WordPress 5.0 Will NOT Break Your Website

Last Update: November 12, 2018

Don't Panic

I've seen some misinformation on the internet with people fearing that the upcoming major update to WordPress will break people's websites. This is not the case.

Even after the change to the blocks editor your site will look and work exactly as it does now. The difference will only be in the way that you create new content and edit the old stuff.

As you know, WordPress converts your new content to static HTML. The HTML for your old content will not be changed when WordPress updates to the blocks editor, it will only affect new content. So your old content will remain exactly the same. Your website is not about to break.

Install the Classic Editor plugin

If you are not ready for the change then install the classic editor plugin which is available from your WordPress dashboard. This is what is recommended by WordPress.org.

You can even use the new blocks editor in conjunction with the classic editor plugin

Gutenberg or Classic Editor? You CAN Have Both

Backup first

As always, create a backup of your website and save it on your computer before you update WordPress. Major changes to the version number such as updating from version 4.x.x to version 5.0 are not automatic so you have time to create your backup before updating.

Full Backup With a Plugin

If you have any questions please add to the discussion below.

As always, I'm here to help you.

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Thanks for the update and the information much appreciated.
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thanks for the infos MarionBlack
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I love it when you say "as you know....." mostly because I'm really flattered that you think I am across these specific details ( I am not).

It's great to know that you are though. Thanks for keeping us all upto date. Cheers.
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It's a nice way of introducing a fact without offending those who do know 😎
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he he he!! you are the master diplomat Marion!!
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Thank you Marion, for the helpful info.
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Thanks, Marion, on top off the game as we have come to expect.

It is appreciated.

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