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It's taken something as big as the Notre Dame cathedral burning tonight to expose the google algorithm's capacity for creating fake news - and also exposing other sinister facts behind the way Google / YouTube now operate.As people tuned into youtube to watch live updates on the fire they were provided "with false context about 9/11"- according to which quotes computer scientists from the University of California and Harvard and Stanford speaking of google's capacity to:'Always
I've come across facebook creating fake news on two issues in the past two days, the first one is 5G!!! So with google and facebook taking over 'truth' are you guys ok with that?Facebook reporting open to abuseHave you seen the popup box that opens up when you click the arrow beside someone's name, something we sort of always wished for at WA but out there on facebook it is open to real abuse where industry and information wars and multi-billion dollar business depending often on establishing '
Hi guys, two censorship moves were brought to my attention in the last couple of days, one is by Google and the other by Facebook. Google health boss actually admits to going slower with their plans for censorship than he would like 'so as not to erode trust' because 'if people stop coming to google then it is game over'. It raises the question for us, what will Google and Facebook censorship do to the future of SEO?When Rumors Become RealityWe've heard rumors of this before but they are really
Week 1 of my 20 week traffic challenge: I introduced this challenge in a blog here last week when I heard about the 5G Space Appeal to stop the launching of satellites in June to blanket the earth in higher frequency radiation than has ever been used before, with no place to hide from it. You will now see me build a website and niche out step by step here from the WA training starting at step 1, based around something I'm passionate about but not an expert in. The model will fit many of you sta
These online health summits come with a 30 day 'no fuss' money back guarantee, so you are entitled to ask for your money back if you want, within 30 days, without any hassle.Here are the steps to getting a refund with the HTO Health Talks Online summit platform:1.When you purchased the event you got two emails from their platform, the first one is from 'no reply' and says 'action required', the other is from 'events@healthmeans' and says 'receipt and access' and that is the one you need. 2. In
People are always asking me to list a website under my profile so an opportunity has come up for me to create a new website in front of you in real time and along with you guys as you go through the training, because I haven't created a website in over a year I'll have to go start over at lesson one and make sure I catch all the steps and don't miss any new stuff. It's not just about a fancy theme in here, Kyle is always setting us up for SEO. So anyone motivated to get their website up and don
I nearly missed it - don't forget to look up from your laptops and screens and look out the window folks - it's an amazing night out there! But I think it's Northern Hemisphere, dunno how some of you guys will fare globally in other parts! And they are all saying different times, some say from 2.34 am GMT and some say an hour later 3.34am, right up till 6.35 or 7.35 GMT...anyone getting up early or staying up late will get it then. I'm sure there'll be some great pics tomorrow. Back in 1999 I a
Wikipedia is one of those 'authority sites' that many bloggers link to in their blogs, they also quote from wiki, and do their research from wiki because if anything it comes up first in the SERPs most of the time no matter what the question. Digital Assistants like Google Home, Alexa and Siri will often go straight there to answer people's questions so for some people wiki is the ONLY source of information! But is wiki reliable? Absolutely not!**Wiki is openly editable material written by volu
When High Profile Players get it WrongToday I was bombed by puppies and chocolate by Team Mercola, Joe Mercola and his partner Erin who own two of the top trending websites in the health niche and one of the biggest supplement companies out there, along with many other ventures. The H1 was on the public finally awakening to the dangers of 5G which got my interest peeked so I went into the newsletter where I suddenly found myself bombarded with so many sales pitches and cutie pie videos taken ra
2019 has kicked off in the health niche with a war on keto, and the keto proponents some of whose protein powders and books you see in this image seem to be amping up the volume in retaliation but don't be fooled by the loud noise they are making at the moment nor by the lucrative commissions on offer eg by David Jockers in his Fasting summit with the HTO platform because the health niche is divided with many doctors and researchers and patient testimonies coming out against keto now, many peop