Be an Ambassador at WA in 2021!

Last Update: January 26, 2021

We Truly Are a COMMUNITY….

And one that cares about one another. We have always had a "pay it forward" mentality with every update, evolution and improvement here at WA and our focus on the community aspect of WA is going to continue as strong as ever in 2021. It is going to be the "year of helping others" at WA and we can't wait!

There has been no greater privilege over the years than to see someone accomplish something they never thought was possible. Build their first website, generate their first online income, quit their job, scale their business, and achieve the 1,000's of other smaller successes that take place each and every day here within WA.

We are truly a "Pay it Forward" community.

We are going to be "upping" the ante in 2021 with many awesome improvements and the first one is investing more time, energy, resources, and money into the Ambassadorship program!

This is a program that everyone here at WA is naturally involved in. Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can be an Ambassador of WA and I am hoping that YOU take some time to make an effort to become an Ambassador in 2021!

First off though, What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is someone that is an active, helpful participant of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. They naturally engage with others. They help others. They ask questions when they need help. They are an active entity within the community.

Ambassadors within the community are ranked within the Ambassador page, with the top 12 members being the Ambassadors and the top 100 getting exposure on the rankings page. Anyone and everyone (including yourself) can achieve these rankings).

It is nothing more complex than this. We truly value each and every member here within the community and absolutely anyone “has it in them” to become an ambassador.

Does Rank Play a Roll?

Absolutely. This is based on a complex algorithm that determines not only how much you are contributing within Wealthy Affiliate, but how much you are helping others.

These are the sorts of things that we look for when determining your WA rank:

  1. Helper - How much you help and how timely it is within the community
  2. Creator - Do you blog, do you create discussions, do you create training
  3. Activity - How active are you within the community, do you leave comments, do you interact with new members
  4. Overall Member Rank - Based on a combination of the above

If you go to the Ambassador page, you can see your ranking and see your "points" graphs within those 4 categories.

You will notice that the top 12 folks within the community are the highest level of Ambassadors, but this is the current top 12 and by no means there are not several other ambassadors within the system.

You will also notice that your rank will fluctuate quite regularly and the more active you are contributing to WA, the better your ranking will get.

How Can You Contribute?

There are many ways that absolutely anyone can contribute. This does not mean just helping others, you are actually contributing to the greater good of the community when you ask for help and when you engage with others within the 1,000’s of active discussions taking place.

Everything you do within Wealthy Affiliate is going to serve as a contribution to your Ambassador rank and the more often you do it and the more "thoughtful" you are with your interactions, the more you are going to see your rank climb.

  • How often are you the first to respond to a question?
  • How quickly do you get back to others that are asking you question or a PM?
  • Are you asking for help?
  • Are you creating discussions?
  • Are you creating blog posts?
  • Are you posting about success?
  • Are you active in live chat?
  • Do you have any ideas for training that you think can fill a void and help the community out? (Must be a Premium member for 3 months before you can create training)
  • Do you get back to people that connect with you?
  • Are you welcoming new members?
  • Are your activities leading to other people wanting to follow you?
  • Are you actively promoting WA?

All of these contribute to your rank...which plays a role in your overall ranking inside of WA.

Some of the Quickest Ways to Boost Rank

There are some ways you can boost your rank within the system. These include:

(1) Go through unanswered posts and offer a hand
(2) Welcome new folks to the community
(3) Help people with questions in Live Chat
(4) Ask for help when you need it
(5) Be responsive to any "notifications" that you are involved in

Another side effect of rank is promoting WA. We do take affiliate activity into consideration when determining rank, although you do not have to be an affiliate to be in the top 10. What better option than to be an ambassador of WA and earn a full time income promoting WA?

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives...

Your contributions are not going to go unnoticed. Throughout the year we are going to be taking a look at the rankings and those that are contributing at the highest rates to the community.

If you are truly a helper and you care about others...and care about the community here at WA, we are going to notice you and we are going to show our appreciation.

We have set aside a BUDGET for the Ambassador program and throughout the year will be contacting those that we feel have Ambassador qualities and those that “retain” high rankings within the community.

So this leaves one final question. Are YOU going to become an Ambassador within WA in 2021? Interact, engage, network, help, ask for help, and be active within the community and you will be well on your way.

If you have any comments or questions about the ambassadorship program, please leave your comments below and I will be happy to get back to you!

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JmMendez Premium
I am going to strive to become an ambassador, I've been at WA for about four months but never really started taking advantage of it since I started but now the more and more I starve for success and riches the better and more confident I feel that I can make it. 2017 I am coming for you !!!!!!!
jmstickney Premium
Awesome! Go get it!
JmMendez Premium
Thank you I appreciate the support.
Molly2 Premium
I am so new to this but I don't mind at all encouraging others who get emotionally mentally and physically overwhelmed with this project. I have another brick and mortar business that takes a lot of my time so I understand time limits and the need for "creating" time somehow. It's amazing how much time we can find to be more productive if only we new what direction we WANT to go in. We've got to find that WANT
Foresta-Gump Premium
Yes, exactly right Molly2 "We've got to find that WANT" as you say.

