Classrooms VS Private Message VS Live Chat VS SiteSupport

Last Update: July 22, 2019

There are many ways to get help with your online business here in Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, that's one of the best reasons to be a member.

Free hosting, top notch training, and website building tools aside - getting access to an enthusiastic group of online entrepreneurs building the same type of business as you is incredible.

Support from this community is a huge reason I stuck around during my first year (2010), and didn't give up.

With so many ways to get assistance, I wanted to show the best way to leverage each one. There are advantages and disadvantages to each!

Live Chat

  • Pros: Fast responses, real time discussion & troubleshooting, fun
  • Cons: There may not be an "expert" around to help, busy times can be hard to grab someones attention

Live chat is the fastest way to get help. Hop on by clicking the "Live Chat" tab the left side of the dashboard, or you can just go to the WA dashboard home page and you'll see the chat scrolling.

Chances are, if you hop in during a busy time, there will be 4 or 5 people who are just chomping at the bit to help. I sometimes hop in to help someone out, but am beat out by multiple other answers.

If you have a pressing question that needs an immediate answer in order for you to move on to the next step, get an instant answer here.

The downside is that you may hop in when the people in chat don't know the answer to your question. Also, when chat gets busy, it moves fast. If you are shy, this can be intimidating, or you may feel ignored if you don't get an answer right away.

My best advice here is to just try again!


  • Pros: Get quality answers from multiple experts, read answers on your own time, everyone benefits from your question now that it's searchable in WA.
  • Cons: Takes time to get an answer, if you don't have a big network in WA, you won't get as many answers.

If live chat doesn't work out, or you don't have time to fix the problem right now, classrooms are great.

I like to use classrooms because my question can "stew" for a couple days. People that follow me can chime in over the next 2-5 days, and I can even get some good answers weeks or months later.

Plus, answers tend to be more in-depth and thoughtful than in live chat, where you just get a quick 1-sentence response or a training link.

Lastly, the question is now searchable in WA (and Google), so all other members will be able to read the question and gain knowledge from the answers. Everyone benefits!

The downside to classrooms is that you have to wait for people to respond. If you need to fix this problem immediately, waiting for a day or two doesn't sound very fun. Also, if you don't have many followers in WA, you may get just 1-2 answers instead of 10+.

Following people, making connections, and being social in Wealthy Affiliate certainly has some benefits!

Private Message (PM)

  • Pros: 1-on-1 coaching from experts, personalized answers, can discuss private questions
  • Cons: Takes longer to get response, may get no response

Private Messages are a great way to connect with other people in the community in a more 1-on-1 setting. It's also a great way to connect with your referrer (AKA coach, mentor, etc) here in the community.

The best way to leverage PMs (in my opinion) is for bigger questions, or a question to a specific person because of their knowledge. For example, I Private Messaged a couple people last month because I wanted to ask them about their experience selling websites.

Another great way to use PMs is for longer-term discussions. For example, I'm working with one guy who is getting outranked by competitors stealing his content, so we're trying to figure out what's going on with that.

IMPORTANT! One strategy I like to have my referrals do is to ask a question in a classrooms first, then PM me with a link to the question. This works great because everyone benefits from getting my answer, plus you get access to answers from other members as well.

Just keep in mind, not everyone answers PMs daily, and some may not respond at all. Many members are building their own businesses (including myself), and they may not have time to respond to all messages.

I personally respond to all my referrals here daily. If you don't get a response from someone, just be sure to use all of the other support resources available to you here.


  • Pros: Can fix anything technical (so you don't have to!)
  • Cons: Limited to hosting/webiste tech issues

SiteSupport is only for when the technical side of things are not working. Appropriate reasons to contact SiteSupport include (but are not limited to):

  • webiste down
  • can't get plugin installed correctly
  • site won't load or loading slow
  • siterubix site won't move to .com domain

There are lots of technical issues that could go wrong, so I won't go through all of them. I basically mean to say taht SiteSupport is not for help with the training, blog design, billing, or questions about how to run your affiliate business.

