What does it mean Google to block natural health sites at server?

Last Update: August 19, 2019

Rumor or Fact?

The latest line out there now is 'google to block all anti-cancer, anti-vax and anti-GMO sites at server within a year', by mid 2020.

Natural and Alternative medicine sites had been kicked down in the past with rank algorithms, and searches on any healh protocol or herb usually yield negative and inaccurate information as I've shown in a previous artilce where I gave 3 examples of things google and wiki misrepresented with fake information and negative spin. But 'blocking at server' is a step further by the sounds of it your site won't even get pulled up even if someone searches directly for it?!!

Because that source seems to be Natural News and one of the people whinging is Mercola, my first impression is lol two conpsiracy theorists who brought it on themselves! But then again, as I've shown in a previous article google itself at its conference admitted:

1. Google has a team of doctors and nurses [Big Pharma] editing all health right now, and who of course were not going to be favorable to alternatives!

2. Google sough to 'organize' all info but was going 'slower than it had wanted' so as not to scare people into leaving google...


Alternatives to google:

1. Alternative browsers such as DuckDuckgo

2. Find alternatives to gmail eg proton mail

3. Find alternatives to youtube

- Similarly with Facebook, Pinterest, and Amazon...

If you want freedom of speech and alternatives and choice in the future then choose it now and get out of the comfort zone of 'convenience', where google keeps you in a guilded cage...

Here's the original source from March from Google's own conference where it admited censorship coming, and some articles I wrote showing the top universities reacting pretty lamely like victims but nonetheless squealing in pain.

I've two previous articles on it fleshing out a report from their conference https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/03/10/google-sif... https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mozmary/blog/game-over-for-g... https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mozmary/blog/google-algorith...

And here is a great share from SeanmMonahan on alternatives:

Facebook switch would be minds, I don't know about pinterest, and YouTube would be Bit Chute, Vimeo, or Daily Motion.

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McWord Premium
Nice work, Mary. I would really like to hear from the horse's mouth on this matter. Doubtful if Google would ever admit anything...

Thanks for sharing!

Palatia Premium
That's been a rumour for a while now. I have a natural health site and Google seems to like it.
MozMary Premium

it's more than a rumor, it's an admission, they are just going slower than they'd like at the mo
Palatia Premium
Ohh.. hank you for confirming Mary. To amend my previous comment, I don't get as much traffic from Google as the other search engines (albeit not a lot yet lol). I guess I won't be too worried for the moment. Will be watching though. Paula
mackiejw Premium
What's your source?
MozMary Premium
original source from woman who attended their conference

I've two previous articles on it fleshing out a report from their conference https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/03/10/google-sifting-one-billion-health-questions-day/ recent headlines merely confirm what google admitted here already - whether it will cut off all health sites at server is to be seen or just some...but it is doing this to some already
marchanna Premium
Another example of Google tailoring information in concert with social media buddies Facebook and Pinterest. They don't realize that this behavior will eventually lead to their demise in leadership as people begin to react adversely.
MozMary Premium
well their game plan could work, they are in the schools and people are now reared on google, along with us becoming the internet of things all life will be lived out for google adsense - unless peeps get ahead of this they will actually win imo