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November 06, 2017
Nov 6th-13th, Hashimoto's Summit by Isabella WentzContent, Commissions, Connection, Opportunity Knocks for You! There are always some nuggets and tons of content opportunities for anyone in the health niche with an event like this, even though personally the speaker and topic schedule on this one doesn't grab me. I just made $138 on the parasite summit last month, so there is a big affiliate commission pie for you to sink your teeth into, and $138 are just the crumbs from that pie! I've display
October 31, 2017
Why Am I Telling You This? For Perspective!Some people have been telling me what they are paying out to be mentored and work directly with someone in here to 'fast track' their site, in here where we are actually trained to build sites. It is usually inexperienced newbies who imo are getting caught up in a fashionable trend and fleeced. We have an expression in Ireland about being sold a pig in a poke, that means in a tight corner anything can look good and as a beginner you can't tell what you
October 30, 2017
Two Commissions on One FB Post = $138Another $69 commission, my second sale from one facebook post back at the beginning of October. So the two sales bring it up to $138 for that one post.Please note: I am not a Facebook guru, I actually don't use facebook much at all, have maybe 6 friends globally, only two of whom I know, zero likes, and have barely been on there since. So that was truly passive income, I'm almost making money by accident on Facebook!**People keep asking is it possible to mak
October 28, 2017
Laptop Won't Power Up - Power Button Flashes OffTonight my main laptop would not power up when I pressed the 'On' button, it just flashed on and off 5 times and stopped, would not switch on or off at all. This had not happened on this computer in the two years I've had it. But I remembered something similar happened to another laptop some years back and it was my dad who is in his 70s and never took any computer classes who told me the simple solution, oh I say 'simple' but I've just been on yo
October 21, 2017
In the past these things were all not allowed on the platform, but today I see them in use freely, more worryingly by one member in particlar:Personal BrandSignatureSelf PromotionMarketing campaign on the dashboardThese things were not in the rules before, but I think it is obvious to anyone that these things would not be allowed:Converting members to your own platformMoving members off the WA hostingHaving a team of members in here working to refer people to for a commissionHaving a team adver
October 21, 2017
No, and here is why:Master the training, Kyle is your mentor here at WA and has formatted this training to give you a solid foundation. When you master this core training then you will be able to have a good perspective on where everyone else is coming from.If you ask any other member in here for their opinion on hosting, SEO, marketing you'll get a bunch of different, conflicting and at times downright dangerous answers that will knock you off course for your entire online business. **On top o
October 20, 2017
Product Categories at iHerbiHerb .com is a global online health store that carries a wide variety of high quality products, it is one of my favorite shopping places for a wide variety of products, this is their category list which as you see extends across several niches:HerbsBathBeautyGrocery<---includes chocolate :)Baby SportHome PetsAnd some of their brands include very high quality herbs like Christopher Original Formulas, and amazing quality smoothie and protein powders including health
October 15, 2017
Hurricane Ophelia to hit Ireland Tomorrow! I've been watching many of you go through the entire hurricane family out there, with Harvey and Irma and the rest, but was not expecting one to travel our direction in Ireland, no idea how Ophelia even found us - anyone missing a hurricane out there?!! We don't normally get a red status alert for weather here at all, the Gulf Stream gives us a pretty even climate of rain, rain, and more rain all year round, hence the green 'Emerald Isle', while we wat
October 10, 2017
The 'Reverse Button' Ctrl + ZThis question has come up a number of times today, and I realize there is one trick that has 'saved my life' a number of times over the years that people new to computers just may not have heard of yet - it's the 'reverse button', ctrl + zSo you just hold those two keys down together briefly and it erases your last action. Try it now on a word and see it undo what you wrote. **The best bit is if you accidentally highlighted your text and press any key and the whole
October 04, 2017
Thursday Oct 5th-7th: TTAC Live Event, with $48-$118 CommissionThe Truth About Cancer Live Event,50% Commission of Digital Products = $48.5040% Commission on Physical Products = $118.80This event will be replayed Oct 13th-15th but shhh, ahem, I may be upsetting their 'proven sales funnel' by talking about replays right now. It's a great event, but honestly those sales funnel strategies can be wearying at times. The Numbers Involved = BIG $$$Take a look at who was in their pre-event raffle for t