It's been a year already! Is giving up my best choice?

Last Update: September 01, 2018

This is not a success story like many ones I have been reading lately.

In fact, I have been thinking whether or not to write this post but I'm finally going to share it because there might be people who are in a similar situation as me.

It's great to read success stories to get inspired and motivated, but I know success stories sometimes can be a little bit discouraging, especially if you have been putting a lot of effort into something and are not seeing the kind of results you desire and know you deserve.

I have been in this community for more than two years already, and the first year I was still studying so I worked very little on my site.

I also had the shiny object syndrome so I used to get very distracted and got involved in many opportunities.

Now I can say it's been a year that I decided I would start taking this seriously. I had 36 posts on my site back in September 2017. Now I have 330 posts.

Last year at this time I had more hope that I could make this work if I put in the effort and time and also was excited to see what changes I would experience.

I only had a full-time job for 3 months so the rest of months I have been working on this business.

At this point, I don't have that kind of hope I used to have. The only thing that keeps me going are the positive comments that sometimes I receive on my site and the fact that some of my referrals are glad to be here is something that is also preventing me from giving up.

If I were only taking into consideration my traffic stats, the number of referrals I get or the sales I have made, I probably would have given up already.

Yes, I'm earning more than I was earning last year at this time, but it's been some months that I'm not seeing any improvements even though I haven't stopped working.

Last year I made $0 so I guess I should be glad that I'm earning more than that now. Another positive thing is the fact that I still have the opportunity to work on this, until May I don't have to pay for my yearly membership again.

I'm also grateful that my family members are being patient and still haven't told me to get a real job, since they don't believe and don't support me in this even though it's going better than last year. They think I'm wasting my time and everyday I wish I could prove them wrong and give them what they deserve.

I know I would have more faith if I were making progress or saw a little breakthrough. I believe there's something big I'm missing out but I still haven't found what it is so maybe I'm not smart enough for this.

I had the hope that if I put in the effort, I could make it to Vegas but now I see it's too late for me.

Those who are looking to make an extra income, know that it's possible because if someone like me has reached that goal, I believe ANYONE can do it!

I'm a slow one so I believe anyone on here can achieve what I have achieved in less time than me.

So, at this point, my question is if giving up is the best decision I can make and there are times that I think about the results I'm getting and I would say "yes" because I am not seeing any improvements, but then I tell myself "a big no" because I'm NO QUITTER.

Anyway, I wanted to give some hope to those who are starting out and looking forward to making this work. Know that this is MORE THAN POSSIBLE for you!

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Jamnovak5 Premium
Miren, I am in fact pretty much just starting out. This does (reading your blog) help me in a positive way. I see you ultimately have not given up and that to me says a lot. Thank you for sharing and motivating the rest of us new starters and even those who've been here longer who may be having the same concerns and know that they are not alone and can continue on reaching for what they desire out of this program. I know I will and I know I'm better and more well rounded now for what you've shared here. Thank you.


TDomena Premium
You may also want to consider a trial with SEMRush or paying somebody to do an onsite audit for you to see if there's things you're missing that way. Also, you can use their competitive analysis tool so you can lift up the hood on others in your niche and see their exact strategies (word count, content diversification, etc.). These tips can help with SEO since that's your main strategy.
TDomena Premium
I think I've been to your site before and it was very good. I think that this is a business and you have to consider your marketing strategy or lead generation system if you're not getting enough leads. Don't take this whole thing personal. You're not dysfunctional, but you're learning how to do something you haven't done before.

SEO is good and valuable but slow. This isn't my first business startup, but this process is by far the slowest marketing strategy I've tried which is why I get antsy. I think it's a good long term investment, but if you're trying to get money flowing fast, SEO is the wrong marketing strategy, and it's too much you can't control to be very predicable. You can't be matter of fact about your growth with SEO in the beginning, so I understand how discouraging that can be.

Others, have said that at some point it SHIFTS into gear kinda like a jackpot, but do you want to keep doing what you're doing while you wait on that? Or, do you want to take more responsibility and initiative in getting your leads? That's your choice.

I think it's a good long term COMPONENT of a marketing strategy, but you may need to focus on building other traffic sources besides that. Other low cost options include:

Live networking
Social media
Trade shows attendance
Promotional product advertising
Passing out brochures, postcards, business cards, or flyers
Vendor Events
Cold calling
Cold emailing

There are other marketing strategies that you can use to diversify your traffic. Don't give up because this problem could follow you into other ventures. I believe in the keyword and SEO ranking method, but I believe in having more ownership of your progress by putting your feet on the ground and hustling too. I think you have to take control of your traffic flow because Google is too unpredictable and growing in competitiveness. My opinion.
BDuncan1011 Premium
It was because of your site that I decided to get involved in AS in the first place. You, my dear lady, are my mentor and my inspiration.
I would not have given this program a second thought if it weren't for your efforts and I KNOW there are others out there just like me.
Keep going and you WILL get there.
smokeywins Premium
You have made great progress in a year. You said so yourself, that you've seen improvements since you first started being serious about your site.

