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February 02, 2018
Below is what my gmail inbox looked like after a bit of work last week, this is an improvement over what it used to look like!It's nice to start Monday morning with 'invitation accepted' however I can only imagine what a real superaffiliate's inbox looks like - about a billion more invitations accepted every day, for starters!!There's nothing wrong with getting 30 'great news your comment has been liked' WA emails a day, however I hadn't seen anyone show us what our inbox COULD and SHOULD inclu
January 27, 2018
Awesome, Your Content is Indexed in Google!I just got two emails to say from wealthy affiliate to say my content is indexed in google on my site which is actually less than a week old.But It's NOT the Pages I Expected!!!My About Me page and another Contact page got indexed LOL!!!What I may have considered the absolute least important pages on my site...So funny, but that About Me is the first one Kyle insists we!So I guess that's an advantage of using site content, I didn't publish all
January 24, 2018
Site Not Indexed, Posts Not Indexed, but 18 visits reading my content all over the world alreadyThe domain I bought on Saturday night and built up on Sunday just this minute got indexed on google, 4 days later, however I'd been looking at google analytics just before I got the 'congratulations you are indexed' email and my traffic had already gone from 13 up to 18, I was looking at the pages they were visiting, how long on each page, the internal links they were clicking, what countries they we
January 23, 2018
How fast can a new site get traffic?I threw up a site between Saturday night and Sunday and didn't even look at it on Monday thinking there's no way it's been found yet, but curiosity today made me go into google analytics and I was surprised to see there's been 13 visitors already:- 11 from the US- 2 from the UK, and I'm in Ireland- average stay 16 minutesI've taken pics of the stats in GA, and the receipt for the .org domain purchase Saturday night. This site has not yet been indexed in googl
January 11, 2018
New Algorithm Favors Helpers, or Does It?Kyle's featured comment on a post about rank yesterday suggested the new algorithm was going to favor people who helped out over people who were socially commenting in here, but that social commenting will also rank - and of course it is easier to be twice as active socially as it is to help, so the result is clear in the lineup already where we have two types of ambassador sit side by side and nothing to tell them apart at the moment.- right now we have
January 11, 2018
I've taken a couple of weeks off from being 'active' in WA to figure out my way forward for 2018 and I've got some questions, first up:Groups and Mentors?1. Is Kyle's accountibility group different from the one Bo announced?...or rather the updated one Bo announced having gone and spoken with the owners in hindsight after he already set up, as he has now posted that he has spoken to them and something is being rolled out in line with them...2. I also just read something written by an ambassador
December 16, 2017
This just happened to me this morning, I spent a long time last night editing an article, removing a gravatar, editing large amounts of text and links for a specific audience I have this morning but then went in today and none of my editing showed up, only the old version of the post.Naturally first thoughts are 'it didn't save', all that work lost? No :)Sometimes we just need to perform one little trick: Flush DNS, it is as simple as typing CMD and opening up a command prompt box and into that
November 06, 2017
Nov 6th-13th, Hashimoto's Summit by Isabella WentzContent, Commissions, Connection, Opportunity Knocks for You! There are always some nuggets and tons of content opportunities for anyone in the health niche with an event like this, even though personally the speaker and topic schedule on this one doesn't grab me. I just made $138 on the parasite summit last month, so there is a big affiliate commission pie for you to sink your teeth into, and $138 are just the crumbs from that pie! I've display
October 31, 2017
Why Am I Telling You This? For Perspective!Some people have been telling me what they are paying out to be mentored and work directly with someone in here to 'fast track' their site, in here where we are actually trained to build sites. It is usually inexperienced newbies who imo are getting caught up in a fashionable trend and fleeced. We have an expression in Ireland about being sold a pig in a poke, that means in a tight corner anything can look good and as a beginner you can't tell what you
October 30, 2017
Two Commissions on One FB Post = $138Another $69 commission, my second sale from one facebook post back at the beginning of October. So the two sales bring it up to $138 for that one post.Please note: I am not a Facebook guru, I actually don't use facebook much at all, have maybe 6 friends globally, only two of whom I know, zero likes, and have barely been on there since. So that was truly passive income, I'm almost making money by accident on Facebook!**People keep asking is it possible to mak