The Brighter Side of Losing a Job

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*Note before you proceed, this blog post is kind of personal. Please bear with me I just needed to write.*

Hi awesome WA'ers! I seldom blog in the platform because of several reasons and one of them is lack of time. If, I would have an extra I prefer to spent it working on my website.

But, today and forward will be an exemption, because...

I lost my job!! 😢

It's really frustrating. I didn't believe that my job would get affected by Covid because we (S.Korea) already surpassed the critical stage (there's an increase on number of patients though at the moment). I thought I would be able to keep my job in spite of the crisis...

Well, I guess I was wrong.

Showing my frustrations and sadness to my family will not be helpful so, I decided to blog here. Although, I know I should not because it's one of WA rules, not to share personal stuff (that's what I learned/heard when I first started), I just needed to.

Like I said, please bear with me.

Deep breath...

But, gladly, I'm the type of person who always look on the brighter side of everything, of every situation.

Yes, I lost my job but the brighter side of it is I now have time to spent ;

  • With my kid. Now I can be a mom! lol
  • Helping my husband in our "itsy bitsy tiny" business 😁.

The one thing I'm so happy and excited about is...

  • I can focus on my website now. I have a lot of work to do.
    • Create more blog posts
    • Update old blog posts
    • (re)Do my Social Media
    • Promote my website
    • Apply for affiliate (at last!)
  • I can be (a bit) active on WA.
  • And, finally, I'll have time to get some sleep and rest (hopefully 🤞).

Final words...

So, if anyone of you who got laid off or affected by the pandemic in any way, don't lose hope. It's okay to be sad and feel devastated.

But, always look on the brighter side. There's always a reason behind it.

Remember ...

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Sorry to hear that you lost your job. Now as you say you can devote more time to your business. The bright side is you have an awesome amount of people who are willing to help you and will give you guidance where you need it. Now your business will have an opportunity to blossom and grow.

Hi Mina,
Thank you for sharing, it's nice to vent occasionally.
I was also made redundant this year due to the dreaded virus.
I have good days and bad days but I'm getting there. I find getting motivated to write some days is the hardest part for me.
Anyway, all the best with your online business, I'm sure you are going to do great things now that you have more time.

Hi Minah, I am sorry to hear you lost your job. I like to think of WA as part of my family. I have shared and read many a personal story here.
I love the saying about looking at the bright side.
We can not have rainbows without rain.

All the best,

"We can not have rainbows without rain.."
I like that. It fits.

Thanks Michael and it's good to know that I can share things with you guys. I always feel quite hesitant to write a blog here but after this, I somehow feel the courage to do so.

Good luck on your "new" set of goals 😊.


You are very welcome Mina. I like to think of WA as a place where we can share a bit of ourselves.

Best wishes,

Yup, unexpected change of plans, but you've got a great attitude about it. There may be days in the upcoming weeks or months when you feel sad or frustrated - remember, we are always here for you when you need to vent. In the meantime, using your time to work on all the things you listed will make you feel productive, and there's nothing better than that!

Thanks for dropping by Jeannine.
In tough situation like this, sometimes you need to be postive otherwise it will eat you up.

It is a huge relief to know that I can vent and get support from WA members like you. All the kind words have been encouraging.
I already feel pumped up! lol

Thanks again and have a good one.


Sorry to hear that Mina, I was just talking to a friend who is in the same situation. She cannot believe the government allows companies to use Corona as an excuse to get rid of people that they don't like. That is just unfair. Having been surprised by a pandemic and suffered the loss of a job at the same time is just too much. Hopefully, you can keep yourself preoccupied with other things, so you don't have to think about it much.
I told my friend God chastises the one he loves the most, sometimes. That could be proof that he loves you more.
Warm Regards!

Hi Judy!
Sorry that hear that it happened to your friend as well.
To be hit with the pandemic and literally get affected by it is really too much to take.

Gladly, I already have a website to focus on to and (trying to find) things to do 😁.

I hope for the best and also hoping for your friend to overcome this trial.

Thanks again for dropping by I truly appreciate it.


You are welcome anytime, Mina. I am looking forward to seeing you shine in your marketing business. Like the old saying, one door is closed, another one is wide open. Just keep moving forward.

Thanks, and I will.
I would like to see you shine too!

Here's to our success 🥂


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