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Nov 5th 2018 sees the Autoimmune Revolution summit kicking off with over 30 speakers and topics providing you with a goldmine for research, inspiration and content opportunities, as well as potential affiliate commissions. There are 3 free early talk transcripts for you to download which include Jonathan Landsman, urban monk Pedram Shojai, and cardiologist Jack Wolfson. These men are also an education in online marketing 101!Free TranscriptsJack Wolfson: wrote the book 'The Paleo Cardiologist',
I've seen people do these sort of blogs in my time here at WA, they always inspired me but also seemed so far away from where I was and I wondered how on earth they did it and if I ever could. Were they all experts at some complicated marketing, did they have fancy skills with their site, were they paying for premium themes and gadgets, or is it just a 'them and us'?As it turns out there's many ways to do this online, and the only one common denominator is:To keep plodding along in the right di
A lot of websites have stubborn pop up plugins that force you to accept or you can't enter, right there is a breach of GDPR because you should be able to use the services without accepting, but they'll pretend to give you an opt out so it looks like they are complying. What happens when you try to opt outI already blogged that trying to get into Rocketmail / Oath they had a particularly scary one that said they needed to access my devices and no clear way to opt out - just a maze of links telli
Me: Where is my affiliate link for this event that I just signed up for?Support: I don't understand what you are saying, I'm treating the case as solved.3 days Earlier: I discovered one of the coolest events of the year is coming up but they are using a different affiliate platform that I hadn't used before, Clickbank. I was being told I needed a Clickbank ID in order to access an affliate link and they had a link for me to join CB right there, hm, there's a reason I hadn't joined them in the p
If I'd fallen for a domain name scam today it may have cost me $1000 on a domain name I didn't need, it hits my wallet. If I fall for a diet or advice that wrecks my health all because you wanted a quick commission, then I lose more than my money and shame on you. I've been telling you about high commission affiliate programs in the health niche so I've an even bigger responsibility to remind you of the things I say each time along with that:Do not link bomb your audience with a bunch of health
I got this letter today, it had some half truths in it to push some of my buttons - someone about to use the name of your website for their brand, ouch, but also some suspicious signs, see if you can pick them out or if you got something similar:The EmailDear Manager,mywebsite name application for registration confirmation, please read the following letter:We are an agency engaging in registering brand name and domain names. Today, Our center received an application from MarTan Company and they
Hi guys, this time of year there are a huge number of events running at the same time and from different affiliate platforms, so here is a list for you to see what's happening at the moment. Choose your niche, you are not expected to know or follow each one and if you link bomb your audience you'll confuse them with information - best you know about your niche and guide and help your audience navigate through the information overload at an event that is relevant for your niche. Currently Playin
Female Hormones Event Oct 1st-7th, with encore 13th-14th: the female hormones niche covers quite a few issues but typical ones would include PCOS, Endometriosis, as well as pregnancy, sex, thyroid, weight, menopause and from the topics and proposed solutions covered at this event you'll see it go into detox and diets and foods that are also niches in themselves or adjuncts to yours. From blogging her own health journey to hosting a health summit alongside the doctorsThis summit is actually bein
So my beloved old wired mouse died about a month back and living in rural Ireland there wasn't much selection when I needed one 'instantly', my local supermarket carried only their own brand - cheap and tacky but to my surprise worked and I forgot about 'getting a decent one' on amazon until now a pain that had been creeping up on me some weeks has got excruciating, it's at the base of the finger that sits top center of the mouse, right over that strong red light, and even a good night's sleep
For anyone in this or related niches there is an interesting free event kicking off today called Awakening from Alzheimer's, Regain Your Brain, September 21st - Oct 2nd, which will keep you up to date with what is going on in the niche. I'm currently talking to those running it to see about their affiliate program, sometimes the affiliate programs actually are known only to a few big players with huge email lists and have to be approached for access by those of us in content marketing. That wil