Last Update: October 13, 2018

So do I need to worry about my ranking here at WA?

I used to answer all my followers posts. I try to welcome as many newbies as I can. I reply to anyone who comments on my posts, even if just to "like" it. But lately I've noticed that my ranking has gone way down "up?".

I found I was spending too much time on emails and such and not enough time on my training and content. I wrote a blog about it and just about everyone said that I need to prioritize my time.

This made perfect sense and so that is what I started doing. I still comment on posts that I consider to be pertinent to my training. So the number of posts I respond to has decreased dramatically.

But now I'm worried because my ranking is taking a nosedive. When I was answering everything my ranking was somewhere in the 1100"s ( I'm still relatively new). Now its in the 4600 range. Yikes! Or maybe not.

Can anyone tell me what the ranking is, if its necessary to keep it low and if so, how to achieve that.

Thanks and Blessings


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ellford Premium
It has nothing to do with making money online. The ranking is an example of how active you are - if you post more blog posts on your sites, comment on articles, comment on others posts, etc. it increases your ranking.
Claudiojuan Premium
Hello Nancy,
I think you're here to make money with your site. WA will teach you how to create it and achieve it. Even if you have the best ranking does not mean you will earn money. I advise you not to worry about the "ranking".
smokeywins Premium
There are three specific stats that determine your overall rank. Helper, Creator, and Activity. You were noticing your # going down, ie smaller because you were spending more time responding to all the blogs you received email notifications for.

I think this post from Kyle will help explain the rankings: The lower the number, the closer you are to ambassadorship, but with that is the expectation of skills and knowledge of all the training, and how to create a successful website, so you can advise others.

I always say that you need to put yourself first. You need to first focus on building your site, which in turn will provide you with the skills needed to help others. As your site matures, so will your knowledge, and you will then be able to find the balance between working on your site and helping others here at WA.

I hope that makes sense.
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes this makes perfect sense.

Thank you
YanFellow Premium
Oh, I'm first to reply :-)

I did much as you but didn't get higher than the mid-3000s. It IS a massive amount of work and effort and I've no idea how those in the top 200 manage to get anything else done!

I dropped to late 4000s but made another effort and I'm currently mid-2000.

When I see a Q I can answer, unless I'm actually looking, someone has usually got there before me. However, I am able to comment on many Posts that don't necessarily require a detailed or specific answer.

I have revent;y been Following new Premium members and I think that help you rank quite a bit.

But I agree with you - it's very time-consuming and you MUST make time to do your own work.

Other than the pleasure of helping people, I don't know what benefits high rank confers. Would be nice to know the specifica.
Andrea1776 Premium
I didn’t know ranking here are important. I would love to know this too. Thanks for asking.