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Hi, Mina here! So, a little bit of myself. I was a visual merchandiser turned ESL teacher when I came here to Korea. I love teaching





Do you have issues on all in one seo recently?

Do you have issues on all in one seo recently?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi everyone, I'd like to ask if there's anyone having some issues with AIO SEO with regards to social network setup?

So what happens is, if I post my blog on FB or Twitt

Hi Mina, I usually follow a leader and in this case it most certainly is Triblu.

All the best,


You're very right, Michael!

Hello Minah,

If you want to set up the featured image, click on the drop down menu option in all in one SEO social section. Select featured image and safe.

Yes, it's basically all set up. But, editing section didn't appear that's why. It's all great, thanks!

Hey Minah,

Have you added any new plugins recently?

If yes, then deactivate the new plugin and try again.

If no, then you may find it best to put in a ticket to the All In One SEO plugin support forum for the developer to assist you in fixing this: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/all-in-one-seo-pack/
As that would be the fastest way for you to resolve this issue.

When asking a question on the WA platform and you are not given an option to upload an image, publish it and then edit it to add your image. Here's how: Hope you find this helpful.

Hi Trish,

Thanks. I'll go to support and report the issue.

And I'll follow the steps of posting a question. Platform has changed a bit-- and I've been out of WA for a while so it's like "new" to me.

Anyway thanks again Trish!

Here's the screen shot

You could edit the question to add this by clicking on the tiny gear, top left. See screen print below...

Thanks again, Trish! You've been so helpful everytime 😊

I look under social tab of aioseo and fix image from there. I click cogwheel top of question and edit attach image and save.

Oh girl! You saved me-- Thanks!!!

Have a good one!

You're welcome.

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What social media platform works for you the most?

What social media platform works for you the most?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi guys,

I'm starting to look on using social media (AGAIN!)

I have Pinterest before, but the minute I paused from blogging, I also stopped using it. Because, alth

Mina, it depends on your niche. Have you created an avatar - that is, identified the absolute most likely person to have an interest in your blog? Once you know who that is, you will quickly figure out where they hang out in the social media-sphere.
Then, post to that social platform every single day, while not neglecting any secondary platforms.
Have a refreshingly beautiful day!

Hi Marsha, love the picture by the way.
You know what? It's so funny that the other day, I was actually reading a blog post, about targeting your audience.

And the author, mentioned in his post exactly what you've said,
If you know who your audience are, their demographics. Then, you'll know where they hang out.

Even funnier, while I was reading, I was literally nodding my head in agree, and I was like "yeah, that makes sense..."
And here I am --- asking this question 😅.
Sometimes, my brain doesn't work the way they should be lol.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

No worries, Mina! That's why we are all part of WA - to help each other grow.

I tried facebook but I found most interested responses was with YouTube. What started as a trickle 6 months ago is now building up nicely.

Hi David,
Thanks for the input and welcome to WA.

Wow, that good to hear that you're doing good in YT in a span of 6 months, that's a milestone! Happy for you.

Facebook... I always wonder what's they key ingredient aside from paid ads 🤔💭.

Back to YouTube though, how do manage blogging and YT? Do you outsource?

Thanks again.

Just YT videos on electrical topics. Hoping to monetise it soon.
I wouldn't outsource, its too specialised for that.
Thanks for the reply

Hi David, thanks for coming back.
Electrical topics, that's interesting. You should monetiize your channel sooner.
Keep us updated with your channel.

Thanks again.

I like LinkedIn, since I can get immediate feedback on the number of viewers of my posts or ads. Also, it is easy to build connections. I now have around 1300 and want to build to 5000 or more

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the response.
An interesting response actually 😊.

LinkedIn, I didn't think about that.
I thought LinkedIn is just place where you display your portfolio, profile, or resume. Where a company can hire you.
Well, guess I was wrong lol.

So, with that being said and hope you don't mind me asking, how do you post or promote your blog post in LinkedIn?

Thanks again, i'll be waiting for your next answer though lol

I use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Quora

Hi Yvonne,
Thanks for dropping by and for the input 😊

Okay, but among those 4 (Pinterest, FB, Twitter & Quora) which one drives you traffic the most?


Thanks Yvonne, I was in Pinterest last night. I haven't logged in for I think about a year? And wow, there's so much change!

I was amazed 😊.

Anyway thanks again Yvonne.

According to my analytics, YouTube is my #1 platform.

Pinterest is a platform geared towars bloggers and if it helps when I was using it, Traffic was good for sure

As for which is the best, all the platforms play a part in some way.

Let your analytics advise according to action you take on a regular basis. Regular being at least a minimum of 30 straight days with the strategy you choose.

Thanks Dave for sharing.
I didn't you have a YT channel, how's it going? Is it time consuming as well? You know, creating and editing, stuff like that.

I've been thinking of having one too, but, with me creating my own blog posts and then, video...
But hey, if there's a will there's a way, right?

My guts also telling me I should go back to Pinterest.

Lastly, thanks for the advice with analytics and I totally agree, consistency and monitoring my stat.

YouTube isn't as time consuming as most think it is, I use their recognised partner which helps a lot with things and go where my stats tell me works

That's good to know. Kind of relief.
Thanks again for the input, Dave.

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