Search Bar!

  • Pros: Quick access to lengthy discussions, many topics have already been covered
  • Cons: Sometimes difficult to know how to phrase your question in one sentence, can be hard to find the "perfect" answer to your question

After reading the comments below, I wanted to add a section here just in case you forgot - there's a search bar at the top of your WA dashboard. Many newbie questions have been answered multiple times over by multiple people throughout the past decade.

Be sure to search for your answers as well!

Doing this kind of seaching in WA will also help you discover members to follow, and get you exposed to different viewpoints.

Some discussions go on for hundreds of comments long, with varying opinions or methods of solving a problem. Rather than wait for those answers to come in by starting a new question, you can make use of what's already there.

Plus, you'll also see blog posts and training modules created by the community to help with common problems and questions.

Live Events: As a subset of the search bar, I also want to point you to the Live Events section, where there are hundreds of previously recorded webinars on a variety of topics. These will usually turn up in the search bar, but not always.

If you need a tutorial, make sure to also search in the Live Events section too!

Why No Skype?

I get asked frequently enough for a live call on Skype of phone that I felt like I wanted to address it here. This is just my personal thoughts on it.

I've done Skype sessions before. 100% of the time people basically just want to interview me and ask me about my websites and how much money I make. It's completely unproductive.

Plus, think about any professional in any other field. How much do they make? A plumber or repairman in the USA makes at least $60 per hour, up to $300 per hour for specialized work. I don't want to charge people these kind of fees for a full hour of 1-on-1 time.

Personally, I hate the "upsell to the coaching call" stuff most programs do, so my solution is to just not do the Skype thing.

Final Thoughts

I've purchased a lot of "make money" products over the years, and the support at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. Aside from the fact that most products out there are just a PDF guide or video series, even products that claim to have a support basically just toss everyone into a Facebook group.

Questions are disorganized, they're not easily related to the training, and from what I've seen, these groups usually just get dominated by two or three enthusiastic individuals while everyone else lurks.

Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of active members, including many full time affiliate marketers running six-figure businesses. Hundreds of new discussions are being posted daily, and there's always someone to talk to about your business, whether it's a question you have, a success story you want to share, or you just want to vent.

Best of all, we have a culture of positive vibes that's contagioius.

What's Your Favorite Help Resource In Wealthy Affiliate?

Hope you all have a great week. Get to work!

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kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Nathaniell...
Search bar is my #1 go to place, then I catch one of Jay’s live (recorded) training sessions that I usually can’t get to when it’s actually live.
Haven’t needed site support...yet...but hear all good things about the quality of help received.
DaliborT Premium
Personally, I love the search bar on top, it reminds me of Google lol. Almost always I get an answer to the problem I face. That way I can learn not only what I came for, but also something on top. Plus, it feels responsible first to search for answers by yourself, then if you are stuck with something, ask for help.

In rare occasions, I asked specific people for help because the topic was closely related to them.

Site support settled all of my questions ever asked to them. They are always helpful and polite.
nathaniell Premium
That's exactly why the search bar is there Dalibor :) Glad to hear you are finding the answers you need to your questions most of the time, but if you don't, PMs and new questions in Classrooms are there for when you need them!
Loendi Premium
Good morning Nathaniell,

Great way to start my day with such positive information and support.

I have been trying many other sources on the web for starting and developing my online business, just to pay and never get to the final point of succeeding.

I feel privileged to be in Wealthy Affiliate, and must say I am happy with my progress and what I have achieved in a short time.
I have along way to go but know I will reach my goals.

I feel that a lot of newbies, like me, only dip their toes into the WA knowledge resources, before leaving. You have highlighted the ways we can seek help and knowledge to resolve the challenges we face in our journey.

I believe in my self and with Wealthy Affiliate and their support I will make it to success.

I was fascinating with this information you shared with us.

Dr. Loendi
nathaniell Premium
Most other programs focus on getting you to pay as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, because they know that most people will quit.

