Apr'18 Results: 358 Referrals Plus Many Milestones!

Last Update: May 01, 2018

Hi Guys!

I had another amazing month and things are really starting to snowball here.

April 2018 has yet again broke some records:

1. All time high referrals - I jumped from 236 referrals in March to 358 referrals in April!!

2. Highest Referrals Per Day - 20 referrals in a day and 3 weeks of double digit daily referrals and 1 week of single digit referrals.

3. Broke 1,000 visitors per day - Not only it broke 1,000 visitors a day, it went all the way up to 1,124 visitors on the last day of April.

4. Two Jaaxy Sales - I've only had 1 Jaaxy all this time, and this month, I got two more!

5. More than DOUBLED my March sales - 36 new premiums!

6. Most Money I've made - Not a huge increase from last month but I love showing the one year prior:

7. Most Adsense earned in a month - $157 - which means I can now get monthly payments from them (if I end up staying with them)! For May, I get to apply to Mediavine where your sessions need to be a minimum of 25,000 in your last 30 days, so not sure if I'll stay with Adsense. Heard you can make a lot more with Mediavine.

My site continues to grow, here's the month traffic:

Here's my 20 months graph:

There is nothing more gratifying than to see these results when I've been working so hard to build my site.

This month as I was continuing my progress and writing my posts, I get to "watch" my business keep breaking records.

It's so fun to see and I say watch because I'm not doing anything much different as I continue to publish daily on my blog.

I'm up to 420 posts published on my blog now and have about 6 ready for May.

My husband is starting to think "should I do that too?" I said ummm, YES! We'll see how that goes, I'm putting seeds in his head so he may start thinking a topic he'll like to talk about. LOL

Just like I had been putting seeds into my business and now those seeds are blooming and I can't wait to see how these seeds will grow!

BELIEVE in the training, BELIEVE in YOU, BELIEVE you can do this too (AND THEN DO IT!)!

There are no secrets to this business like many have said but people don't want to believe it. The best thing you can do for yourself is follow the training very closely and do the tasks.

Once you're done with the courses then it's a path of just writing, writing, writing in the way you were taught, and you will see results soon enough.

You will then experience the fruits of your labor like I am enjoying these days.

It's a GREAT feeling!


PS: As of this writing:


Please do not PM me asking me how I did it when I've already wrote how I've been doing it in this post: "I'm up to 420 posts published on my blog..."

AGAIN: THERE ARE NO SECRETS, I write A LOT. Write about product reviews. Write about product reviews. Hint: Write about lots of product reviews.

If you have no keywords on your site, you will not get any traffic.

Google will continue to give you better and better rankings as well with time, so if you keep adding more and more content (which has the low hanging fruit keywords), you will one day get the graph I have above.

You may go through MONTHS of low rankings and crappy traffic but your site should be slowly and gradually improving each month. If it's not, then analyze what you're doing wrong, or not doing enough of and figure it out.

Follow the BOOTCAMP TRAINING (at least just Levels 1 - 5)! Some of you who PM don't even sound like you have gone through the training and these are not new members.

I'm not trying to be mean or not help, but if you don't understand why you're not getting any traffic, then it means you haven't understood the training.

This goes for niche sites too, the training (OEC) is what's going to help you make money which goes back to content creation and low hanging fruit keywords <---- In The Training.

If you have a niche site, don't expect big results when promoting WA on there. Your niche can make you money, you don't need WA affiliate program too. You will not get my results if you promote WA on a niche site.

I also do NOT share my webiste for many reasons but may release it in the future. If you're in my niche, you should be able to find my site very easily when doing research for your product reviews, as many has.

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GailLowe Premium
Well done Grace. This is a great inspiration and thank you for sharing the details. It's great to see how your traffic to your site has grown over time and that is a great inspiration for people like me who are still only 7 months in but seeing some things starting to move. Keep it up and you'll easily get to Vega.
N33 Premium
This is a real pleasure to read, Grace, thank you so much for sharing. I will let my husband read it too, never knows it could be soothing and inspiring (not a fan of this business up to now).

Believe you can do it too, and then do it.

Have a nice evening rocking lady.

mbouteiller Premium
Wow Super Woman!! You are amazing and such an awesome inspiration for me. I have a longggg ways to go but I can do this. I know you're going to Vegas for sure!

That's exciting... I look forward to seeing your husband join us here.

I'm very proud of you for your accomplishments.

littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Monica, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad I can inspire you and you will be able to do this too!

We shall see with my husband and what he does, but he's been supporting us all these years since 2009 when we had our first child. Now I can finally contribute to our family in a big way, and I'm grateful for the way he supported me through all the different things I've tried. I owe this to him too for allowing me such freedom!

I look forward to your progress!
DValentine Premium
littlemama mia! That's an awesome result - Way. To. freakin' Go!
If that doesn't stimulate someone to just do it then they're probably dead already.
Only 225 to go? Pah! That's like a week's 'work' right now.

So, so jealous, yet so, so excited. If you can do it then so can I!
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you very much Dom! Lol, that's funny you say that, but glad I can stimulate the community here with my milestones!

Haha.. 225 is not a week's work but a few more months, I will continue my progress until I can reach Vegas!

Yeah, you don't need to be jealous, just picture this as your future results, I do that with other member's successes and now my numbers are following suit!

Just follow the training and do lots of product reviews. :)
sherlock77 Premium
Well, well, well. Your site is really kicking some butt now. Good to see. It's suddenly taken off like predicted. Keep going with the content and you'll likely see April's stats double by the end of June, maybe even triple. Get in Google's good books and things snowball.

Must be a good feeling seeing it finally all starting to pay off. Would certainly be motivating.

The training does work and your regular updates on here are proof of that.

You deserve your success!!
littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Darren, Thank you so much! My conversion rate seems to have improved too with my success posts here I think. :)

April has really blown it out of the park, every month, I wonder if I'll beat my last. I hope this continues!

Let me know how you did, I hope you saw some improvements from your site too for April.

You can do this!