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April 23, 2018
In response to the question I asked where absolutely no one could believe we could legitimately be asked for credit card details and full address to access an email account, I have been through it all with microsoft now and they say it is legit, even though it pops up exactly the same as a malware attack on your network or a hack!! *update: love it that no one believes microsoft would do this and that the scammers are that sophisticated! I don't have access to microsoft other than through this
April 20, 2018
I had told you guys about my post that got ranked on page 1 inside two hours on a new site a couple of months back, just with the basic training here at Wealthy Affiliate was a review of an event already underway, so I was way late, they usually have a launch and big campaign advertising these things weeks ahead to their email lists but I had a new site and no list and I thought I'd go through the motions anyway to build up conten
April 17, 2018
When I opened my computer today there were two things waiting on me, an ambassador badge AND a question.I've been ambassador before, all the way to #4 and I know this turf comes with some serious questions that can affect the whole course of someone's online journey and success. And we also often hear Jay pointing people to ambassadors for answers in his webinars, so this is a perfect opportunity to show you the small print that actually reminds us:We don't need to know the answers but we do ne
April 16, 2018
I attended a talk at an online event yesterday on climate change. It was quoting world renowned experts, some doomsday scientists saying the planet had about 10 years left before destruction and then other experts saying ah yes but build the soil and we can reverse things and be ok. Phew!I was hopping up and down with excitement when I heard the hopeful side of the story and thought OMG I must drive traffic to this talk, everyone has to know this, my audience and the entire world. All we have t
April 13, 2018
I got a pop-up tonight from my anti-virus, Avast, who normally don't contact me much at all except when they are trying to sell me an upgrade or I have a virus alert so I was very surprised to see a pop-up telling me to click to be shown steps to #DeleteFacebook !!?When my antivirus tells me to do something I usually pay attention. But why on earth would this 'authority' on my computer be taking part in the delete facebook debate? Which actually now feels like a campaign against FaceBook. And a
April 09, 2018
Money! MoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoney! You are leaving money on the table if you don't use the resource that is Facebook today and here are 7 ways how you would lose money by deleting Facebook.I'm keeping it real here with personal examples as someone new to facebook and who has made money and contacts with minimal effort, so even for absolute beginners to facebook an indication as to what you could be losing. And I'm sure you can add even more!1. Online forums use facebook: we can log in
April 09, 2018
So today I got an email from an affiliate platform advertising $103.95 per referral to their courses. COMMISSION PER VISITOR WHO CLICKS AND BUYS!If I only made 10 sales I'd have over $1000!If I worked hard and got 100 people to click and buy I'd be rolling in $10,000! But is it as easy as that? Well yes and no. Yes, if you had an audience and were able to communicate the subject at hand. No if you just jump into it for the money - who are you going to share your links with, what sort of website
April 05, 2018
I just found out recently that I've been hanging out with, working alongside with, been friends with, and even been bugging the hell out of, a number of millionaires in here at WA!! Not just one, or two or three. Not just Kyle and Carson. Not just some of the very prominent Superaffiliates. Every week recently I'm discovering another millionaire that I did not know about. They are in every corner, every niche, just milling around like regular members! They ARE just regular members! They may or
April 04, 2018
I got a shock when I checked pagespeed insights in our SiteSpeed platform here and saw all my pc speeds were red in the low 40s. Mobile was yellow in the low 70s. I immediately blamed a plugin and deactivated it but that made no difference. Then I thought oh no every single image will have to be removed and optimized better, maybe even put through SiteContent as per Kyle's tip on getting more optimization. But that's a big job with a lot of images. I did try making a couple smaller but that was
April 04, 2018
I got this email today about legislation to ban 'false information online' regarding websites and social media promoting the 'wrong' news. It appears to be currently passed in one American state at the moment /California/ but makes me wonder if a law like that can be accepted anywhere, then potentially everywhere is at risk.Galileo: Was Not Allowed to Write Too!He invented a telescope that proved the Earth went around the Sun, that did not pass the fact checkers of the day, it was considered fa