WA focuses on helping people from day one, so they stick around longer. I've been here almost 10 years now!
Affiliatesm Premium
Hello Nathaniell,

Thank you for sharing this.

I have recently taken the help from Support team while migrating my domain and hosting from GoDaddy to WA and what a wonderful experience it was.

They were faster than me in the response, they knew exactly what I wanted to do and at the same time, they were honest.

nathaniell Premium
Fantastic! Glad to hear that SiteSupport is still working hard for WA members :)
AlexEvans Premium
That is an excellent post, Nathaniell, a cool thing about WA is that comradery that evolves from folks striving towards the same goal.

I kind of feel that a lot of folks only dip their toes into the WA knowledge pool, before slipping away. You have highlighted the ways we can all seek help and knowledge to resolve the many issues we can face in our journeys.

We are very fortunate here in Wealthy Affiliate.

The majority of people struggle away in the trenches never getting anywhere. You nailed it when you said that most products are just PDF's or video series.

Added to that software that lasts about five minutes after the help desk shuts, and then the system is banned from the platform that it was designed to work on because it breaches the TOS
of that platform.

Really enjoyed reading your insights, a breath of fresh air.
nathaniell Premium
Those affiliate marketing "software" programs are ridiculous. I used to buy them, so I know!
MinionJewlz Premium
I use different platforms for different things, but I'm not too interested in Skyping for things, unless a mandated job interview, or having to watch someone do a process that might not be relatable as quickly, being more of a kinesthetic learner. I'm sorry that some people take advantage of things meant to be good and helpful, like those that use it for interviews and prying into info that maybe isn't their biz. Thank you for your insights! I appreciate you and your efforts, Nathaniel. I hope I can get toward the top someday, soon.
nathaniell Premium
You can get there Julie! Keep up the good work.
MarionBlack Premium
I do wish more people would use the search bar at the top of the page. Most questions have already been asked and answered many times over and a simple search can uncover a gold mine of information.

Having said that, my one peeve with the search bar is that it's restricted to just one screenful of answers. Sometimes the best answer has been buried under all the noise of the new stuff.
MinionJewlz Premium
I agree with you, Marion. As a newer member to this, I wouldn't have found an answer, or repeated a question that had already been answered back in the archives, if my curiosity of scrolling and trying to find other possible questions/answers hadn't taken over first. Thank you!
nathaniell Premium
You are correct Marion. I think search could be improved, since a lot of the good trainings don't get found if they don't have the right tag or title. I have to manually search in Google for WA resources often enough.
MarionBlack Premium
This is one way I use Googe search: intitle:keyword
Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Nathaniell thank you for building awareness on the help available here are Wealthy Affiliate.

I use all of the resources for different things.

I find asking questions in the classrooms very helpful because I get different points of views and a lot of food for thought in building my business.

If I have any technical challenges I will also ask in site support and find that I get issues resolved quickly.

Live chat I rarely use but have got some great help there.

I also get a lot of help just reading other blog posts here.

This is an amazing community which I feel is second to none.

I normally use PM for more specific matters.

Thank you for sharing this post I really appreciate it because you have highlighted the fact that we have wall to wall help here.

Have a great week

nathaniell Premium
I love getting different points of view from Classrooms. I think they are the most underutilized resource here in Wealthy Affiliate.
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes it is a brilliant tool and find it very helpful in building my business here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Joes946 Premium
Great advice Nathaniell! Loads of good information here. There seems to be a lot of discussion going on about who is my coach?
I guess the one who brung you to the dance? I think Kyle is listed as mine as I joined on my own.
I usually resolve my problems by going to the training about a particular subject.
Good post.
nathaniell Premium
Your "coach" should be who referred you. If it's no one, then Kyle will be yours by default.
Joes946 Premium
Got it
MarkusSA Premium
Gee Nathaniell,

Thats like choosing my favorite child :) But I'll give it a try.
1. SiteSupport
2. My mentor VitaliyG
3. Kyle or Carson
4. Classrooms
5. Search for answers in community
6. PMs
7. Live Chats

I've always been able to find an answer utilizing one of these 7 ways. I have to say PMs is kinda my last resort. And Live Chat I almost never use, (I just can't type that fast) but I still keep an eye on it.

