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I have been making attempts at making an income from the internet. I have paid for training, but later had to pay for the tools that were needed to make it work. I understand that it takes work to attain this goal, but the funds only lasted for so long. Here I have found a program that offers the tools with the training and I'm very excited to get started.

I have been a Commercial Driver for 22+ years and am now a Training Manager and Instructor for Truck Drivers. I hope somewhere down line I can use this here.
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spurway Premium
Nice to meet you here at WA. Thank you for the follow and all the best in achieving your goals at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a pleasure networking with you and the community here at WA. It is a great place to be here if you get stuck just ask, there will always be someone here to help you.
Cheers Sylvia
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much!
ChappyK Premium
You have no idea what a great spot you are in. People are always looking on google for something having to do with big rigs. The amount of knowledge you have about trucks is very deep. My wife use to drive a long nose double wide walk in Peterbilt so every time we pass a big rig she tells me what type it is......
Please don't think that you don't have a good niche. It might be a little large so you might have to focus on some particular part of the industry. Good luck in what ever you do.
I just saw your websites, they look good.
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Gregory, it's good to see you here at Wealthy Affiliate, it looks like you have been very busy here! I look forward to reading your blog posts and networking with you and I wish you every success here at Wealthy Affiliate, it's a great place to be!

All the best to you Gregory, Roy
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks Roy. I wish you all the best as well.

sheiladane99 Premium
Hi Gregory, saw you were responding several months ago about the same problem I am encountering, but no resolution was indicated. "I have a custom menu widget which is currently sowing everything - including the sub menus - is there a way have having this collapse in the same way the top menu does after you hover please?"

I created the menu I'm putting in the widget that I put in the sidebar in the same way and same place ("menus") as the others that do drop down on hover in the main menu across the top of the page. And even though the submenus are shifted to the right under the top page as the ones that work, they don't nest in the "custom menu" widget.

If you have any suggestions, would really be appreciated.

In case it's useful, my site is http://differentkindoflifecoaching.com

Joe Dane
Seahawk8058 Premium
Hi Joe,
I took a look at your site. It looks great.

In the whole architecture of a site, you want to make things as easy as possible for the reader, as well as "the less clicks the better."

You always want a collapsable top menu, which you have, but in the side menus, you really want them exposed so your reader has it right there. My site is set up the same way.

Just remember, you want to hit a target of approximately 1000 to 1500 words in your individual post publication. With that length of dialog, it gives you a lot space on your left and/or right borders (depending on your theme design) and as the reader scrolls down, they have to scroll up too. So in this case it allows the reader to have more options to click on.

Always have this thought in the back of your mind during your website construction, don't make your reader have to search for your content, throw it in their face. Keep it under three clicks for your reader to get to a destination on your site.

In addition, I noticed on your landing page that you have "cute" quotes and sayings. Incorporate some of those into your sidebar with a text widget to catch the attention.
----Image widget deluxe and text box are the ones I use and you can find them in the plug-ins for free.

I am in the process of redesigning my site where I purposely found a theme with a sidebar on the left and right so that I could put little things to grab the attention of my readers.

Go ahead and take a look.....www.truewebcareers.com

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other help.

All my best,

Ali-M Premium
Dear Gregory, I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my social networks too.
Here is my links and I appreciate it if you could follow/like me over there; also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following back you too: )

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

NWTDennis Premium
Hello Greg ... thank you for the follow. I assume you are a Seattle Seahawk fan. That's ok ... I'll follow you back any way. Just kidding ... I've been a 49er fan for a long time which has been a hard thing to be in recent years, especially trying to watch Seahawk games. Fortunately, I'm also a Golden State Warrior and a SF Giants fan.

By now you know that you have landed on the best internet business training platform on the web. I wish you the best on your WA journey.
petervcrisp Premium
There is a famous quote from Mark Twain:

"If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first."

And that just means - do your hardest task first or at least as soon as you can in the morning. If you do this then the rest of your day is easy from there!


Hello, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. You are definitely in the right place!

People have plenty to share and there is plenty to learn also so take your time and enjoy the experience.

I may not be in the top 200 list anymore (because I don’t socialize here much) but I do have many interesting posts on my site and some you might really like, many people do. I have over 2,000 positive comments, so take a look and get some ideas as to what you can do with your site.

Let me know if I can help you in any way

Cheers Peter :)
P.S You might like this one:
Leave a comment on that post and I will send you a copy of my latest 40+ page book ‘Affiliate Marketing Made Easy’
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much. I appreciate it.
hmasters Premium
Greg, thanks for adding me to your group. Both of your sites reflect a lot of knowledge and work and I love the way they are organized and presented with a lot of very valuable information. Obstructive sleep apnea is such a common problem and the C-Pap is such a long ways from the perfect solution. Best wishes to you.
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks Harold.
I appreciate the comments. Best wishes to you as well.

LLiu Premium
Hi Greg,
Very nice to meet you and thank you for adding me to your network and I am adding you to mine.
I wish you every success in your endeavor's and on your journey here at WA.
If I can be of help just let me know and I will too!

Warmest wishes,

Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much. I'll be taking you up on that offer in the future.
Wishing you the best of success.

Icemocha Premium
Hello and thanks for the follow! You can utilize and transfer your experience as an instructor into the trucking niche. You can design your blog/website to focus on great aspects associated with the trucking industry. I really like your progress so far. Keep up the good work. Good luck!
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much for following me back.
I appreciate the advise.
Wishing you the best of success.

Icemocha Premium
Thank you and you're very welcome.
Loes Premium
Hello Gregory, ♫Welcome! Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for following me.

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. I also made a list of 1001 niche ideas, a checklist with 25 points to go through before you publish a post, 101 blogging ideas when you get stuck and an A-Z WA dictionary. It has been very helpful to a lot of people. You can find them on my profile on the right under training (click on my picture). I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please add a comment to this message or leave them on my profile.
Success building your business in 2016. See you around, Greetings Loes
Seahawk8058 Premium
Thanks so much!
despatis Premium
Dear Gregory, welcome to our WA community, you're on the right place to start an online business! Thanks for sharing and for accepting my invite, most appreciated. Seems you're doing very well, so keep on track and let's stay in touch, Desmond.
LouisaB Premium
Hey Sea hawk8058,
Glad that you have made the right choice to change Your life on taken the first step to fin independece, and believe in yourself.
Here at Wealthy Affiliates, you will find everything you need to know and learn to start you on line business, and there are a huge circle of wonderful people waiting at your disposal.

Just a reminder, that there are lots of other affiliate programs geared towards the internet marketing you can reference and learn from. Learn as much, ask ad much and use the knowledge to understand your passion to decide what is best for you.

On a last note, you are surrounded by a huge community with unlimited. Help and support.

I know you are headed in the right direction.
Kyle and Carson are here to help steer you on this financial endeavor.
Be peaceable and help and the rest will follow.
bluzy1 Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow! It’s nice to meet you and I’m so pleased to be included into your network. I hope you’re enjoying your time here so far and that you’re having a positive experience! This is a great place to be and I’m excited to follow your successes!

Peace, and make it a great day.
Irvie Premium
Hey Greg! I see you are a Seahawks fan. My husband is a huge fan too. Do you folks live in the Seattle area? Danny lived there for a bit, and my roots are in the Spokane area. Glad to meet you and I hope WA is what you are ooking for. I'm fairly new but so far, I'm very happy with all the training and help here.
Seahawk8058 Premium
Shockingly enough, no. I have lived in Northern California all of my life, but have been a Seahawks fan since 1978.
WA is the most incredible platform to be able to learn about and create a business.
Glad to meet you as well.