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Why did I stop getting notifications?

Why did I stop getting notifications?

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WA Affiliate Program

With the new platform design, I stopped getting all notifications about reples to my comments.
From the very beginning, I do not get e-mail notification because I opted for

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You can manage of your email notifications within the account settings page:


There you can set which type of email notifications you will receive and which ones you will not.

You might see in there that they are turned OFF. This will happen if at any point, you might have accidentally marked a WA email as spam. Anyways, you can manage all of your email notifications there.

She is talking about the notifications on the platform, not e-mail notifications. She has turned off e-mail notifications.

Kyle, I don't want to get any e-mail notifications about comments and replies, etc., I only want to see them when I log in to the platform i.e. when I have time for it.
I have never marked WA e-mail as spam, I keep getting e-mails about domain expiry, etc. and that's perfectly fine but I don't want to have my mailbox flooded with all the other notifications.
Ok, I will wait for the bug to be fixed.
Thank you,

Hi Lenka,

I guess you're talking about notifications within WA via the "bell icon" at the top of the page.

In the nicest and most respectful way to everyone else (for those of you who know me, you'll know I just say it how I see it and I never mean any disrespect), but the notifications within the UX are still all over the place.

You'll have to turn your emails back on I'm afraid Lenka and select which notifications you want to receive via email, until we finally get these glitches sorted out.

As far as I can work out, the internal notifications (the bell icon) is selective in what it notifies you for, most of mine turn up about 24hours later, and many never show at all.

So, as I say, for now, until this all gets sorted (plus we can all be as positive and gushing about WA as we like, but it's nearly one month now), you'll have to turn your email notifications back on.

Hope you're well and everything's good otherwise.


Hi Partha,
finally someone gave me an answer to my question! Lol.
Thanks for that!
As I see it, I have to keep doing what I'm doing now i.e. remember whose post I commented on and go back there if I want to see a reply. I'm trying to see it as a good memory test :-)
I'm not going to turn on the e-mail notifications because I use my mailbox for work and get way too many e-mails anyway.
Thanks again!

We rolled out an update yesterday, and the notification counts should now be accurate. If you look at your notifications, they will reset.

We have several other improvements coming to the notification platform, but our last 2 weeks have been focused on Black Friday roll outs. December is going to be a busy month of code releases. :)

Hey Lenka,

LOL!! You know I always know what you mean!!! 😂😂

Yes, it's a good memory test, unless you're like me and give and receive comments over a 2-3 day period, typically around about 40-50 at a time.

I've got all my email notifications for WA currently turned on, but I've created a separate "WA" folder within Gmail so it doesn't interfere with anything else.


Hey Kyle,

Thanks for the response.

Oh don't worry, I'm fully aware that this a huge time of the year for you, and I truly appreciate how busy you guys are.

I know that rolling out an updated UX and platform that caters for millions of people is bound to come with a few glitches, irrespective of how much pre-testing goes on.

I had a feeling that you needed to get Black Friday out the way first - I think we all know what a huge influx of new members, bandwidth use, etc.. that's going to create.

Glad to hear about all the code releases in December.

I have full faith that we'll eventually get everything the way we all want it.

I just like to have the occasional moan. 😂😂😂

Just out of interest, my notifications have cleared, but there is no notification within WA to the replies/likes I received from Lenka, yourself, and John.

I had to rely on email notifications for those.

I'm not moaning again, promise. 😂😂😂

Now get back to work. LOL.


My bell says 912, I can’t get it to open so I just ignore it😂

So that's why you haven't replied to my 908 messages!!!!!!

No idea who the other 4 are from 😂😂😂😂

Lol. Maybe it's better to get none then 😂

Seems you are the only one who understood my question :-)
Well, I have to wait for the bug to be fixed and risk that I'll forget about some posts. In my mailbox, I have to move e-mails manually to a folder so it would take too much time.
Thanks again!

Sorry Lenka,

I would have replied sooner, but I've only just received the notification, LOL. I'm joking.

To be honest, the internal WA notifications are updating quicker now, but it's still as I mentioned above.

I have had over 40 email notifications on my phone today (simply from writing a blog post), but only 4 internally.

Anyway, we all know it will eventually get sorted, it's just a case of "waiting it out for now".

If you don't want to turn on specific notifications it may just be a "guessing game" for you.

In fact, I may even "cause trouble" and go an find some of your unanswered comments and reply, "Oh I know, that Lenka, she's sooo bad, she always ignores me, and never replies to anything".


Take care and speak soon


Don't you dare! 😂

I followed AbieAJ link. You have a lot of choices about notifications. Pretty cool. Gene

Thank you Gene but there is only the option of e-mail notifications, on or off.
I don't want to get notified by e-mail, only on the platform.

Abie is correct.

Unfortunately, that's not what I was asking about.
Maybe I didn't express myself correctly. I turned off the e-mail notification right at the beginning because I don't want to have my mailbox flooded with e-mails but I still want to get notified on the platform.

Hi, please go here


And check if notifications are on, you can also get to choose what you want to be notified about.

Edit and save changes.

thank you, but I don't want to get e-mail notifications
What I was on about are the notifications here on the platform, showing on the bell icon. I used to get notified, now I don't.

Hi, yes it is a bug awaiting a fix. Also see Kyle's comments above.

