right.I think it’s best that I include my traditional Disclaimer, as I tend to do.What follows is merely my humble opinion.I in no way purport to be an expert in these matters.So, what I say may be viewed as completely wrong in some people’s eyes, whereas it may evoke a light bul
Disclaimer No.1 - No Old Fluffs Were Harmed During the Making of This Blog PostDisclaimer No. 2 - They say, “Sarcasm is the Lowest Form of Wit”. Well, There’s Not Even Enough Room For Ants to Crawl Under My Wit. You’ve Been Warned.Disclaimer No.3 - If you didn’t like me before, you’re going to hate me after this.Is it Over?Is it Safe to Come Back?There was me thinking that this time of year was supposed to be about acknowledging the Plymouth colonists and the
Today I’d like to show you how to write the perfect blog post.Yaayy!!And it just so happens that I will structure THIS entire blog post using the “perfect” formula.So, this is ideal for you to come back to and use as a point of reference.I will say this is how I write INFORMATIONAL blog posts, and I’m sure I’ll cover reviews at a later date.Plus, some may disagree with my methods, but I rank, get traffic, make money, so disagree all you like.Without further ado let
The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent.Any Similarities to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, or Actual Events (or Actual Affiliate Marketing Platforms), is Purely Coincidental.Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, handsome Prince (how many times I gotta tell ya, it’s my story, I’m tellin’ it, so I can be as beautiful and handsome as I like)The handsome Price wandered lonely through the Kingdom of Wacky Affiliate (almost burst into a bit of Wordsworth there).It a
After spending 9 days a week going through my 76,925 PMs I’ve come to a conclusion.I think I’m prone to exaggeration.Oh no, SORRY, that was NOT the conclusion that I came to.My conclusion is that people love to make things complicated.In fact, during some of my PM conversations I have hazed over and become somewhat confused at the technical jargon being used.Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly stupid, but I’m certainly no Einstein (unless of course we’re ref
DISCLAIMER: (Clearly all of my blog posts should carry a warning) NOT for Newbies. Don’t Try This at Home!I’ve mentioned in passing that I was going to start a new website in October.I even considered the Make Money Online niche.However, I’ve managed to avoid it for pretty much 12 years, so there’s no reason to start going down that route now.Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the MMO niche, it’s just not for me.From a personal perspective,
Firstly, for those of you who got overly excited at the mere mention of “Wacky”I’M SORRY.No, this is not the continued adventures of PP, Old Fluff, and Wonky Donkey.For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about - it’s about to get WEIRDER.I’ve always had a penchant for the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful.It’s always fascinated me.(Probably explains why I like so many of you guys and gals).However, when it comes to keyword research, WEIRD