READ is the key word here that everyone needs to hear. Absorb everything become an Ambassador to help anyone who needs it.

Good day to you Molly2 you're absolutely right though it is amazing how much time we can find to becoming more productive.

I just encourage others to look to the left of this page and begin at "Get Started Here" the green button. Then, click onto the other buttons that follow suit.

Donna Thompson Author of The Compilations of Foresta Gump -Award nominated!
Molly2 Premium
I'm sorry it took so long to respond. Drowning in brick and mortar. Thank for responding. I hope at some point I can be of better help. So much to learn.God Bless!
arassu75 Premium
I'm Prof. Arassu, a Professional tutor in Math and Chemistry for the past 12+ years for school, college and university students both by one-to-one in Seattle and online via SKYPE for other places in US/International.
My Educational website is (please browse this website to know more about me)
and health related website is
If you need any help in education I will be happy to help you.
In case, students known to you need tutoring help in Math,Chemistry,SAT i Math and SAT II Math/Chemistry I will help them.
If you need any help I will do my best to the best of my ability.
Wish you all the best in your endeavors.
Foresta-Gump Premium
Hi Professor

Your title is one I would love to claim--a Professor professes. And a writer writes--I'm an Author.

Are you affiliated with Prof. Arassu? -It's the world's largest networking business helping businesses. I don't doubt you already know. It's the best place to find business.

Good day to you!

Donna Thompson Author of The Compilations of Foresta Gump--Award nominated!
BillieW1 Premium
Welcome to Premium. I love the community. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I am also new, and sometimes i am reluctant to try and help for fear of giving wrong answer. But it is all a learning process and we all make mistakes. Everyone have a blessed day!!
svaata Premium
One of the main reasons I decided to upgrade to Premium was the community. I joined only a week ago and upgraded to Premium today. I've taken a lot of courses, but have been almost every time disappointed with the community aspect of even very expensive trainings. And, a well functioning community is what I've been looking for. I may already have a lot of knowledge about online marketing, but I've really missed a place where helping each other is #1 and not just promoting everyone's own stuff.

I like the community here so far, and I see you have really taken a lot of time to think how to make it work. I'm a person who enjoys participating in communities, but haven't really found my place yet. But now I have a feeling that maybe this one could be it...

So, even though I'm not going to take becoming an Ambassador as my number one goal, but it's something that might actually happen in the future!
cramervod Premium
Welcome to Premium, and I had a somewhat similar experience with what I was looking for. I needed community willing to help out and actually be available for any questions.
browzman Premium
I've been motivated by your reply here.
Ingrid17 Premium
I totally agree with you. I also joint about a week ago and the level of community interactions inspired me to become a Premium member also. Let's take that enthusiasm and get some success as well. Best of luck to you.
svaata Premium
I'm happy to hear that!
svaata Premium
Yes, definitely! Let's use the power of the community and stay motivated and inspired! Nice to hear that you also feel the same about the community here.
svaata Premium
Glad to hear that you've had similar experiences about the community. Looks like it was not just initial excitement as you've been a member for quite a while already.
GJBlackburn Premium
Getting down to the wire for me to join and be a premium member. SO far this site has helped me understand more than any other. I will be taking the "plunge" tonight and signing on. I am excited and can not wait to get this rolling!
cramervod Premium
yeah if you can afford the $19 for your first month take advantage of it... I learned so much my first 30 days here.
amdysart Premium
Welcome, I have been busy last couple of days and have missed the community. You have joined a good one :)
ChrisWardman Premium
I feel the exact same way! This place is home :)
EnjoyWA Premium
I have really felt a community here, people willing to help and help fast! Almost too fast some times! Lol! I barely have time to get back to them in a timely fashion. But it's all good. And, I have fouind that there have already been a few times that my efforts have slowed down, however, I am feeling better about it now, since my site is built and I am about to go on to the part of monetizing the site. I enjoy the topic, so it helps a lot.

But, the people are great, and espcially the guy who I joined the program with---he is an ambassador. If you have questions, you can search, and enter live chat, and you can also message one of the ambassadors. They are especially helpful because they have so much experience.

The motivation from working with others gets you through the times you start to slack.

One of the people I reached out to gave me this guy on Youtube to listen to. I have him bookmarked now!

Motivation Videos by Les Brown

Good luck, keep motivated, and keep meeting people!
And God Bless you and yours!