I'm back to top 200!

Last Update: Dec 3, 2020

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Hi peeps!

One of my newest task I assigned to myself as WA member starting from now on is to share my accomplishments in the platform or in my website. Big or small, I'm gonna share it 😊.

So, after being active for 2 days - answering questions, published a blog, commented on few blog posts - I was able to regain my rank 😎.

And lastly, I'd like to thank the members who spent time giving me words of encouragement after I posted this blog yesterday.

Looking on the Brighter Side of Losing a Job

It's a relief and really helped me to focus on different direction instead of what happened to me.

Again, thank you so much!

Recent Comments


You see, Mina, there is always something to cheer us up. Even the littlest thing can become big when we achieve the desired goal. Keep up the spirit!

Thanks Judith.
I'm relieved and happy. Thanks to you! 😊

you're welcome

Hey Minah I heard you shout for joy all the way in Trinidad. Well done


Yeah? And I heard your joyous laugh from Trinidad to S. Korea ! lol!

Thanks, Hugh.

Congratulations, Minah!

Keep moving forward.

Thanks Cassi!
Your posts have inspired me as well.


Yay Minah, you're now good to go! Keep climbing!

Hey Simone, thanks!
And yes, I will try my best to keep climbing.

Wishing you success too.

I think you'll be famous here in WA after Eugene used your profile lol!

Lol Minah😅

wow..... :) Grat!

Thanks Peter!

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