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In this video you’re going to learn how to login to your WordPress website without going through Wealthy Affiliate Site Rubix.

Your first step is to find your username and password and record them in a safe place.

Go to Site Rubix > Site Manager and click on Log In

If you have already created a new user then you’ll have two or more usernames. Make note of all usernames and passwords. And save them in a safe place.

Now open a new browser window or tab and type your domain name into the address bar followed by “/wp-admin” (without the quotes).

In the first field of the login box type your username and in the second field type your password.

Do not tick the “Remember Me” box because I’ve known that to really mess things up.

Just click the Log In button and you’re in.

If your browser offers to save the password for you then say “yes” unless you prefer to do it the hard way.

If you forget your password or you didn't yet store it where you could find it easily then click on “Lost your password?”

A new form opens up and you can type in your username or email address and you’ll be sent an email so you can get a new password.

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DrChristine Premium
Thank you for that information. I was wondering about the fate of sites and domain names created in Wealthy Affiliates if for some reason my relationship with Wealthy Affiliates should end. Could you answer that question
MarionBlack Premium
If you leave WA you would have 30 days to back up your website and move it to another hosting company. Backing up only takes a few minutes and it's a good idea to do it regularly instead of relying on anyone else. You don't have to be a premium member of WA to buy domain names here so you wouldn't have to transfer the domain name registration unless you wanted to.
amgolf Premium
Yes, I try to login to my website dashboard via WordPress but can't remember pass. Anywhere don't worry you can click forget to get reset password from email.
MarionBlack Premium
Yes, it's easy when you know how.
iainclarke Premium
Many thanks Marion
MarionBlack Premium
You're welcome Iain.
reanna1 Premium
Thank you, Marian for another great training! :)
MarionBlack Premium
You're welcome.
WilliamBH Premium
Great Training Marion .. Thank You .. Cheers, William.
MarionBlack Premium
Always a pleasure William.