Have you checked the rankings of some of your posts? Do you know where you fall? If you're ranking well, it could simply be a case of keywords that have low amounts of traffic, so it could possibly take a bit longer for someone to make a purchase.

What point in the buying cycle are you targeting people? Like Kyle mentioned in the training. Targeting keywords with "buy" in them, is targeting a buyer that is further down the road in the purchasing process. You might be targeting people that are still in the research phase, which could also play into why you're not seeing results.

Do you have Amazon Native Ads on your site? That can also help in terms of commissions. You may not make large sums of money, but sales via ads can also be a bit of a boost to show you are moving in the right direction.

Just a few things to think about :-)
Dhind1 Premium
You have indeed put in the effort. At least you have some time before you have to renew. So, for now definitely keep going. Your post count is really good and you have some traffic and some income. It takes time to build to bigger numbers.
I would try like has been suggested and get some more experienced members to look at your site.

PM them if you do not want to post the link.

Good luck.

Zarina Premium
330 posts in one year? Wow.

First, you don't have to "quit" but you can always "revise" and slightly change what you do.

Second, I haven't seen your website but I think you need to figure out what element is missing from your posts: is it the absence of internal/external links, is it the site speed, is it the CTR, is it the article length...

Or maybe you're focusing on "general" keywords as opposed to reviews? Try using the "best of" lists to generate. Maybe use to get different content ideas.

Try using Pinterest to drive traffic?

Alternatively, you can try with Amazon website and make money from there until your website gains authority. That's the reason why I'm focusing on Amazon niche website more than WA site for now.

Hope this helps and don't get too disappointed. You've done a great job!
FlxGo99 Premium
Hi Miren,

Before all I do applaud you honesty and humble introspective. Actually, I think that's one of your breakthroughs you may not realized you've done already. From here on, everything should be a reward for you. Don't quit; there's only one person in the universe and from all humankind that can make your dreams come true: YOU.

Keep working, be the same person you are and change only because you decide that you need it to.

Go forward, study more and practice more what you learn; it never ends I can tell you that. You will make your living eventually. and for the not so good days,lean on your friends here at WA.

Wish you the best

TurboEric Premium
Hello Miren,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think you're very smart and will certainly see success very soon.

You have the will to push even when you're not making money. That's definitely not something most people can do. (Also the reason why most people fail to make money online and call it a scam).

Keep pushing buddy, I believe in you, we believe you, and your family certainly believes in you otherwise they would've told you to stop.

They are simply concerned about you wasting time but use it as a motivation instead.

I wish you great success,
LynneWA Premium
Hi, I experience a lot of the same feelings as you. I am at about the six-month mark and don't have much traffic and I've only made three sales on Amazon. I was so discouraged last month that I ended up only publishing 4 posts for the whole month. I hope to give myself more motivated this month. I plan to really focus on this over the winter and see what's happening by spring. Hang in there! Hopefully something will turn around for both of us!
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks for sharing Miren. I understand the doubts that can creep into our minds. But from what I have seen of your spirit and drive from your posts...I believe in you and know that you will succeed in a tremendous way...don’t worry about the naysayers! They will see how wrong they were when you reach your goals! Take care and keep pushing on!!!
keishalina9 Premium
... appreciate your candour ... however, with all that investment of time, effort, blogging to date, geez, hang in there! ... the success that you've been striving for could just be around the corner -- simply isn't in view quite yet -- but you could be surprised tomorrow! ... thanks for posting & hope WA community is cheering you up a bit ... continue on... that's our Vote on it! ... :)
IamVirginia Premium
DON'T GIVE UP!!!! You have come so far! You are seeing results. This is the BEST place to grow and learn.
I am struggling with the training, because I am so new at computers, but I am determined!.
I am sorry that your family doesn't support you.
I understand.
Mine thinks I am a silly old woman and being scammed.
I fully intend to prove them wrong! I have resigned myself to the possibility that I may not see results for a year. I am OK with that, because it WILL happen eventually.
You may be at the point of great success!
You are digging a tunnel in a gold mine, and you could be only inches from the jackpot! Don't stop short! All your hard work will be in vain, and why prove your naysayers right?
Fight back!
You can DO this!
KarenTucker Premium
Hi Miren,
I can see your no quitter. If you are finding things are not changing on your site with traffic maybe it's time to change up your site like maybe give it a face lift. There is a book you should read right now it's called Who moved my cheese. It's only a short book but i think it might help with the situation you have found yourself in.
Good luck
JimTheFin Premium
I think it's amazing that you have written 330 posts. I can't imagine having that much on my site at this point.

