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Last Update: October 22, 2014

Hello lovely people, this is just a quick note to all my new followers who are yet to receive a reply and to my "old" followers who have been seeing very little of me lately. I am really engaged with some offline affairs that need as much of my attention at this time, so I have not logged on to WA for a few days and won't be logging on much in the coming days, probably up to a week. So don't think I'm being rude or anti-social and know that I am looking forward to coming back and connecting and reconnecting with you all.

As always, blessings and much success to you all.

Mustard seed

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Sugarbird Premium
See you soon!
tmmom Premium
Good luck with your effort!
zora2 Premium
Happens to all of us from time to time. No worries
SowAndReap Premium
I understand, look forward to reading your post when you get back. :)
CarlaIves Premium
We'll leave the light on for you, Mustard Seed.
Mustard seed Premium
I knew I could depend on you Carla :-).