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Well , where do i begin ? I joined Wealthy Affiliate just a few days ago and i am overwhelmed by the support.
My wife and I just got back home from a trip to remember from Europe and I have so much work to catch up on and now W.A. yikes !
If ever anybody was depressed with life and thought of ending there life and i have know a few in my life time they should have joined W.A. !!!

I was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia December 5, 1950,
the same day as Walt Disney, this i found out several years ago and it answered my question why did i want to make people laugh and have a good time all these years ? Many times I have been told I should be a comedian as I always have a joke to tell.
I was in real estate sales for about 30 years.
I also managed a few offices one with as many as 70 salespeople.
I also owned my own company, I tried a new concept but it didn't work out but at least I tried it.

I even started an advertising company and ran that for a few years before selling it.

I have made products and sold them to department stores, but that takes a lot of work and research and you have product that you have to store and get to some retailers at a certain date or they wont accept the product.

This is why i like the W.A. it takes time to learn the system but with time I am sure I will succeed specially with all the support.

I also ran a small successful property management company and renovation business for about 30 years , its been so long time flies.

I still have the property renovation business and have steady clients that call me on a regular basis.

I have renovated entire homes from top to bottom hiring all types of trades and there isn't too many things I don't know about the renovation business but its always changing just like everything else.

I have so many tools its a guy thing I guess but in the business they come in handy.

So the thing i like about the W.A. is all you need is to educate yourself and put in the time and you can run this business from your laptop or smartphone almost anywhere in the world.

I like to do well at anything I do when I was a little boy I was one of the best soccer players in my league when I had the ball nobody could get it from me because I spent hours everyday dribbling the ball up and down the field.

Maybe if W.A. was there then I might have been a professional ?

I also have a funny posting on u tube about how at the age of about 10 years old I won the coveted golden bolo bat !
I beat out an entire neighbourhood of kids one city block long funny, I still have that bat ha ha !
My friend, Vancouver's historian had a grant and needed some interesting stories from the area, so we did it, its all add lib, no prepping, its kind of funny and out of all the stories mine got the most views for what its worth you can view it on u tube just plug in my name john pavich and the senior stories comes up.
funny i don't think of myself as a senior the other day someone thought i was 45 years old .
, maybe its all those vitamins i have been taking since i was about 19 years old
Years ago when i was in real estate sales i started writing down stories for a book . some of the stories where so unbelievable that people said i should write a book , i just may do that one day.
Age is only a number and I look forward to the W.A. journey, John Pavich out !!!
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4 hours per day
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Jun 23, 2018
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Johnpavich Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
4 hours per day
Sammy-B Premium
You have set some ambitious goals, John, and you have come to the right place to achieve them, as here at WA you have access to all the tools and resources you need to build a successful business. Just invest enough time, follow the training and persevere, and you'll see results. Good luck.
kevinmj Premium Plus
I like these goals a lot John. :) They are definitely worth aiming for.

I have been here at WA since March 2014 (seems like yesterday when I joined) and the no.1 advice I give is to keep working on your goals.

Never give up! When you achieve your initial goals then set some new goals. Goals keep you focused and motivated.

Additionally, if you ever need guidance, or have questions, which you undoubtedly will have, then please reach out to me or the community.

What you'll find here at WA is a wonderful community of like-minded people with similar goals and aspirations.

Anyway, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Have a great day!

Kyle Premium Plus
Your goals are totally realistic and when you achieve the first one, it will be just a matter of scaling to reach the second one. The Internet works wonderful when you have your formula for success down which you are going to be getting from the training here at WA.

Once you get this formula down the sky is truly the limit John! I look forward to working with you and seeing you make your goals a reality. :)
JuditS1 Premium
I wish you luck!
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dbriley Premium
Thanks for adding me to your network, I enjoy meeting like minded friends here at WA.
JelenaBB Premium
Hi John and thank you for following me. I followed you back and wish you a lot of success!

JelenaBB Premium
Congrats on going Premium! That is a really good decision!
soulsearcher Premium
Welcome to WA and congrats on going premium!

I'm pretty new here, I just joined this month actually. I must say I've already learned a lot of valuable information here at WA. I believe you will too, that is if you haven’t already.

The future is yours! Wishing you much success.

- Keziah
susanmacneil Premium
Welcome to Premium Wealthy Affiliate.
I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.
I hope you are as well.
Congratulations on your decision to go Premium, you will not be sorry, that is for sure!
Have fun.