What do we do when Facebook is the Fake News?

Last Update: March 19, 2019

I've come across facebook creating fake news on two issues in the past two days, the first one is 5G!!! So with google and facebook taking over 'truth' are you guys ok with that?

Facebook reporting open to abuse

Have you seen the popup box that opens up when you click the arrow beside someone's name, something we sort of always wished for at WA but out there on facebook it is open to real abuse where industry and information wars and multi-billion dollar business depending often on establishing 'the truth'.

As you can see there I am in blocking an abusive stranger who doesn't like that I've posted independent science on 5G to a group, now see what happened when I clicked on the arrow beside his profile, I was presented with a menu and the option to report him to facebook instead of just kicking him out. This menu where they allow you to report 'fake news' and other things is exactly in line with the announcement by Google as to how it is going to 'organise' information going forward

What happens next if you click 'fake news', well I found that out yesterday when I was sharing a video from my timeline, I was told it was fake news but it wasn't and I wasn't impressed at how they came to the conclusion either or how I was stopped from sharing it!

Facebook wouldn't let me share a video where firefighters testified to harm from cell towers

When I went to share a video another popup told me there was an update on this, did I really want to share it?! So curious, I looked at the update and was on something called 'lead pages' and they said they had given it to 'a journalist' who said it was 'fake news' and underneath that there was a lot about Erin Elizabeth pushing the video as the harm of 5G when it was 2G. It also went on to talk about all the other stuff she had done, but the video was nothing about Erin Elizabeth [who I've called out many times for her slimey marketing] the video was testimonies from firefighters about getting ill when their workplace had a celltower near it and how they stopped more celltowers getting put up there. And I did not get the video from her, I got it from a science site!

So just because Erin had used that video it now was deemed 'fake news', and then facebook took the opportunity to remove that hard evidence from the discussion on 5G where it is actually a vital piece of evidence, and they used what - a 'journalist' to give them that authority.

Bear in mind Google stated last week in the Sunday Telegraph UK that it had teams of 'doctors and nurses' going through health sites to 'verify' them and do you realise that even medical researchers will state that those practicing medicine are at least 20 years behind the science, not to mention alternatives like herbs that cannot be patented so never get taught to them as viable options for treatment even though there is science coming out now to prove they work as well and at times better.

So I went ahead and defied facebook to share my 2G evidence anyway but guess what, it didn't let me, that post never appeared, is it a matter of time before they just removed it?! We always had members complaining about being in facebook jail for silly reasons but I think we need to slap facebook in jail - how do I get that 'fake news ' off this video because it is not at all fake news?

What next?

Well as you can see we have the opportunity now to report each other, if I don't like what you said then boom I can get you investigated by some biased person who will judge you and discredit you - just like Jim came in to the group and in one swoop gave his uninformed opinion that independent science was wrong on the issue of 5G, even when the chairman of the FCC admitted to Senator Blumenthal they had invested zero dollars in independent safety testing of 5G, facebook AND google have the right to deem what is fake...hm

Well google said it was game over if people left google...yet we were here before on leaving facebook and we sort of thought it was useful and made money...well it looks like those days are numbered, they are too big and we need alternatives not connected to them, and maybe even a world where we can survive without being connected to any of them, because the move seems to be to get us dependent on them.

ps notice I didn't even mention the second censorship issue going on with facebook in the news at the moment - because for a couple of years now we are not even allowed mention the 'V' word - what happened to freedom of speech, it is 2019 and we can get struck out, locked out, cyber murdered for mentioning anything they've deemed false...and they are going to cover every subject, is the promise/threat.


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Harryallen1 Premium
Thanks for that nice share
LKick Premium
Yikes. Crazy stuff happening. Thanks for sharing.
FKelso Premium
Alarming report...nothing is safe or sacred any more...we just have to keep on, no matter what obstacles seem to be against us. I hope we can work it all out.
MozMary Premium
yeah, we've got to beat them and not let them take over like this
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Mary,

It seems our freedom is flying out of the window. Let's close the window.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
MozMary Premium
lol yes, good idea!!
stawhu Premium
MozMary Premium
it's definitely something I've seen in a movie...all of it...!
stawhu Premium
Hi Mary, I see a lot of complaints like this on youtube about facebook especially about political points of view. What we ( I ) am learning is that I was right about the fact that these social networks are not public forums but that they are there to watch what society is doing and exert ITS OWN CONTROLS AND AGENDA. While I do have a facebook page I do nothing with it. There is some scuttle butt in various other types of social that the big three, fb, twtr , and instg are actually engaged in concert with NWO and other intl agys. you might think not but look up thorium on the internet and ask yourself why we are not hearing more about it as a source for nuclear energy instead of the dirty forms that are being used.