Be an Ambassador at WA in 2021!


We Truly Are a COMMUNITY….

And one that cares about one another. We have always had a "pay it forward" mentality with every update, evolution and improvement here at WA and our focus on the community aspect of WA is going to continue as strong as ever in 2021. It is going to be the "year of helping others" at WA and we can't wait!

There has been no greater privilege over the years than to see someone accomplish something they never thought was possible. Build their first website, generate their first online income, quit their job, scale their business, and achieve the 1,000's of other smaller successes that take place each and every day here within WA.

We are truly a "Pay it Forward" community.

We are going to be "upping" the ante in 2021 with many awesome improvements and the first one is investing more time, energy, resources, and money into the Ambassadorship program!

This is a program that everyone here at WA is naturally involved in. Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can be an Ambassador of WA and I am hoping that YOU take some time to make an effort to become an Ambassador in 2021!

First off though, What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is someone that is an active, helpful participant of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. They naturally engage with others. They help others. They ask questions when they need help. They are an active entity within the community.

Ambassadors within the community are ranked within the Ambassador page, with the top 12 members being the Ambassadors and the top 100 getting exposure on the rankings page. Anyone and everyone (including yourself) can achieve these rankings).

It is nothing more complex than this. We truly value each and every member here within the community and absolutely anyone “has it in them” to become an ambassador.

Does Rank Play a Roll?

Absolutely. This is based on a complex algorithm that determines not only how much you are contributing within Wealthy Affiliate, but how much you are helping others.

These are the sorts of things that we look for when determining your WA rank:

  1. Helper - How much you help and how timely it is within the community
  2. Creator - Do you blog, do you create discussions, do you create training
  3. Activity - How active are you within the community, do you leave comments, do you interact with new members
  4. Overall Member Rank - Based on a combination of the above

If you go to the Ambassador page, you can see your ranking and see your "points" graphs within those 4 categories.

You will notice that the top 12 folks within the community are the highest level of Ambassadors, but this is the current top 12 and by no means there are not several other ambassadors within the system.

You will also notice that your rank will fluctuate quite regularly and the more active you are contributing to WA, the better your ranking will get.

How Can You Contribute?

There are many ways that absolutely anyone can contribute. This does not mean just helping others, you are actually contributing to the greater good of the community when you ask for help and when you engage with others within the 1,000’s of active discussions taking place.

Everything you do within Wealthy Affiliate is going to serve as a contribution to your Ambassador rank and the more often you do it and the more "thoughtful" you are with your interactions, the more you are going to see your rank climb.

  • How often are you the first to respond to a question?
  • How quickly do you get back to others that are asking you question or a PM?
  • Are you asking for help?
  • Are you creating discussions?
  • Are you creating blog posts?
  • Are you posting about success?
  • Are you active in live chat?
  • Do you have any ideas for training that you think can fill a void and help the community out? (Must be a Premium member for 3 months before you can create training)
  • Do you get back to people that connect with you?
  • Are you welcoming new members?
  • Are your activities leading to other people wanting to follow you?
  • Are you actively promoting WA?

All of these contribute to your rank...which plays a role in your overall ranking inside of WA.

Some of the Quickest Ways to Boost Rank

There are some ways you can boost your rank within the system. These include:

(1) Go through unanswered posts and offer a hand
(2) Welcome new folks to the community
(3) Help people with questions in Live Chat
(4) Ask for help when you need it
(5) Be responsive to any "notifications" that you are involved in

Another side effect of rank is promoting WA. We do take affiliate activity into consideration when determining rank, although you do not have to be an affiliate to be in the top 10. What better option than to be an ambassador of WA and earn a full time income promoting WA?

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives...

Your contributions are not going to go unnoticed. Throughout the year we are going to be taking a look at the rankings and those that are contributing at the highest rates to the community.

If you are truly a helper and you care about others...and care about the community here at WA, we are going to notice you and we are going to show our appreciation.

