Yay, Yay, It's nearly Black Friday!

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Excited about Black Friday 2021 at Wealthy Affiliate

Every year since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate I get excited about their Black Friday sale.

This year I'm more excited than ever - because Wealthy Affiliate is offering their lowest price EVER for Premium Plus membership.

Only $499!!!

I can't wait to get back in on the action!

Brief History of my experience of Black Friday WA

For the first few months of my Premium membership, I paid monthly and was ecstatic to upgrade to annual when Black Friday 2016 rolled around. That was the year my hubby paid for me to upgrade - super grateful!


2017 was the first year my online business paid for Black Friday and I was proud as punch!


In 2018, I got really excited about these 23 reasons to take up the Black Friday deal on 23 November.

In 2019, I only seem to have written Black Friday blogs on my own websites because I can't seem to find one on the WA platform.

I did, however, write this post in December 2019 where I mention that I had my first two annual Premium sign-ups on Black Friday. Woohooo!


And then of course in 2020, I upgraded to Premium Plus - monthly.

I was super disappointed at the time that I couldn't go annual but satisfied that my online business could cover the $99 a month for Premium+.


I remained Premium Plus monthly until July 2020
, when I switched back to Annual Premium on the $299 Black Friday deal (WA grandfathered me in at that super low rate).

I had so much going on at the time that I wasn't getting to do much of the awesome Premium + training, so I felt like I was underutilizing my membership.

So before I "downgraded" I had SERIOUS FOMO and spent an entire weekend watching all the Premium Plus training I could take in in one go.

This go-around will be different.

Because I've just promoted my Content Writer to Virtual Assistant to free up my time to launch the new online brand I've been working on for the last few months.

And that should also give me more time to enjoy all that wonderful Premium training and learn how to use the new keyword tool that's in Beta.

So I've been looking forward to this Black Friday deal when I can upgrade for the first time to ANNUAL Premium Plus - and I'm STOKED about the pricing!

Because it means I'm already nearly halfway there (having paid $299 towards my membership mid-August means I have about $220 unused time to put towards the $499).

I can't wait for 26 November 2021!

Now just to make sure I make the bucks in time!

And You?

What do you plan to do this Black Friday?

Are you excited about Wealthy Affiliate's deal?

Are you going Premium or Premium Plus?

Here's to Your Success!


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It's going to be a fun weekend ahead! See you there, and make sure you tune into my class on Saturday as well if you can. ;)

Awesome, Thanks Kyle! Will do.

Hi Lauren, fabulous that you'll take up the offer for P+ this year! I'm still Premium at the grandfathered rate and think I might take the plunge for P+ this time around!! I get some serious FOMO when I see the titles of the expert classes :).

Best wishes to you Lauren! And hope the launch of your brand is a huge success.

Ooh, exciting Melissa! Yes, go for it!
I've really enjoyed the expert classes, especially the level of detail Chris Myles aka Benji's Dad goes into in his YouTube training and Tim McKinlay's 12-month plan. So inspiring!

Such an amazing journey you've had with WA Premium, Lauren.
I like how you have it all tabulated. Great organisation!

Yes, I intend to take the Premium Plus again. I couldn't believe the price when Kyle first told us in his post. It is an incredibly low cost when compared to other affiliate programmes! Not that I stop to look at others these days, but I recall experiences prior to joining WA in 2015.

It's great to see you again, Lauren.

Best wishes.

Isn't it an amazing deal, Valerie? And wonderful to think we will be grandfathered in at that low, low price for life.

Thanks for your lovely compliments. Appreciate.

My pleasure, Lauren :)

Excited as well here. Hopefully we all rake in something while helping our site visitors/clients

Absolutely! Great point.

That's awesome, Lauren! You seem to be doing very well! I'll still remain at the grandfathered premium because my physical businesses keep me busy enough! Maybe eventually P+!

Have an excellent new week!


Aah, that makes perfect sense. All the best, Jeff.

Thanks, Lauren, and continued success to you in your endeavors!


Agreed, bruda. Grandfathered premium is perfect, plus is the best, especially if you have more than 10 sites or lots of impressions per month.

I'm locked in at the 25/25 since 2018, Chris!


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