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Google Site Verification in Four Easy Steps

Google has changed the way it verifies your site slightly and this training will show you a way to easily verify your site.

It uses a plugin designed to help you not only now but in the future.

If you are going to use Amazon One Link or Amazon banner ads or google adsense then use this plugin to control what happen on your site.

The plugin has the capability to add code between your&lthead&gt head &lt /head&gt.

This means you don't need to add the headers and footers plugin as well.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to verify your site.

If you have any questions about the method or comments about it then leave them below.

I have been asked to update the training to add the fact that you will need to have a google account

so to get a google analytics account visit

and sign up for a free account

and for search console visit

and sign up for a free account.

the other problem a few have is after setting the analtics tag google search asks for verification.
this maybe due to googel analytics not settling so the search console doesn't see the GA code or something else.

but if this does happen then follow this method and it will go through

when the panel comes up then scroll down to html tag and select the code

you add the code to the ad inserter head section and update

you go back to search console and click on verfiy ( this must be in the html tag section )

and you will get the verification successful box.

i have tried to add images here but it won't let me - but if you scroll down to Rajivbabblu question there are images there

I hope that has cleared up any outstanding issues - but if there are others please let me know.

thanks to all the commenters for the feedback and support.

If you like the training and find it useful then please click on the like button.

Many thanks for watching


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Mruxton Premium Plus
Howzit Phil,
Got you Video from AbieAJ.
I had issue with Google Analytics, so I like to watch the Video a couple of times,to let it all sink in. Having donethat, I followed all that you recommended should be done and I went and checked GA 'Live' and it was working fine gave Location , and the 2 Pages I looked at , so looks like it's Installed OK. Thanks for the Help.

feigner Premium
that's brilliant Murray....
glad you are sorted
Iyackson Premium
Please sir it's still not going.when I opened the Google analytic link in the direction it opens then I go to admin.under admin I selected create property which open a first step for property details and the second for about business and that's all.and each time I follow ends up generating an ID which is not thesame as in your video so am really stuck and don't know how to proceed further please help me sir
feigner Premium
did you click on the advanced link as shown in the images below and click the switch on to get the both analytics....
this is found halfway down the first screen
then click the switch and add your site details
Iyackson Premium
I tried following you step by step but I got stuck at the analytic site.when am there I don't know how to go about because it's like my create property platform is different from yours.what can I do now and I can't even sign in with my constantly redirected
feigner Premium
an image of what oyu are seeing would help me greatly
i have grabbed some screen captures of what i see in my account when i click on admin
you may recognise one of these and it take you forward
what i do advise is to click on the advanced link in the first setup screen and turn on tthe switch- selecting both types of properties
Ristina121 Premium
Thank You
I think i have it done . One of the more difficult lesson. I do think because we worked on Google analytics in earlier lesson , Then today it was Google Console. The complication seem to have been because i have Google analytic . Both lesson like you have done is more informative.
Regards .
feigner Premium
Hey Anne- glad it was of some help to you.
i found it difficult to get verified, but after a few times then it became routine.
i am hoping the official training will be updated within a few months...we'll see.
to me it makes sense to do both together - at least you can get the data collection going at the start.
one other thing i would add is within all in one seo there is a section to exclude you from your figures when logged in- might be worth ticking that box for admin...
if you see anyone else struggling with verification then feel free ot pass on the training, i'd appreciate it...
again ..glad you got some value from it....
Ristina121 Premium
I will keep your link and pass people on. Im the whole day at it. Ill come back to it tomorrow . I wish i was a computer wiz lol
feigner Premium
i take it you know about the favorites system here
where you click the star at the top and add a memorable name
then when you want to see your list then you click on the dark star at the end of the search bar and you get a dropdown list of favourites.
you will get there - just don't pressure yourself too much
Ristina121 Premium
I wasn't aware of this.. Thank you save me time
Hugo1331 Premium
Im stucked when they ask me for HTML PERMITION WTF is that!
Honnestly its not something that we can learn in 2 days i did not expect affiliating marketing to be that technical, i wish it was a second nature for me but so far wordpress is nothing simple to me after a week I have not been able to be part of the google researches yet!!!
feigner Premium
Hugo - stick with it, as you say in a couple of days you cannot learn everything.
there is a steep learning curve at the start when setting your site up - but once over that it gets easier- almost boringly repetitive.
you will get to a point where it is write - promote - write - promote.....
till you get to a point that you have a hundred or so articles on your site.
so this work at the start is important - hard - but necessary so you can see what is going on with your site.
i will update the training - it was supposed to be supplemental to the main training - but appears to be being promoted as a main training.
others have said about this - so i will updateit Hugo
i am glad you are sorted.