We have set aside a BUDGET for the Ambassador program and throughout the year will be contacting those that we feel have Ambassador qualities and those that “retain” high rankings within the community.

So this leaves one final question. Are YOU going to become an Ambassador within WA in 2021? Interact, engage, network, help, ask for help, and be active within the community and you will be well on your way.

If you have any comments or questions about the ambassadorship program, please leave your comments below and I will be happy to get back to you!

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I am sorry to say I haven't contributed very much. I am juggling being a caregiver 60-80 hrs a week,single parenting a teen,compliance work for state certification and then sleep. I have been reading when I can and just absorbing information, taking notes on the videos and brainstorming my niche and what I truly want. I am so grateful and from all I have seen I am thankful to see so many positive,helpful, loving people here. This is bringing me to tears and it is truly touching to see the outpouring within this company and community. Thank you so much God bless you all.

Sincerely xoxoxoxo,

You certainly have a lot going on. I understand much of it as I was raising a family and a caregiver at the same time and working full time. Concentrate on doing what you can whenever you can. Don't beat yourself up. The community is very helpful and caring and will be here to embrace you when you get to a point you can pour yourself into it. All the best to you in your personal and professional life.

Warm Regards,

Hi Brianna,

I have found this community to be so encouraging and helpful. I thought I had alot going on. Don't stress yourself out about your personal journey. This will all come in time. I do this as I can myself so as Yvette said our WA community is here to help as you need it. Each of us are in a different place on our journeys and that is okay. I have found this journey is not a quick one ,but more of ongoing flow. I believe this journey is going to be a positive one for you. Everything happens in its season so allow it to unfold itself in its time. Blessings for enlightenment and prosperity in your journey here at WA!

Good advice.

I would love to become an ambassador to be able to help others succeed! I feel that WA is great and helpful for people that want to learn this business in their own time frame. It's better than going to an actual school and really not learning a thing except for political garbage because that seems like the norm these days.

I think everyone wants to be a part of something and be somewhere where they can express what their feeling. Share their accomplishments and grow with fellow members. It's really GREAT that finally there is someplace you can do this AND get rewarded. I feel very blessed to be part of such an awesome community!

Just wondering how did you hear about WA? And have you signed up people to join?

Hi Schroeder40, I was about to get scammed out of $497.00 when I came across a Wealthy Affiliate article exposing the very program I was about to bite into (whew)!

I believe WA has the best training modules on the planet and I intend to stay focused, determined and motivated to achieve great success!

Hello Andrea, I heard about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) after being scammed twice. I was researching the second company when I came across a review of WA. That review was positive so I decided to give it a try.
No I have not signed anyone up yet but I have not worked ver hard at that area.

I hear you, I have been scammed a couple times myself. Glad you found WA. I have not signed up anyone yet either however I plan to in the future. Good luck to you!

Wow sounds like a lot of people are being scammed. Makes me wonder how people sleep at night knowing how they make money is wrong.

I agree WA has the best training. Its amazing how much I've learned in just a few months. Good luck and best wishes for the future!

Hey Kyle, Wow man you just answered the question I've been waiting for to be answered!! I to would love to give some insight on "How to help with Training". By the way your "Wonderful Platform" is truly something "to Respect". I have only been here a little over a week, and I feel like I for "Once In My Life" I can finally "Fulfill" My Dreams. For that I can only begin with a "Heart Felt, Thank you!' As I "Will See You Guys In Vegas". Prayers to that place and the people therein right now!! But in respect to becoming an "Ambassador" please allow me to make my way, as I love helping people in anyway possible . Even if I don't have the answer, I will help find one. I have always been in the helping others"Up and Not Down". More importantly from my experiences in life, anything I have learned, I want to share if it helps another grow. Cause as "Kid Rock Sings" "You get What you Put In and People get What They Deserve"!!!
So thanks for the tips and anymore info would be greatly appreciated from anyone. God Bless!

this is a place for givers like you and me. i think everyone here are givers not takers.