Now it's back to work for me.

nathaniell Premium
Great list of resources. Actually, I should add "Search For Answers" to the list because a lot of people don't do that!
Mike177 Premium
I have more than one favorite help resource. One is from people that I follow-- like you! There is so much valuable information that you put out! Unfortunately, not all of the people that I follow are as knowledgeable as you. I'm new so I am slowly filtering out the ones that are providing me with useful or inspiring (also useful in a different way) messages.
But for immediate help-not for everyday but for basics-I ask my mentor-the person who recruited me. So far, he has been there for me. However, I'm also aware that he has his own websites and his own businesses so I don't ask what I would call routine questions.
nathaniell Premium
Exactly! Just following people will expose you to new ideas.
Magsent Premium
Nathaniell, Thank you so much for breaking down all the different ways what each support system means and how to best approach each avaialble option including all the Pro's and Con's of each. I like your style of information posts...simple yet to the point and addressing everything to the core...You are gonna do big things
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Michael. Hope you enjoy your training here!
EdwinBernard Premium
Great post Nathaniell. Learned a bit more about the various ways to get help on Wealthy Affiliate.

Bimby Premium
Very informative! Thanks for the post.
rwaite3613 Premium
With out a doubt WA has the best support system out there. The two resources I use the most are SiteSupport and Jay’s Live Training.

I’ve used SiteSupport for plugin issues, website transfers, site won’t load /slow, domain transfer, and other issues. They have always been quick to respond and very helpful.

What can I say about Jay’s weekly Live Events, they are simply second to none. Where else can you get that level of instruction, all included in a membership.

Enjoy the journey!
nathaniell Premium
Dang. I forgot to list Jay's live training too. Time to edit!
magistudios Premium
you're dead to me..

cld111 Premium
I belong to quite a few different platforms and trainings and not one of them has support that even comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

As you mentioned, most of them are facebook groups. Those are OK, but it just isn't the same. Questions get lost there so easily and they generally aren't very active.

I've started promoting Wealthy Affiliate and using our community as the biggest part of the sell - because it's seriously the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate.

I have learned so much and gotten so much help from all of the resources you have listed here.

It's just nice to be able to talk to people who understand the language. No one in my "real" world gets any of this. Even my husband looks at me weird when I try to explain something. lol

- Christina

P.S. You are SO right about getting some really wacky PMs. haha
nathaniell Premium
Facebook groups are usually terrible. I mean, they are better than nothing, but I find it super annoying that they don't list items in chronological order, so sometimes I see a post from 5 min ago, then one from 5 days ago.
CordeliaN Premium
Thanks Nathan, informative as always, I liked how you did the pros and cons with each tool. Sometimes even with all the support you can sometimes feel frustrated and very low tech.

The more you ask for support, the easier it is. Never the less some tools are better for one line of enquiry and some the other.

Thank you for taking the time to share 👍
nathaniell Premium
Asking questions is important to making progress!
Rich908 Premium
Thanks Nathaniel for the informative post..

You certainly have outlined a list of choices

nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Rich!
JesusGirl144 Premium
Great post and well rounded information for us newbies! Thank you! Ha!! The irony is I sent you a PM last week asking your opinion on my niche and some questions I had from one of your posts on your website (one more cup of coffee), concerning the Christian niche. I really hope to hear back from you soon. God Bless!!
nathaniell Premium
Sorry Randi - sometimes I get quite busy, so don't have time to respond to everyone. Your question would be great to post to classrooms, where many people can offer you potential answers.
Hmp1 Premium
Thanks for posting. I use all of the above resources at different times.
nathaniell Premium
Great! I hope you find them useful!
EHozubin Premium
Very Good!
JohaneG Premium
Wow! This is an excellent post. I learnt a lot from it.
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading Johane!