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Last Update: April 13, 2018

Not that long ago, another Member here (Waian) did a considerable bit of research and came up with the following sites for copyright free photos.

I need to keep them in a easy to find compact place so I decided to place them into this Blog for my use and all of you as well.

I have been using Google's images under 'reuse' but 'Waian' reminds us in his Blog that these photos are not always copyright free even though Google has chosen them as such.

I don't think we need to Fear of being dragged to court and being slapped with a 10,000 fine for using a copyrighted photo (unknown to you). The first thing that would happen is that you would get a demand to take down the photo in question. Easy to do, right? If you didn't, then you would be subject to being sued.

Without further ado, here is the list < website by Loes

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Maddy55 Premium
Ian (Waian) went through each link exhaustively, and read the fine print for each source. Some Free Photo sources have been known to steal copyrighted photos. Here is his tutorial link and what he was looking for...
KristylaureL Premium
I use bing images a lot. Do you know if that is ok?
newmarketpro Premium
You need to make sure it is under Creative Common License which is allowed to use freely.
Maddy55 Premium
same rules would apply for Bing as in Google. Even though Bing might label a photo as a 'reuse' photo, it's possible that it could still be copyrighted.
JamesJB Premium
Fabulous, thanks :)
Nick-at-WA Premium
Thank you Maddy, much appreciated! I bookmarked it for I will need it.
Pernilla Premium
Thank you for sharing this list Marilyn!
Free images always very much appreciated.
Very handy!