Awesome tips within this site. I've got access to some killer sales boosting tools too if you are interested. Give me a dm on twitter if you want any help maximizing sales.

Hi everyone and thanks to All of those gave me a warm welcome here at WA. Don't know if this is the right forum but anyway thanks again. Right now, not started yet with the training, just taking a tour on the system, getting myself familiarize. Totally a newbie but will just try my best ....

Welcome to WA Edag! I'm new here also and I'm excited to be here in the community. There's so much good info here is easy to feel overwhelmed. What I'm doing is taking it slow and trying not to get information overload. Wishing you all the best!

Welcome to WA @Edag

I've never been an on-line chatter and find that I shy away from getting into discussions. I am at a point in my website where I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but still inspired to make this work. My new work schedule is a little all over the place right now, but when I can get it settled, I do want to give this more of my time and get into more discussion so I can get help and also learn to be helpful.

Hi Sherry, welcome to WA and feel free to come and chat to myself if you are too shy to speak to a lot of people at once. Do not be afraid though to ask for help at any time if you need to.

I am now following you and am wishing you all the best on your journey here at WA. xxx

Thank you! I do feel like I've accomplished a lot so far. I'm a little stuck on some of my content writing. I feel like I need to do a little more research on my subject so I don't post bad information.

You are ok Sherry, just take it at your own time and don't feel like you need to rush anything as it is not a race. xxxx

I want to do a page about belly dance history, but I am not a scholar and not sure how to approach it. Is it ok for this page to be more of a resource and referral to links than to my actual knowledge of the deep and broad history?

Sherry, you can have it absolutely however you want it to be so I don't see why not. xxxx

Ok. Thanks! I think that will help me relax and focus again.

Glad I could be of help here Sherry. If you ever need help then let me know please. xxxx

I am right with you Sherry. That is what I am doing is alot of researching. That is why it is taking me so long. I am sticking with it though. I want to be an Ambassador this year and time is ticking. I know that God has his hand in what I am doing and my success in my life. WA community is like a second family! There are supportive and helpful! I wish you every bit of success here in WA!

I just re-registered after an injury forced me to take a 5-month leave from the business. I actually joined exactly a year ago and was making some progress with a couple web sites and spending quality time with the Classrooms and Affiliate Bootcamp. I am back in full force and determined to make a sincere go of it! My head is spinning with all the different directions to go in! I appreciate all the help and guidance offered by this unique group of individuals. "Follow" me so we can become friends.

By the way, Kyle, I spend lots of time on your page and find your blogs informative and extremely essential! Thanks for all the training and encouragement!

welcome back! I'm back to. I had to work some things out.
See you around.

Welcome back Erin.
Best wishes


Glad I found this information. I was wondering what was considered to be an Ambassador. I am positive that I will be one soon. I love to help people in general, it's my nature. I love to see people suceed even in the littlest form. I am so happy to have taken the leap the day I joined. I know I will be success because my work ethic is bar none! I just needed the mentorship, direction and missing puzzle piece!

Glad to hear that Tammy. )

Welcome Sherabella! I'm quite new too. Joined couple days ago and just created one of my websites. I can see many enthusiastic souls around here which is always a good feeling for a starter like me. Still quite confusing at times not knowing where i've started and where i've ended but believing in patience to lead me to the right direction soon :)

Just had my first ranking 2322 after 1 week, amazingly similar to my outreach to my local community in Australia!

If you want to be happy, help somebody with a need and help them find the solution to their problem.(:

That why I'm a family therapy counselor!

Thank you all for helping me here at WA, much appreciate you all, and looking forward to becoming an Ambassador in 2017.

Cheers & blessings,

PS! Always go the extra's never crowded(:

Congratulations Eric on your high ranking in WA. Keep doing what you are doing and you will climb up the rankings until you hit a peak. That is where you will be ranking with the people within WA who are working as hard as you are. Best wishes. )

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