What if I Leave WA and Come Back Later?

Last Update: May 22, 2019

I've seen this question pop up from time to time and the answer is this:

WA has no obligation to "park" websites for former members. No other hosting company that I know of would provide such a service either. The standard practice in the hosting industry is to delete all files as soon as the money runs out.

The WA "official" policy is that the website would be available for 30 days after a member leaves to give them time to back it up and save it on their computer or move it to another hosting company.

Training: Full Backup With a Plugin

But please bear in mind that once your membership has expired you will no longer be a premium member and only premium members can install plugins.

Do your backups before your membership expires!

The reality is that many former members return months or even longer after they cancel their account and many of them have been fortunate enough to find that Site Support has kept a backup copy of their website. YAY! for Site Support.

Click here if you need to cancel your account

As I said, there is no obligation and no guarantee that a website will be accessible after it's been abandoned. If it's still here when a former member returns it should be considered a huge bonus.

Please bookmark this because the question is going to be asked again and again.

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codevonish Premium
Thanks a million; This question is asked so many times even years after the answer is published; that's why I asked the question if there is some organized way to document information relevant to the WA platform; I know there is the search for help window but sometimes members are not aware or are too much in a hurry; I hesitate to use the word L word.
Barryw1 Premium
Sometimes it amazes me what some people expect from WA.

Things like I thought this was free now I have to pay? Why do I have to pay for a domain?

Why won't my website be here in 5 years when I come back?

Why do I have to pay for a premium, like Thrive site?

After they complain about all that people ask when will I make money?

WA is a business like the ones we all are building. We all expect to make money in the process.

Well so do the people behind WA. They also have a staff of people that work for WA that expect to be paid.

For the money WA is the best training program on the internet but you have to keep in mind that WA is a business.

Good luck to all. Nice Marion.
MozMary Premium
What's not clear is that when a person leaves they need to have their website password and know how to log in from outside WA, some people I know have actually lost their websites because they had been used to logging in on the siterubix platform and you can't contact site support when you leave.
MarionBlack Premium
Andrea881 Premium
That is great! But what if WA would offer the opportunity to park your website? Another platform that I'm with offers that. It is a small subscription but it could be another way for WA to earn revenue. I'm not planning to use it. It's just an idea for those who might be interested in this.
MarionBlack Premium
Do they park the whole website including all files or just the domain name?
Andrea881 Premium
They park everything. It's $9.95/mo to do that. Monthly regular subscription is $150 but you have the option to park your account for a few months if let's say you take a break for whatever reason. That will keep your affiliate links active and your own website active..:. I'm not sure if there is a time frame for how long you can park
VeronicasLuv Premium
I know many members may be struggling financially to pay the monthly membership. I'm one of those, but I'm determined to put in the work so that I can pay the yearly membership in that have to worry about monthly fees. The fact that I'm struggling to pay $47 a month means I am exactly where I need to be!