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Hi, My name is Glen Barnhardt and for the majority of my life I have been a software developer or managed a team of developers.





Why do all my courses show uncategorized?

Why do all my courses show uncategorized?

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I have created quite a few courses and I just realized that they are all showing under the classroom uncategorized. I would like to put them into a category that fits each cour

Looks like no one could give you the answer you need, Glen. Maybe you could send a note to management or pm an ambassador. My two cents. Good luck.

Thanks Joe, I have done that already just waiting for a reply. I will let everybody know what I find out.

- Glen B

When you're in edit mode, in the right sidebar there is a place to enter a category. So you just type in whatever category you like and click on Add New Category. You can enter as many categories as would apply!

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks Chery, I will give it a try.

- Glen B

Just took a look when I'm' in edit mode there are no sidebars in the interface.

We are talking about creating courses within Wealthy Affiliates Training Interface Right?

- Glen B

That I don't know about, Glen. If you're working on a blog post for a WordPress blog, that's how you add categories.

But I know nothing about creating courses. You'll likely get a good answer from someone who is familiar with that process.

Ok Cheryl,

No I'm very familiar with blog post categories. This is Classrooms for content in WA.

Thanks anyway,
- Glen B

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