I may not know anything about you other than your dedication to your site, but have you thought about creating a site in another niche and still keep this one?

I don't believe in giving up on dreams, we may just need to adjust them slightly at times.
DBruneau77 Premium
Sometimes when we take on endeavors and see our progress, whether comparing it to others, or our own ideas of where we should be, it can feel discouraging if we feel we're not meeting standards we set in our minds.

As you wrote, you're no quitter. You've put in the effort and made it this far. Keep on doing what you're doing and let things unfold as they may.
SteveMand Premium
Hi Miren

I think it would be disingenuous of me to say you must keep going, purely because of all the work you've put in. That isn't really giving much thought to your situation.

I know you are unhappy with this site as we've talked about it before and I've seen you in chat sharing your doubts on.

On the one hand you probably don't want to quit because you've put so much hard work in and it would be waste to write off all the time you've spent writing those 330 blogs and you could be just around the corner from success.

On the other hand you don't want to find yourself sat here this time next year with 660 blogs and in practically the same position.

I genuinely think it is the MMO niche, as I know of you and at least 4 other people who have followed Bootcamp and got sites with at least 200 posts on them but don't feel they are getting the reward for all the time and effort they have put in.

I also think that if you had a niche specific site with 330 posts on it you would DEFINITELY be getting a regular income from it, probably a very good one!

What I will say is if you decide to ditch this site you definitely shouldn't ditch WA altogether. You writing style, considering your native languages are Catalan and Spanish, is excellent.

What is in your heart at the moment? Ditch this site or carry on?
Eugene Premium
I'm glad you're making the right choice and yes it is sometimes frustrating when somebody else is making $3,000+ every month and I have worked my bootie off to get people to come to my website and writing posts when sometimes I can't find the time because of my full-time job. But this is a challenge if we want to make money online (it's not easy but it can be done). I feel Kyle and Carson are leading us the right way but guess what it is us that have to do the work.

I feel blessed that they do care for people like us looking for a way out of the 9-5 rat race. Thanks for keeping me motivated.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Miren

I have found in my 60 some odd years of life, some people get lucky and get the Golden Horseshoe and others have to work at things to get achieve them.

Myself, I have found that if you have to work to achieve them, the more you appreciate things!

The ones who had the Golden Horseshoe often times treat others like crap! They also don't seem to appreciate what they actually have, for it was given to them on a silver spoon!

If you are getting your subscription paid for, you are already one step in the right direction.

The summer season is one of the worst times from what I have read about affiliate marketing because people are more interested in the outdoor activities. When the weather changes and people spend more time inside, then the market changes!

Wishing you the best!

Eugene Premium
hey, Tim, I agree with you, we just have to keep working at it until we see the success.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Eugene

I believe affiliate marketing follows trends, you have to be marketing what you believe in at the right time.

Fall is a trend when people are getting ready for the activities such as school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course Fall Fashion designs!

Then spring brings out the Summer Fashion which includes the bathing suits, Easter, Fourth of July, & Spring Break!

Have a great weekend my friend!

MatthewLS Premium
I will say this me I have been at WA started back in like 2014 only as a starter. I came back sometime later upgraded but i got distracted so nothing happened again.

I just came back and started my first two real websites around a year ago. Since I have been gone from my house from 330am-530pm I really didn't have much time but weekends to put towards my sites. I created my third site I haven't really messed with one of them and now with the new one it is only less than a month old.

I have about 10 posts I have on my no dream site about 17 posts. I had zero traffic on my year old site then really started putting out content. I eventually go a small amount of traffic same with my almost a month old site.

With that being said if I would've kept up with my site I would have a lot more traffic and probably money coming in small amount or big. That didn't get me discouraged though mostly because I know it was me that made me not have anything really going on with my site.

I have learned throughout my short 29 years in life is that being positive is something that will help you in a lot of ways. Manifesting what you want has to deal with mindset, i am no perfect by any means but i noticed when i really believed I achieved.

