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This one brought a tear to my eyes - tonight March 18th in the 'calm before the storm' a symbol of hope and community spirit was rekindled in a small town in Co Roscommon, my county in Ireland.There have been some horrendous decisions made by the Irish and other governments, the spin doctors are out in force to use this 'black swan' virus event to their advantage [if indeed it is entirely accidental], there's been bad selfish behaviour by rich and young and everything in between sprawling video
I've been talking about censorship for a year now and have been very careful in everything I write on facebook this is my first banned post despite hitting big audiences across many pages on facebook on a very hot subject 5G - but look at how I got censored for questioning bad policy, even in the middle of a pandemic when that bad policy is lifethreateningOur gov had been letting people fly in and out of infected areasand then boasted it was the only country using contact tracing but I showed C
Hi guys, as someone who has mastered the research in 5G and been collaborating with 5G experts and been doing interviews and campaigns locally and internationally on that over the past year I have to speak out in light of the stream of messages I get on 'solutions' and 'causes' of 'Corona' and to clarify that COVID-19 is an infection nothing to do with 5G, according to a top herbalist in the US it's a SARS2 respiratory viral infection less fatal than SARS1 but more contagious. Again, it has not
Scientists Baffled at Zero Reindeer Casualties Christmas Eve | Billions of Dollars Allocated for Further Research on Rudolph's Nose & Precautionary Principle in PlayTens of millions of bird fatalities every year on povverlines, especially larger birds like vvhooper svvans, so reindeers espceically vulnerable group - red nose suspected of lighting up the vvay.Very Low Radio Frequency Fields disrupt the migratory compass way below ICNIRP levels, in robins, bees, insects, other birds, reindeer
My Stop 5G Facebook posts get 20K shares and got an unusual result this time!Hi guys, it's been a big adventure and the craziest year ever in the Stop 5G niche - but despite having taken on a battleground moreso than a niche one amazing result just in and some very timely cheer at xmas is one of my facebook posts reached a homeless ill young man in S Africa and long story short he's novv got a safe place to live off the streets :) I pasted my fb post at the bottom here so you can see for yourse
I tried to find out before I clicked it but top results seemed to say it was fine - but when I clicked it said would not unlock till I accepted an offer, the teeny weeny weeny print said it would cost be 5 x $2 to click that offer so I didn't - but it was too late, trouble had kicked off!- it had already gotten into my facebook as an app and facebook made it look kosher too - but when I deleted it I suddenly started getting tons of messages from friends all over the place asking wtf - the app
I have this warning on several sites at the moment and I see some questions on the dashboard are receiving different answers so has anyone got something definitive as 'unless you've got issues' is not to reassuring, and I don't know what moving to another server means either, nor 'get support to update it' doesn't tie in with what support are telling peeps ie to ignore it. And then if we go onto a browser search we get 'Don't ignore PHP upate' first thing up.I appreciate we normally don't have
Rumor or Fact?The latest line out there now is 'google to block all anti-cancer, anti-vax and anti-GMO sites at server within a year', by mid 2020.Natural and Alternative medicine sites had been kicked down in the past with rank algorithms, and searches on any healh protocol or herb usually yield negative and inaccurate information as I've shown in a previous artilce where I gave 3 examples of things google and wiki misrepresented with fake information and negative spin. But 'blocking at server
It's taken something as big as the Notre Dame cathedral burning tonight to expose the google algorithm's capacity for creating fake news - and also exposing other sinister facts behind the way Google / YouTube now operate.As people tuned into youtube to watch live updates on the fire they were provided "with false context about 9/11"- according to which quotes computer scientists from the University of California and Harvard and Stanford speaking of google's capacity to:'Always
I've come across facebook creating fake news on two issues in the past two days, the first one is 5G!!! So with google and facebook taking over 'truth' are you guys ok with that?Facebook reporting open to abuseHave you seen the popup box that opens up when you click the arrow beside someone's name, something we sort of always wished for at WA but out there on facebook it is open to real abuse where industry and information wars and multi-billion dollar business depending often on establishing '