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Will wa be moving to http2?

Will wa be moving to http2?

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Search Engine Optimization

Whenever I check Lighthouse, one of the recommendations is to use HTTP/2. Is there any information on if and when WA will be moving from HTTP/1 to HTTP/2?

Very interesting question. We'll have to wait and see.

there has been talk...but that is all it is....
i am sure when they are ready they will make the move...
it is a major tech project to incorporate this on the servers, but i have faith that wa will get there...
it will help with the sitespeed

Yes, it certainly seems to affect site speed. I've noticed that it's mostly an issue with the mobile speed.

you can help yourself with sitespeed on mobile by following good practices...
small image files ...low number of images...switch off anything not needed for mobile.....
and you can get speeds into hte high 90's...
but having http/2 will bring back all the features....

Thank you! I have a customer woocommerce site with a speed in the 80’s. The two main issues listed on Lighthouse are HTTP/2 and next gen images.

The Image files are optimized with WP Rocket and Imagify. Lighthouse lists 3 images but they are supposedly in next gen. It’s a mystery to me.

are they in webp format...
at the moment you will not be able t odo anything about http/2 with wa hosting....
have you gone through wprocket's menu to see if you can speed it up a bit more....
ideally do this on a staging site rather than the main one....

Yes, I’ve made many adjustments in wprocket to speed things up. Images are in webp format. I’m thinking of giving their CDN a shot.

you can apply compression to the webp images to reduce the size...if that option is available....

I would check with support or Carson on their profile space


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Are posts ranked by permalink or meta title?

Are posts ranked by permalink or meta title?

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Search Engine Optimization

In doing research, I find that a lot of the search results have the Meta Title as the main heading and the Permalinks are different. What's actually being ranked by Google, the

Hi Randy, I just got an email from Brian Dean from Backlinko, one of the SEO leaders in the field, I will screenshot it, and share this with you

Even more, things to put on a checklist :-)

Thank you. Loes. I appreciate your sharing the info. In the last image, I see how Permalink and Meta Title are used.


Both. In fact there are lot's of SEO stuff that you want to do to be ranked on the first page of the SERPS. Follow jays live training and complete the SEO Checklist for every post you publish.

Thank you, Eric. I have gone through all of Jay's SEO training, I just didn't recall anything about adjusting the Permalink, or how it works with the Meta Title in relationship to the targeted keyword.


The permalink is where Google expects your post to be. It's essentially your keyword phrase without the other stuff. That's why you are allowed to adjust it to be as specific as you want. Just don't mess with it once your a indexed for that post.

The meta title is also your keyword phrase but it's everything you want to have Google keep in mind when it ranks you. Of course Google will do as it pleases but it can help in the case of too close to determine content.

Awesome! Thank you for your insights.

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What's better, a 3000+ word post or 3 1000 word posts?

What's better, a 3000+ word post or 3 1000 word posts?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have a post that has 3000+ words. I have some finishing touches to do, then it will be ready to publish. Then I had a thought. would it be better to have one long post or spl

What a great question. I am enjoying reading the answers and will will to hear what others think.

Thanks for checking in, Julia. I'm thankful for the input. Enjoy the journey.

Hi Randy! Well it depends, if you have a lot of traffic on your site, than it doesn't matter how long post is, people who are visiting your site will read it anyway. But if you are getting started, I think it is better for you to have three different posts with 1000 word than one long post!.

I appreciate your input, Marko. It is a fairly new site. That's exactly why I had the thought of spitting the post.

According to some studies on SERPIQ most posts that are ranked first but aren't being juiced up by backlinks contain atleast 2000 words.

If all the keywords are being indexed anyway cutting it up in shorter articles won't make a difference.

Thank you, Rogier. That was my initial thought. Then I let the three post thing get in my head. Thanks for your insights.

I would keep it to 3000 words. It's going to be better for SEO in the long run.

Not every post has to be that length, but it's good to have some of those in there.

- Christina

Thank you, Christina. I'm leaning to keeping it to one post. The length of the post just happened through the flow of the post. It just so happened that there is the possibility of splitting it up.

I asked a very similar question the other day. I've written and published a post of 6,300 words+. I'm thinking of splitting it in two but am undecided.

One perspective I got from a very experienced marketer was that if you do very long, informative posts that will play to your benefit once you've built your audience. They'll come to your site and stick with you because of the depth of knowledge you're sharing.

I think I'll leave the long post for now and probably not write one quite as long next time. Max 3-4k words is probably sufficient, but as @GaryHorton said, check on the competition.

I also think it can be a good idea to mix it up. You can bash out a 6/700 word post quite quickly, especially at the start when you're trying to fill up your blog... with quality content, of course :)

I'm with you, Les. Undecided at this point and I agree with your analogy. I most definitely will be taking Gary's advice to check on the competition. I know the keywords are all good but need to take it a step further.

I see that most recommend 3 posts but I would say one good quality post on a hot topic is better than 20 average ones. As you grow, you will see 20% of your posts bringing in 80% of the traffic.

Thank you, Shaun. I appreciate your insights. It makes sense for sure.

I would agree. It looks like you get more notice with repeated, consistent activity on your post rather than singular, info filled posts. Like someone in the back of the room raising their hand and jumping up and down to answer a question: 3 shorter jumps might attract more attention than 1 higher jump.

And then maybe space them out so they don't all appear at the same time. One part per day maybe.

Very valid points, Rick. I'll certainly take that into consideration.

I would think the 3 posts as long as the contents are good, and I also think it depends on what your article is about.

Thank you, Ruthlyn.

It depends on the keyword and what you are competing against.

When you choose a keyword for a post. Search for the that keyword in Google. See what Google ranks as the top post for that keyword.

You want to beat the top ranking post for the keyword you chose. Make your post longer and better. By better, I mean write a post that serves the reader better with more information, better images, etc.

You want to claim the top slot in Google for your keyword and stay there a long time. Make your post better in every way.

If you can't write a better post than Google ranks as #1, choose a different keyword.

Thank you, Gary. I will certainly investigate a little further. The varied keywords are just in the flow of the post.

I would say 3 posts with a 1000 words...that would be my guess..:-)


Thank you, Erik. I appreciate your input.

Sure...enjoy your Friday.


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How to change admin email address for customers website?

How to change admin email address for customers website?

asked in
Website Development & Programming

I am putting together a website for a friend. I have installed the Ninja forms plugin and it all works fine except for the confirmation email. When the confirmation email is se

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