My First Vegas Experience: Nothing But WOW!

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Hello WA Warriors!!

Oh My Goodness! There is NO better affiliate program to promote! It's pretty much unheard of that you get invited to a Super Affiliate conference so that the owners can pick your brain!

You really FEEL like a Super Affiliate when you're there because you are doing everything in high style and class.

I might even say this experience has "gotten to my head" a little and my ego had blown up a bit while in Vegas because you really feel like you're rolling in it while you're there but reality sure hit when I landed back at my house! LOL

But man, you are taken care of, Kyle & Carson do not spare any expense. From the hotel room, which a lot of you saw in my Facebook Group was HUGE with a separate living room area, to the Skylofts, to the FOOOOOOOOD and the drinkssss.

You are eating at a steakhouse dinner one night with endless amount of appetizers, sides and desserts, while all you needed to do was pick your entree, and then you're entertained with a mind blowing magician on another night.

Then, the last night, you get treated with this huge skyloft at another luxury hotel where again, tons of food lined up and a bartender waiting to serve you whatever you want.

The generosity of Kyle & Carson is unbelievable.

Meeting Kyle & Carson

I was a little girl waiting to see her fave rock stars!

Oh my gosh, I was a nervous wreck meeting these two but once I met them, they are exactly what others have described, so nice, kind, and super hardworkers.

You'd think these two guys can just kick back and relax, but NOPE.

They are in the trenches everyday, just like you and me. So know that even at their level, they are putting in hours and hours and hours of work every single day.

So, to think that what I do is a lot, it's nothing compared to what these two still do everyday to keep their business going.

That's one big lesson right there. Just because you find some success, it doesn't mean the work is done.

In fact, the work is just getting started.

You have to KEEP working STILL if you want to KEEP that success up and more.

How else will you and your business grow if you don't? Just because you rank now, doesn't mean you'll rank forever. Could be a few years if you're lucky but success is only temporary like anything else.

You have to keep working and striving for the better or else your business doesn't change or grow.

Kyle & Carson are real role models for us in so many ways. It was truly a privilege to meet them and to discuss my business with them in a one-on-one setting is absolutely priceless.

Being my first time, of course, I had a list of questions, but guess what? There's so much to talk about that I didn't even get through my list.

Also, some of the things on my list doesn't seem so significant when you get to see the bigger picture of things.


Okay, there wasn't much "work" we were doing but we were cerainly brainstorming and discussing the improvements to come for WA and for all of you.

Kyle & Carson really care about our input and WE are actually part of their process in how they will improve the platform.

I find this SO awesome and how rare do you have a company that really reaches out to their members in this way?

Yes, we are super affiliates and bring them business, but they do NOT have to do this at all. Look at any other affiliate programs out there, no one's going to ask you about anything.

In fact, most companies don't CARE about affiliates and usually last on their list to improve things for them.

Not at WA, once you've proven to them that you can do this by becoming a Super Affiliate, they give you even MORE tools to get even better at what you do.

I won't devulge what extras you get, because the surprise element is so fun when you find out while you're there!

They also invest in their Super Affiliates, I'll leave it at that.

Kyle & Carson are amazing people.

Hitting New Record While In Vegas

As most of you know, after I achieved Vegas last year end of Aug, I stopped writing product reviews and concentrated on non-product review keywords.

My traffic dropped by 10K users a month because of this change and, although expected, it felt like my entire online business was coming to an end!

I had blogged about how this affected me last year as well but I was determined to keep going until things turned around. I didn't know how long it was going to take but I knew it will eventually turn around as I start ranking for new keywords.

Guess what?

First day in Vegas, my site broke a new record and hit over 2,000 visitors/day!!

It actually hit over 2,000 visitors a day TWICE that week, 2nd time was on Thursday Jan 31.

Even at my highest traffic last year, I never got to break the 2K visitors/day mark and my site did it twice while in Vegas!

I haven't even checked which new keywords I'm ranking for but this is huge news for my site. it means, it's BACK!

It's back to ranking well with the keywords I want to really target and I hope from this point onward, it will continue to rise again in traffic and sales.

I'm hoping then also my conversion rate will go higher as I'm targeting more on a focused audience, time will tell here. I haven't see too much increase yet.

Meeting The Other Super Affiliates

I have to say I was a nervous wreck on my way to Vegas (pretty much the entire first day!). I have no idea why but I think the sheer excitement of me getting to meet the great minds I've looked up to for so long is probably most of my nerves.

What do I say to them? Are they going to be cool with me coming?

I mean, the multi-multi year Super Affiliates I've looked up to AND BOTHERED many times, they finally get to meet that pesty member that kept asking them questions. Lol

Surely they want to meet me, right?

