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Hello my name is Murray 69 years old and at present living in South Africa. I have been dabbling with the Internet since retiring and I





Why do I receive multiples of same message from same person?

Why do I receive multiples of same message from same person?

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The Message a "Comment of yours has been liked"...... the other day I received 1 x 9 1st person, 1 x 4 2nd person, 1 x 4 3rd person. This has happened before but havn't got r

Could it be for different blogs? If someone liked you on one blog or blog comment, and see your comment on another blog and liked you there, and so on, then that's possible. Or sometimes they would like all your comments on one of your blog as you respond back to people which can happen. Don't worry. It'll help you to stand out better. All the best!

Howzit John,
Definitely same Blog, and if you read Rudys' reply below you'll understand why.
Mind you it could be Partha he clicked it so many times whilst laughing about Richard and I.🤣🤣🤣🤣.
I passed it on to the Bug Thread, so they can also have a Look.


Howzit Murray,

It's probably my fault.

I couldn't stop laughing at the conversation you and Richard were having on my blog post about "Mature, Balding, Bearded, Bespectacled Gentleman", so I went a bit crazy with the "like" button.


Howzit Partha,

I thought I disguised you by saying 2nd person, but you are not the Prince for nothing, you saw through the thin veil.
Glad you enjoyed the banter nothing better than a good laugh.


Yeah, I had to do that too, or you'll get an alert. Usually a person who comments will also like the post. When someone likes a post, then likes various comments within the post, you will get a lot of email alerts, as you mentioned...grin.

Great suggestions, Jeff!


Howzit Rudy,

AH! now I understand.
I took Jeffs advice and unchecked the Like/Dislike Box.
I also sent it to Bug Thread.



No, you just need to go into settings and unchecked the "like" response emails. I try to like all comments, so that would show up multiple times in someones email! You don't need those at all.


T errific advice. Save me a lot t of t time. Thanks Jeffoi

Jeff I have done as you said, so I will no longer get Messages stating I like your Comment.

I'm glad to hear that, Murray, when I did that almost two years ago, my email folder was cut by 2/3!


T two thirds Jeffoi, Janine might get upset. I am still scared.

And you should be, Stevoi!🤪

I've been getting similar responses as well. I take it there is a glitch somewhere

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