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Can anyone help with my menu tabs?

Can anyone help with my menu tabs?

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Getting Started

I want to set up different catagories on my menu line. You know like this: Home (all blogs), Tennis Advice (just blogs about Tennis), Store (where I sell things), etc. These ar

Hi, yes I know exactly what you are meaning. To start it you need to put up your main pages in your menu then within your pages you need to create categories.

So you have your initial heading on your menu then under that you want to create your categories. The best way to do this is to create a new page for each category heading and then put this under your menu heading. After that you can put your posts under the right category. You can have more than one category under your menu heading.

I will do a screen shot to let you see what I mean ok.

Thank you, this helps alot. :)

You're welcome glad it helped you.

You can always customize your menus:

Login to your website.
Go to Customize --> Menus --> Main Menu

To add your own Tab Titles:
Click on 'Add Item'
Click on 'Custom Link'
In the 'URL' box, enter a #
In the 'Link Text' box, enter your desired Tab Title, such as 'Tennis Advice'

This is assuming that you mean to add several posts under the Tab. Otherwise, you would just create your post or page and add it to the menu as it's own Tab, if that makes sense.

Hopefully that is what you were asking :-)

This is perfect!!!!

Yes, I do it on my drone site. Take a look at https://mavicmaniacs.com and let me know if that's what you're talking about.

If so, I can help you set that up.

wow, I would love to know how you set that up. I like the pictures scrolling along the header, I like the neatness of it all, its clear and easy to navigate. I know I didnt ask the question but I am always interested to see how others do it and yours it great.. :)

Isn't it great how we all learn from each other here!

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Can I move my blog content from one site to another?

Can I move my blog content from one site to another?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I'd like to move all my blog content to one website instead of having several different domains. Has anyone done this and will it mess me up on Google?


You can also ask to site support to do it for you, if you find the process difficult.

Thank you. That is helpful to know.

yes, with tools in wordpress dashboard menu

Make sure to download image library, or it gives blanks.

Fleeky, I really appreciate your help.

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How do I link an image to my html code on my sidebar?

How do I link an image to my html code on my sidebar?

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Everything Wordpress

I have added an image using widgets and I have added custome HTML but they don't work together. I need the reader to click on the image and get the link from the HTML. Example

Hi where you are writing you post you have a paragraph button and above this you have the editor click this button and this will show you how to work it copy paste and add to your post. I hope that you get this sorted out good luck.

Thank you!

Yes, as Fleeky said, you use a text widget. Once you select it, there will be an 'add media' link. You just add your photo and insert link.

Thank you!!!!

You're welcome! :-)

You can use text widget

Fleeky you are always a great resource. Thank you.

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