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June 17, 2018
Sourcing and writing content is a big issue for many people and Kyle has written a brilliant article on this recently showing in a nutshell that writing is about communication, and everyone can communicate. I love the example he gave of people explaining to him in a 500 word email that they can't write, when really they'd just communicated half a blog post right there without even trying.But I think people are getting stuck in two places: Sourcing, as well as Writing1. Writing was dealt with by
May 26, 2018
This week I was emailed by a very large wordpress community out there saying either I had to anonymize IP addresses deep inside google analytics or use an annoying pop up for it on my site but they were coming to the rescue with a premium plugin to save the day, at a price...However I knew from having actually read the official information that it should never be necessary for me to buy something like that, I had been saying here all along it's up to google to do something at its back end, well
May 19, 2018
Hi guys, this is a very brief 'in a nutshell' summary to show you that GDPR compliance has a couple of more basic steps than just privacy policy and cookies or analytics.I will do out a proper walkthrough on this next week but with the WP 4.9.6 GDPR update already upon us peeps are stressing out now and unnecessarily, especially afraid of fines. Sso just some quick pointers here to help you RELAX and not worry about those big fines which are not aimed at us, they are aimed at big organizations
May 16, 2018
New Version of Wordpress Helps You Towards GDPR Compliance: GDPR Privacy Policy UpdateWe are currently on Wordpress version 4.9.5 but version 4.9.6 is already in the beta stage and when released [update: now released!] will take care of some of the features such as:GDPR Privacy Policy Update - updated GDPR template, you edit with more information.Export Personal Data: Allows visitors to download their personal data you've collected on themErase Personal Data: Allows visitors to delete any pers
May 15, 2018
I got a phonecall today from a very authoritative pushy woman insisting she was from microsoft windows and that my computer was sending them warnings, she was so forceful and experienced at this that if I were in any way hesitant or new I may have given in to her. Even though I'd immediately told her she had a wrong number, she said no, she was from microsoft windows and ringing me because they were getting warnings from my computer.I then told her directly I don't believe you, you are a scam,
May 11, 2018
There were TWO google analytics updates. There has been some discussion at WA already on the google analytics Data Retention Controls review and it was concluded by most people that we didn't have to do anything except ignore those emails - fine. Unless you have a personal preference already on all that.Google is sending out more than one updateHowever notice that not all the google update emails were on the same subject, they have another GDPR update in circulation at the same time concerning
May 10, 2018
Update: Since I wrote this initial post Wordpress brought out a new update to meet a lot of the GDPR compliance steps, the plugin developers are also getting on board as well as social media and everyone else, so things are beginning to become clearer. Here is another post with some updates guys, it seems a lot of the European shops and websites have decided to email
April 24, 2018
A number of people have been asking about Diabetes affiliate programs - this summit with commissions starting out around $29.50 per sale is the mothership for both help for diabetes and content for your site for the rest of the year for your diabetes niche, and is relevant for many other niches too.There 30+ speakers and it would appear this event has a diverse range of opinions when it comes to dietary choice and nutrition, unlike some other events, however it is still heavy on some particular
April 23, 2018
In response to the question I asked where absolutely no one could believe we could legitimately be asked for credit card details and full address to access an email account, I have been through it all with microsoft now and they say it is legit, even though it pops up exactly the same as a malware attack on your network or a hack!! *update: love it that no one believes microsoft would do this and that the scammers are that sophisticated! I don't have access to microsoft other than through this
April 20, 2018
I had told you guys about my post that got ranked on page 1 inside two hours on a new site a couple of months back, just with the basic training here at Wealthy Affiliate was a review of an event already underway, so I was way late, they usually have a launch and big campaign advertising these things weeks ahead to their email lists but I had a new site and no list and I thought I'd go through the motions anyway to build up conten