Then, to meet the two-timer Super Affiliates that I liked to bother as well seemed a little easier since I didn't bother them as much. Lol

But, these two Super Affiliates were critical to my success as these were the two that gave me that 400 number (most of you who's gone through my training will know what I'm talking about)!! I don't think they know who they are, I never brought it up to them actually! Lol

And then, there were the NEWBIES like ME!

Wow, what a big group of newbies, really. I'm not sure if we're the largest group of newbies but there were 6 of us and 7 if you count Kyle, who made it in 2017 but couldn't go to the Vegas 2018 conference, so this was his first Vegas as well.

Here is the group of newbies, missing Mike (sorry Mike, not sure where you were)... maybe next year! Lol

But, whether I was meeting a multi-year Super Affiliate or a brand newbie like myself, they were all welcoming and such great guys.

It was a very laid back atmosphere, and I learned a lot from hanging out with these awesome people.

Like others who have already blogged, there's really nothing like getting into a room with all these people and be able to talk shop freely like we did.

Having an online business could be a very lonely place and WA's community offers support that make us feel we are not so alone.

But, to be able to chit chat with all these Super Affiliates in person, it's just another level that I am so grateful for.


1. "Why aren't there MORE Super Affiliates here?"

2. "Why are there not more ladies here?"

We all came to the SAME conclusion guys.

There's absolutely NOTHING stopping you guys & ladies from achieving this goal of making it to Vegas!

Once you make it, you realize that 300 sales is actually not that much and I'm not trying to brag either, it's highly achievable with the training set out.

Yes, it requires a lot of hard work but that hard work PAYS OFF BIG.

That's what YOU NEED to do in order to find BIG SUCCESS.

Little effort, little to no money.

Big effort, bigger money.

MASSIVE effort, Super Affiliate.

Future Of Wealthy Affiliate

We are all in good hands.

The future of WA has never looked brighter and the platform will certainly continue to imrpove in ways that will benefit all as well as having new opportunities to make money.

We will all get to experience new ways to learn as well but guess what guys?

The CORE of what you should be learning won't be changing, maybe updated, but not the core principles of the strategies taught here.

The training works and has always worked, my site again proved it above.

If you guys can get the keyword strategy down, then you will be earning for years to come and you can literally be successful in any niche you go into.

Photo Gallery

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Our first trip without the kids!!!

Is This Post Ever Going To End?

Not yet.

I have so much more to share but I will save it for my other channels in my network.

So check out my profile and see the two links I have under "Follow me on..." I will have more Live Streams on Facebook to go over what I've learned and really show you guys how this is really achievable for all of you.

I'll be putting together my whole Vegas reel in a video as well for my YouTube channel, so look out for that.

UPDATE: THE VIDEO IS READY!! SEE HERE! Of course, smash that like button and leave me a comment too. :)

I also want to leave you with this:



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Hey, this is just great! Thanks for sharing some of your insights and the wonderful photos. Hey, we would have felt kinda big headed too. That's okay! Remember Grace, how hard you worked to get there.
It was the time to slap yourself on the back, congratulate yourself and enjoy being the successful entrepreneur that you are.
Now...get back to work!:D
Your friends,
C & P

I literally can't wait for you guys to get there!!!!!!! I would LOVE to meet you guys in Vegas!!!

Yes, I did do a little relaxing there, for sure I did. But really, being treated by WA like that, is unreal. You guys have to experience it!!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us - inspirational. Safe journey back home.

You're welcome Philip and thanks for your kind words of support!

Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience at Vegas!

You're welcome Cathy and thanks for your well wishes!

Wonderful! Well done.

Thanks very much!

Your family must be so proud of you! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Yes Mary, they sure are! My husband especially is my biggest supporter and without him allowing me to try many opportunities, I would not be here.

Thank you!!

Is this post ever going to end? The moment, I was thinking this, I saw exact same heading :)
That's awesome really, I can literally feel the excitement, it's contagious. :)
Thanks for share.

LOL that's awesome!!

And that's great you can feel my energy! :)

Hi Grace, I can actually feel the Vegas excitement in your writing!
It sounds awesome I’m sure you have learned a massive amount which will make you even better at this internet thing!
All the best

Yes definitely Fintan! It was so exciting to be there!! I can't wait to do it again!

So awesome pretty littlemama
Nurse Becca 😍💝

Hi Rebecca, So sweet of you to say! :) Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, Grace! Very inspiring for the rest of us!

You're welcome Glen! :)

Oh! What an awesome share!
You make us all dream...
And set or reset our goals!
Thank you


You're so welcome Fleeky! It's a dream come true!

That is so Awesome!! Thank you for taking me under your wing!

You're so welcome Kelly! I look forward to working with you. :) You’re so at the right place!

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