Questions by Mruxton 15

Why do I receive multiples of same message from same person?
The Message a "Comment of yours has been liked"...... the other day I…
1 week ago 20 Replies
Need help to switch private facebook page to business page ?
I require help as how to switch Private Facebook page to Business Page.Been…
5 months ago 7 Replies
Content missing when I published yesterday.but today ok?
I finished my Post , I checked and checked again on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile…
6 months ago 13 Replies
Tried to put a widget in footer, but have made a
I created new Page for Medical Disclosure, I added it to Menu Items and…
6 months ago 28 Replies
Trying to install google analytics as per kyle training ?
I am busy trying to Install Google Analytics,I have my UA ID, but it's…
7 months ago 23 Replies
Gsc say that my- txt2small and clickable elements2close?
1)I am not sure what to do here, as I have checked this Post on my Phone…
7 months ago 10 Replies
Jaaxy says i'm on page1 on binggoogleyahoo. but am I ?
Yesterday I had already started this Question, but somehow I lost it,…
7 months ago 12 Replies
Click grammer check in site content not working properly?
Good Day All,After writing I click the Grammer Check, and it tells you…
8 months ago 7 Replies
Internal email campaign not activating.why not?
One of the things that I have been meaning to do for sometime is set up…
9 months ago 2 Replies
Adsense plug-in site kit.anybody using it?
Adsense themselves recommend this Plug-In ,it adds the code to all your…
9 months ago 14 Replies
Add google adsense code to my site.html ?
First how do I get access to the html of my site in wordpress,I would…
9 months ago 7 Replies
Message campaign set-up not working.?
I set up a message campaign and followed all the steps I think, but not…
9 months ago 2 Replies
Quick action button not activating?
When I click the Pencil Icon, it opens up OK , but I cannot open the Question…
9 months ago 6 Replies
Why does the font change when I make the heading into h3?
I don't know how content woks within WA, but either I am doing something…
10 months ago 6 Replies
Nameserver change confirmed by go-daddy ?
I changed the Nameserver of a Website that I have had for sometime, over…
10 months ago 13 Replies