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Google Site Verification in Four Easy Steps

Google has changed the way it verifies your site slightly and this training will show you a way to easily verify your site.

It uses a plugin designed to help you not only now but in the future.

If you are going to use Amazon One Link or Amazon banner ads or google adsense then use this plugin to control what happen on your site.

The plugin has the capability to add code between your&lthead&gt head &lt /head&gt.

This means you don't need to add the headers and footers plugin as well.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to verify your site.

If you have any questions about the method or comments about it then leave them below.

I have been asked to update the training to add the fact that you will need to have a google account

so to get a google analytics account visit

and sign up for a free account

and for search console visit

and sign up for a free account.

the other problem a few have is after setting the analtics tag google search asks for verification.
this maybe due to googel analytics not settling so the search console doesn't see the GA code or something else.

but if this does happen then follow this method and it will go through

when the panel comes up then scroll down to html tag and select the code

you add the code to the ad inserter head section and update

you go back to search console and click on verfiy ( this must be in the html tag section )

and you will get the verification successful box.

i have tried to add images here but it won't let me - but if you scroll down to Rajivbabblu question there are images there

I hope that has cleared up any outstanding issues - but if there are others please let me know.

thanks to all the commenters for the feedback and support.

If you like the training and find it useful then please click on the like button.

Many thanks for watching


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BarbaraN Premium
I was looking for something else -found your site.I'm at the lesson level where we are supposed to sign-up for adsense, and also facebook is now asking for verification of ownership of your domain before they will let anybody share a website. seemed like I could do both.

When I went in to sign up everything seemed to be going fine until Following the steps google has a note to WordPress users to go to Word Press to learn more. I do that and wordPress instructs me to install a plugin called Site Kit by Google. I did that and then started Set Up got almost home when I got this error message: "OOPs there was a problem during set up Please try again" and in small (unknown error(code http_request_failed) . And then you're in a loop you can't get anywhere. (Yes, I did add the s to http)

This information was dated 2018. I notice your tutorial is dated 2019. So what do I do now? uninstall Site Kit and try yours?
This is the second time I have tried to signup for Adsense and I couldn't make it work then.Getting very frustrating!
Barb Nelson
feigner Premium
i have seen a lot of people having problems with site kit - i haven't looked at it yet, but will look into it.
i didn't see any notes from google to intall it ...or i just ignored it....
you could try hte method in the video and if it works then uninstall site kit.
as i have shown this traininng to a lot adding adsense and they have had success with it.
for me the fact that it can deal with the ads txt and ad modules as well means you are combining plugins ... so a no brainer.
but try this method Barb and any problems please come back and we will sort it.
BarbaraN Premium
This worked out so much better. I think I have successfully done everything even verifying in Google Search Console. One thing I couldn't find was a way to save verification--Google doesn't give you any time limit of verification.
I do have one problem that is not of your tutorial, but you might shed some light on how to correct it.
I have a lot of trouble with this copy and paste-my computer doesn't always give me the copy- paste dropdown. When I get the tracking ID in place it won't stay. If I should come back later, it has switched back to a different number. I am going to check properties to see if something else is listed.
But thank you. this was so much better than "Site Kit"
feigner Premium
That's brilliant Barbara, if you have followed the video then you should be verified.
i don't understand why google is giving you different numbers - it should be the same number - but as you say check what properties are listed an sort out any problems you have.
SamSavage Premium
I just managed to verify in the most simple way. I'll ad some training when I can, but for now, I use Yoast SEO in stead of the suggested SEO program. I find it works better for me.
Once you have installed the Yoast SEO plugin and set it up, you go to its settings area at the left bottom of your screen in Wordpress. One of the options that comes up is :webmaster tools:. You click that, and it shows you various blocks to fill in your html code to verify.
It literally takes 5 minutes.
Good luck, and feel free to ask if you're not sure.
feigner Premium
i do like the idea of using this - but adding the whole tag does open up a few more possibilities for setting up tracking further down the line when using google to see what is working and what isn't.
so either method is good at the start
and i found that with the multiple uses of ad inserter it saves having a lot of plugins.
Good luck Sam
Ink12 Premium
Hello Sir after all they still said verification failed and that failed to use property and well, this is my domain and is and so with this I think they request for sub domain like WWW. but with this my own is raw and so I believe and hope you can help me out ? Thank you .
feigner Premium
there is no problem with adding a url without the www - i do it in the video.
you need to remove the ua-xxx number from the all in one seo plugin if you have entered it in there.
and make sure you have added the tag into the head section of ad inserter ... and switched that part on ( green light not grey)
once you have done that and saved it go back to search console and verify it and it will go through.
it does work - be persistant and work through it slowly, watch the video and write down what i do and then do that on your site.
just copy your url into the right hand box and as long as you have chosen https in google analytics you will be ok.
Ink12 Premium
They spoke about my domain name provider?
feigner Premium
who did?
where did you see that?
Brendahkest Premium
Hello feigner thanks so much for the video, it helped. What i'd like to ask is i want to add the adsense code in the header but ive also already put the google analytics code. so where do i put the adsense code in order to track my adsense clients and everything related with it?
feigner Premium
i'm glad it helped
if you want to put it into the head section you click under where the other code is and add it there.
so for intance in my video i put in the google would put the adsense code and make sure you activate the head section in ad inserter.
you can have several bits of code added to your head after the other.
this plugin will allow you to add the ads.txt when needed along with controlling where the ads are on your site - you have control.
i hope that helps
Brendahkest Premium
Thank you phil. Let me get it done with. I'll come here when am very stuck.
feigner Premium
I hope you get it sorted Brendah, if not please shout again.
Mon2rei Premium
Hello Phil. Thank you for your video. I followed your instructions but I still had a question regarding how to use the analytic code for each of my page and post. Does this mean I can now find out how many times someone visits of my posts? How do I verify that in google analytics page? Thank you.
feigner Premium
Hi Rei, you only need to tell google about your site once and the number is added to the head section, so appears on each article ( hidden from view).
it will take a few days for the analytics to start gathering data, but yes you can now start to see where your visitors come form, how many, where they visit, how long they stay and a lot more.
if you visit google analytics you will see the menu down the left for audience behaviour etc, have a browse around.
i tend to look at the overview for 7 days to see the trend.
to see what visitors are searching for then you use search console
you can see overall what people are searching for or you can pick specific pages and see what queries are used to show your page ( this way you find out what google has ranked you for) you can sort of see your rank for each keyword and page as well.
but don't get lost in analysing the data, make sure you carry on creating content.
once you have 50 -100 articles you can then start going back over them and optimizing them for the keywords you are ranking for - or adding supporting articles for the ones that are not performing well.
good luck
and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.

once you create a new article you can tell google about it in the search console under url inspection - just type the url of the new article into the search bar and press search, google will find whether it is in its index, if not you will be asked whether you want to add it.
if you are updating an article, do the same and google will ask whether you want to update its index.
Joywinner Premium
Hi feigner, thanks for the video, it's really help,
feigner Premium
Hey ...that's no problem Joy.
If you decide to put adsense on your site the plugin helps with that as well.
even down to being able to add the ads.txt
Have fun