Did you turn it off by chance?

I turned off the e-mail notifications when I joined WA one year ago but still got notified on the platform.

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Can I use the first half of the same keyword?

Can I use the first half of the same keyword?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Can I write a part two of a review, using the first three words of the keyword (title) and add part 2 to it? Will google not see it as a problem?

i did this with a 3d printer build and.....
only one of the posts got ranked out of four - i wish i had known more at the time
so i would add another keyword for the title(one of the key points of the article) and have the fact that it is part two in the body of the text.....
but that is from a couple of years ago

My original review is ranking for several keywords I didn't think of and it looks like a low-traffic keyword so maybe it's better to extend it with another content.
Thanks for sharing, Phil!

Sorry, I meant Lenka, not Lena :-)

I am doing Jaxy now want learn

Hi Lena,

If your keyword has an exceptionally high AVG and Traffic with an exceptionally low QSR then I would use: prior keyword-part2 as the permalink for your part 2 post. Or, you can use another keyword of equal quality for your part 2 post.

Let's see what others think.

Hi Frank,
it's low traffic and I've ranked number 1 with various keywords I didn't even think of already.

Hi Lenka,

There are those who will say that writing two articles around the same keyword isn't a good idea (I think Kyle even mentions it somewhere in OEC training, athough it's so long since I did it, I could be imagining that).

Basically, you're potentially competing against yourself for rankings.

You can use the same keyword and make it longer to form a completely new keyword phrase, even with a product review.

I would use Jaaxy to check for potential keywords around the product name and also do a Google search and see what other sites have in their title.

It's entirely possible to rank for "Product Name Review" or "Product Name Scam" or "Product Name + Creator's Name" and many other keyword phrases too.

I think by using "Part 2" however, you will be focusing on exactly the same keyword.

As I say, check Jaaxy and see if there are any other keyword phrases based around the product that get some traffic, even if it is

Thank you very much, Partha, it's a hard decision for me now. I've ranked page 1 in google with a review covering several keywords in one already :-)
Now when they wanted me to take the review down I have even more information (they made it even worse, in my opinion) that would probably be another 1000 words, mentioning all the e-mail correspondence.
I thought it would be good to write a part 2 of the review but maybe I'll just extend the review.

I would say add it to the current review as you're already ranking.

I've got articles that I constantly add to, so some are 5,000-8,000+ words.

However, it would be a really good idea to have something near the very beginning of the article with a link to that section of your article that will entice readers to see what's gone on.

===>HUGE CONTROVERSY - I Got into BIG TROUBLE For Writing This Review. Check Out My Email Conversation With The Program Creators

Lol, that's a good idea.
I don't know what to do with the H3 tag though (and I thought I was an experienced blogger.lol). But I use table of contents so I could add incorporate it in that somehow?
I've never changed any article to such an extent, only corrected mistakes or one or two words.

Lol, oh Lenka!!!! Bless you. Hahaha.

Yes, use Table of Contents to get the URL once you've added the additional stuff.

I always add more things to articles, especially one's that are ranking well or getting lots of impressions (more content = more potential keywords = better SEO = better chance to rank higher)

I've got one at the moment that is based around a 30-day challenge.

Updated it yesterday Day 6 and added another 1,123 words.

At this rate with 4 more updates the articles going to be 10,000+ words long.

But I provide links just after my introduction (as well as in Table of Contents).

If it's what my readers want, then they'll happily read it.

I'm also going to start converting really long posts to PDF and offering visitors a chance to "read it later".


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How to show my youtube channel on my website?

How to show my youtube channel on my website?

asked in
Everything Wordpress

Is there any plugin or something that would enable me to show a clickable picture of my YouTube channel in the side widget on my website?

Did you find what you are looking for. Did you try to go to your dashboard and click the video you want to embed to your website. Click the share button then click the embed.

After you click the embed. Highlight the whole thing and copy this to your Website widget.

Hope I can help now.


Thank you Nila, I wanted to add the link to my YouTube channel on my homepage, not just a single video, but it seems it's not possible so I will add one video or a clickable image as suggested by jvranjes here.
Thanks again!

Some interesting answers here, Lenka! I am looking on with interest!


Thank you, Jeff! You will be (or probably already are) a powerhouse of knowledge :-)
Have a nice weekend, my friend!

Thanks, Lenka! Not a powerhouse by any stretch, but I know a few things! I hope you had a GREAT weekend!


Hi, did you click share under your youtube video? if you do, then you can find the embed link option.

Lots of love,

Thank you Shahlla. I'm familiar with embedding videos, I was just looking for how to add a link to my YouTube channel on my homepage.

No need for plugins, just add a widget to the sidebar and then embed the video as you would in your post. You can use text widget for this. This will be a directly clickable video. But if you want just a link to your YouTube, put any picture in the same widget and link it to the YT channel.

Oh my goodness, I should have thought of that! A picture with a link! Thank you!

Sorry, I have no idea yet. I have no much time to mingle in my website so far. By the way, I subscribe in your Channel in You Tube.

Good luck and have a great week-end.


Thank you, Nila, just found your subscribe and subscribed to yours as well!
Good luck!

Thank you, just still learning the whole process. Not easy to do all at a time. So busy working 60 hours a week. That when I come back home, so tired that I can't think what is right.

Best of luck,


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