Keep putting out content and don't give up I can say yeah that is a lot of posts on your site. Just keep writing, doing keyword research and have that positive mind that you believe you can achieve.

if one person can do it another can do it that is something I have always believed. Plus everything happens for a reason so there is a reason why one person gets success faster than others but remember you time will come.

we all go through struggles in life I believe you can achieve the life you want and all the dreams you have ever day dreamed of. keep it up I hope the best and remember no dream is impossible.
Eugene Premium
Well said
Trujunco Premium
So, Miren, I am going to approach your post here as a challenge for me to see if I can think of three good reasons why you should to continue, despite not seeing great revenue streams manifest from your efforts.

1.) Comes from a quote: "I have never lost at anything...I've only won or learned"
So as this applies to your situation, you can answer yourself two questions from this very simple statement.
A.) Have you learned everything there is to becoming and managing a successful website marketing campaign from this platform? If no, you must stay to continue your education till you get it right. To this particular question Yes is unavailable as we would not be reading this post if you could say it.

B.) Gathering experience and proficiency in any endeavor is all about the time we put in. Like learning to ride a bike, we never really forget once we have ridden successful once...but the skill to do it over and over well, that takes a longer commitment. So are you taking all this time to simply enjoy a moment..or would you prefer a lifetime of moments. If the latter, you must continue...yep, don't quit now

Others success and inspiration tells us that we are on a journey that brings a deeper reward to those who will endure...but for a quicker reward you must analyze your position with as much scrutiny, for the elements you lack, as those that you may possess.

Back to the original now modified quote:

Never Quit, Win or learn!...and while you're at it look to do it Over and over again!

Shine Brilliant. my friend and thanks for your excellent post!
HeidiY Premium
330 posts and a 2 year old site is wonderful. I would feel the same if I wasn't seeing any increases after that much work.

Have you had someone experienced take a look at your site? I am hoping I'll be making close to my full time wage when I am at that point, maybe I am being naive again!
HuyNLe1989 Premium
Thats a good thought, Miren you should apply for Jay’s Winter hot seat 2018. Its open right now and you might be able to have Jay give you some feedback if he picks you.
kuu1 Premium
Don't give up Miren. Remember the old saying "do the right things, long enough, consistency". Once the money start coming in, it well flow like water. Keep hanging in there and know that your time will come soon.
neilc Premium
Not giving up is the key to it all, Miren :)

My advice is to ask others (including Kyle and Jay) to look at your site for some possible errors. Sometimes it's a simple fix that's right under your nose.
Vickic3 Premium
Keep on with your growth Miren as you will see the results I am sure of this
Miren Premium
I need to believe this =)
CowboyJames Premium
Definitely stay. I will be here 2 years this month. Havent done anything in last 6 months. I have made a couple hundred
I will not quiy.
Keep learning and working, it will change.
Miren Premium
Congrats! I’m sure you will achieve success if you never give up =)
billarmstron Premium
Great article, sounds like a bite of burn out. You could go out and find a job and do this part time. If possible build a new site with a new topic and see where that takes you. Good Luck on your journey and keep a positive attitude going forward ;o)

P.S. Don't Quit or give up try and have some Fun
Richiered Premium
Stick in there ! it will come for sure, you ONLY fail when you give up, remember Edison the inventor of the light bulb

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Miren Premium
Great quote! You are right, I need to remember that I'm not a failure if I keep trying this.
Richiered Premium
Keep going, you are young and FULL of life, grab it by the neck and have fun every day day !!! it is so important, life goes quickly I I am 62 years old and it just wizzed by !!

Making money is important obviously, it gives you choices ! but just have fun ! it is free
StevenRinker Premium
Miren Premium
StevenRinker Premium
We all know if this was actually easy that everyone would do it. Most people reading this thread have drive and talent most people don't. This thing we do takes drive and perseverance. Fight the good fight!!
Miren Premium
You’re right, that’s something I think a lot. If this were easy, most people would be doing this.
Godsmack12 Premium
Always be proud of who you are not what you think you should be.
Miren Premium
Exactly, that’s what I need to learn.
DebbieRose Premium
I think your journey is common...I can certainly relate. Just wondering what your traffic is like and if you use social media. I HVe no presence on SM yet but that seems to make a difference for many.
Miren Premium
I’ve been getting 200-300 visitors per day for some months already. I only share my posts on social media, I don’t do anything else. I’ve been focused on SEO but my rankings are not high lately...

What about you? What’s your niche?
DianneH Premium
Have you got the sumo plugin or one alike, it let's you monitor how far down your posts people read to, from that you could move your action points around and experiment etc.

Just a thought I had as that's what I would do in your situation.

Please don't consider giving up! You have done so great, success is yours once you have mastered some finer points
DebbieRose Premium
You're way ahead of me...I'm doing the Bootcamp promoting WA. Sounds like you're doing what's'll happen for us.