Money Is NOT Everything: Don't Try To Bribe Me

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3rd Update 10/22/18: Today he offered me $3,500 for the removal of the same post.

2nd Update 10/18/18: Today he offered $3,000 to remove one post. The same post he referenced in both other offers.


A day later, $5,000 to take down two of my posts. Yesterday, they just referenced one of my posts.

Hello WA members,

Sorry I've been away on a family emergency for the last week and now getting back to work.

What I wanted to tell you all this morning is that I have been offered compensation to take down one of my posts.

If you have been following me, my site is in the make money online niche and thus I promote WA, and by doing so, most of the content on my site are product reviews of different opportunities that are out there.

Some product owners do get upset about this and depending how harsh your review is, they will send you a cease and desist order to have you take it down.

This morning, instead of sending me something like that, I instead got this offer:

"I would like to offer you a generous compensation in exchange for removing the following post..."

And then it referenced the post on my site.

I know this particluar platform is extremely dangerous for people to get involved with as they are willing to give their affiliates hundreds of dollars per sign up.

I have never used one of their affiliate links because I highly don't agree with what they do and have written at least a couple of posts about these guys as they have more than one platform scamming people with their scheme.

I'm sure if I respond, they will probably offer me a 4 or 5 digit offer since they are willing to pay their affiliates so much money but I will not take such dirty money.

I know I'm helping a lot of people to stay away from their scheme and providing people a scam-free way to learn how to make money online here at WA.

I will not take such an offer and just shows how dirty this industry can get.

If you are also promoting WA and writing product reviews, know that if you are writing about a scam, you are really providing a very valuable service to many people out there who just don't have the same experience as us to know whether an offer is a scam or not.

We are not just writing product reviews for the sake of writing them to get them to come to WA.

We are providng people with valuable information that can SAVE them from losing thousands of dollars to schemes like this.

With your product reviews, be diligent in finding out facts about them and reporting those facts in your reviews.

Stay neutral and present what's dangerous or why people need to stay away. Provide the most value to your readers and your referrals will grow.

Have a great week guys!


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Wow, Grace!
First of all, we hope all is well with the family emergency and that things are back to normal for you;)
The sheer audacity of this offer to you is beyond words. Just goes to show how right on you were about the review!
They can't seduce our Grace to the "Dark Side", no way!!! Integrity is more important than their dirty money!
You are our guiding light in this industry.
Thanks for your post and we wish you a wonderful rest of your week.
Your friends in Ecuador,
Colette and Philip

Hello my beautiful friends in Ecuador!

Thanks for your kind words, all is well but indeed had gone through some difficult moments. Appreciate your warm words.

I really can't believe how desperate they are to take our reviews down to offer payment like that.

I wonder how many people actually responded, I hope not any WA members.

I will always stand in the light! Hope you two are well!

See my update up top of my post?!

Even if someone was absolutely in dire straits, and tempted to take the money (it's a lot of $$), our concern (apart from the obvious and most important moral and ethical one), would be first of all whether they would actually ever even see the money and then, whether they could somehow use that agreement to take the money against them in the future. In other words, whether they could use their 'acceptance' of the money to damage their credibility at a point in the future.
As a reviewer, your credibility is everything, right? This cannot be bought!
If they are not afraid to offer dirty money, they will not be above trying to hold it against you.

We, like you, sincerely hope nobody here at WA has succumbed!

You must be hitting the nail right on the head of these bottom feeders.
Thanks for the update and, as ever, you are our light in the darkness, Grace xo

It is very tempting $5K, but yeah, I'm not sure what they would do with my information too if I told them where to send the money.

It's insane these guys are willing to stoop this low to offer me so much money, wow.

I just can't allow them to get any closer to me and I need to make sure I keep them far in the distance.

I really hope they will just go away after this last attempt.

Hope you guys don't have to deal with these kinds of people!

We hope they don't bug you anymore, too.
If it happens to us at any point in the future, we will be sure to share it with you and the community.
Hope you can relax a bit with your family over the weekend.
C & P

Thanks very much guys, you guy have a great weekend too coming up. :) xoxo

Good for you, and you are so right. It is not all about money!

I've had the cease and desist letters but never been offered money to take down a post. I have however been offered an insane amount of money to promote a product that claims to be a wonder cure for alcoholism and addiction - just one pill and you are cured. They kept upping their offer until it was $5000 and then I lost my cool and let rip. That is putting lives at risk!

Standing by what you believe in a a blogger is so important.

Thank you Lynne for your support! $5K to put their dangerous magic pill up on your blog, wow. So happy you let it rip!

Integrity wins always Grace! I am proud of you!

Thank you Loes! Appreciate your support as always. :)

Good for u Grace I hate scammers ! They should lock them all up ! Keep up the good work !

Thank you John, I really hate them too, they are totally taking advantage of people who don't know better.

Hey Grace- that kind of offer is a sure sign that your post has invaluable information for the online community. The truth does hurt!

Great job!

Yes it certainly confirms what I wrote is true and what they are doing is indeed probably illegal. I just wish I could submit them to FTC, it seems I have to be a victim of such crime to report them and I'm not willing to give them my money. :( I offer this option though to anyone who comments on my blog that they have lost money.

With great power comes great responsibility! Stay true to yourself :)

Yes I sure will, thank you. :)

Stand firm with your words. This is what a woman of substance and integrity would do. Proud to have you as my guide. Thank you for sharing, Grace.

Best regards,

I sure will Maxine, thanks for your warm message.

I am with you all the way! :-)

Thank you!! Me with you as well. :)

Yes ma'am.
Way to go!

That a girl Grace... You get them dirty scammers.

- Glen B

Thanks Glen! :)

Be Honest / Be Ethical / Be Transparent

Readers will love you for it

Thank you!

Good for you, Grace! Glad you didn't give in to the bribe. They must be seriously up to no good to be willing to pay off nay-sayers.

Hi Marlaine, I think it's incredible what lengths these guys will go to scam people, it's really sad. I hope to continue to help others find a legit way to make money online. :)

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