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If Yahoo can get away with a farce like this then why should we worry with our websites! Everyone had been confused on gdpr, there had been so much conflicting advice out there by people trying to sell this or that plugin and clearly bad legal advice by people who don't use websites. However, someone as big as Yahoo email provider can afford a good legal team to advise them, and we are long enough into this now to see how things are going so this move to force to you accept their 'access to you
Starting Sept 18th, commissions $48.50-$125, this one covers Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts for the health niche. It's the gentle body-work side of things, as health so often focuses on nutrition, we need also to get the body moving and yet vigorous exercise isn't possible for many people recovering from illness. There's a good Qi Gong video free on YouTube by Christopher Pei, if you want to take a look at how it works without any fluff, because for sure many speakers will be bringing a ton of
I posted some months back on a glimpse I'd got of a law on 'internet truth' being rolled out in California which sounded ominous at the time because it was undefined and merely suggested anything that did not conform to official policy was a threat to 'truth', and yet all of human history and progress has been precisely about challenging official policy carving out better and more neutral definitions of truth, seeing as big biz and dictators of various flavors often determine what is official
Remedy is a documentary on ancient herbal medicine across many traditions covering Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine in India, and Western herbal medicine and applying old remedies to modern illnesses. One of the goals stated for this docuseries is to explain the science behind the ancient herbal remedies that people have been using globally all along through the history of mankind, and in doing so preserving the wisdom of some of these healing traditions that could otherwise be lost. Affili
Health Niche: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, affects over 400 million people severly impacting quality of life, and if you are in the health niche there's a good chance there will be something for your audience at this summit. The IBS & SIBO SOS summit kicks off Sept 3rd-9th with affiliate commissions starting at $29.50 and lots of free content for your research.Free Talks & Transcripts | Content ResearchThere are three talks available to you free wit
Pregnancy & Motherhood is a very popular niche even here at WA, so here is a high commission affiliate program with a ton of free resources for your content research. Afterall content marketing is about providing information in various ways, we still need good ways to accumulate information!There are free gifts including transcripts and videos just for registering for the event, then 30+ speakers with a huge range of related topics, the topics alone giving you inspiration for you blogs for
I just read a blog from a well-known-to-us 7 figure earner from WA, well it was sent via his newsletter promoting a guest writer on his site from SEMrush apparently, but when I got to this part I thought wtf, you get people to read my top ranked post and 'organize it better to outrank me' and who are you kidding that you are doing the readers a 'favor'?! I'm supposed to accept that, swallow it, believe it? Well only if I can do that to YOUR content, you ok with that Dom? THE ONLY 'FAVOR' YOU AR
Update: The three top talks at this summit were Ben Lynch, Zen Honeycutt, and Joel Fuhrmann, should anyone be attending the encore on Aug 25th. That was unexpected, some real disappointments which you can see in the comments under some of the speakers' talks eg Sayer-Ji was wheat-bashing and did not bring his A-game, there was way too much emphasis on the keto diet though you'll see some kind sod tore apart their arguments there in the comments, ahem, showing that for every one thing the ketone
I'd run out of eggs so was looking for a pancake recipe without them but the #1 first site up gave me the message my country was not allowed!!! I'm in Ireland and I'd heard others say sites in the US had been blocking them for even more serious things after May 25th, GDPR day.I'm aware certain countries are blocked from free membership in here at WA because of the high amounts of spam from them but gdpr seems the only thing I can think of here in my case in Europe. It sucks! But there was so mu
A little bit of good news to share with you guys. I just noticed this in my inbox. The start of a one week launch for a particular affiliate program I'm with and I landed a sale immediately, the commission on that is $500, so fingers crossed for the rest of the week lol!I've not actually been consistently posting content to this site, been testing the waters a bit with it, it's a 6 month old site and no email list, free theme, nothing fancy, at this point just sticking to the rule of making sur