Exciting times for my blogging business

Last Update: Dec 8, 2018

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Heya Everyone

I know I've been terribly quiet lately on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I'm sorry about that because I miss you guys. It's just been a madly busy period with all the stuff I do - online and offline.

Exciting times for my Blogging Business

There is sooo much going on right now... where do I start?

I'm gearing up for a very big year... I have huge goals for 2019 and I'm not waiting for January to get started on my goals. I expect my business to EXPLODE in the upcoming year.

This is what I've put in place so far...

I chose a Pro Theme (Divi)

On Black Friday, I finally invested in a paid Theme for my websites, well an entire Theme Gallery, actually...

I chose Elegant Themes which sports 87 stunning Themes including the ever popular Theme, Divi.

I've started fiddling around with Divi to spruce up my sites. It's quite the learning curve and, as with all design changes, it's a very time-consuming process, but I'm excited to upskill and even more excited to see the end result... haha... is there ever an end result? It's an ongoing process really, isn't it?

Made Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

There's been an upsurge recently in my Wealthy Affiliate referrals. Yay!

2 of my new referrals went Premium 2 months ago, one of them is paying monthly and the other went Yearly on Black Friday. Double Yay!

In January, I'll earn my biggest Wealthy Affiliate Commission to-date, $ 153.50.

Secured a Sponsored Post Deal

As most of you know, most of my blogging income comes from clients paying me to publish their posts on my sites. (I earn $20 to $30 per published post).

Recently I was approached by a new client to write and publish some sponsored posts on my sites.

We've agreed to a rate of $80 per post for regular work, I'll be writing 2 to 3 posts a month for her. This one's not exactly in the bag yet because I haven't received my first post from my new client but I'm excited to get started!

Got my first $100 Order on Fiverr

And today, I received my first $100 Fiverr order, which also netts me $80 for one post. Yippeee! Could January be my first $1000 month?

My Big Hairy Goals for 2019

This is what I've got up my sleeve for the upcoming year.

Creating my own Digital Products

I've known for a while that I need to start creating my own digital products to take my business to the next level. So 2019 is my year to:

  • Create an online course (or 3)
  • Write 3 accompanying books and publish them on Amazon Kindle

I bought two courses on UDEMY for the ridiculously low price of R100 ($9.95) on Black Friday so I can upskill as quickly as possible.

I'm also Tweeting like crazy at the moment to win 3 Months of Teachable Pro. #12DaysofTeachable

Becoming an Online Course Creator

Yesterday, I started my Udemy course on How to Create an Online Course and I created my first video lecture. Woohoo! It's not perfect but it's a start and it feels good!

Becoming an Amazon Kindle Author

As I create my courses, I'll write the books to go along with them.

I'm feeling excited and inspired. I've got direction, a plan and all the training I'll ever need to get cracking and make my dreams a reality.

I'm ready. It's time.

What are YOUR Big Hairy Goals for 2019?

Are you entering an exciting stage of your blogging business? I hope so! Looking forward to hearing all about your hopes and plans for the upcoming year.

To Your Success

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Recent Comments


Goals for 2019 will be amazing for me. I will finishing the certification and have all of Bootcamp done. I will have multiple websites and and export business going. Lots of work to be sure.

Thanks so much for sharing your goals, Jerry.
Sounds like you have a busy and exciting year ahead!
Wishing you all the very best.

Congratulations on all of your successes this far in 2018! It sounds like 2019 is going to be an amazing year for you.

Best wishes!

Thanks so much Sondra! Wishing you an amazing 2019 too.
I really enjoyed your recent post on Affiliate Marketing. I'm coming up for my 3rd year anniversary (I went Premium in January 2016). My 3rd year was when it all started happening for me... so I'm excited for you as you go into your 3rd year!

Wow! Awesome goals! Awesome accomplishments! It sounds like you have the enthusiasm and momentum now to make them happen! I'm anxious the see your progress! Another great example of what Wealthy Affiliate and a lot of "elbow grease" can do!

Best wishes,
Karin :)

Haha, Thanks for your enthusiasm, Karin.
How's it going your side? I see you're in the top 100 and got your first organic Amazon sale recently. Woohooo!

I love your goals for this next year and know you'll achieve them! I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress and hearing about your successes!


Thanks so much Janelle. Sweet of you.
How's it all going your side?

Things are progressing well! Working hard on a niche site and my bootcamp site and am seeing results. I'm hoping that 6 months from now I'll have a great success post to write!

Hi Lauren. Great to see you on here again. Looks like you have an exciting year ahead. I too am dreaming big for next year too and will be hoping to secure many of the same goals as you. Funnily enough, at the start of this year, I needed more money and more work, and today I found myself turning down some work because I just didn't have time to fit it in - what a difference a year makes, eh? Wishing you all the best for a great festive season and wonderful next year. I know you'll be successful.

Hi Gail, ooh, I'm excited for you! I can't wait to see what course you create.
We're going to have to keep each other focused and on track.
And what an amazing feather in your cap to be turning work away.
You are destined for greatness... scratch that... you are GREAT!!

Hey Lauren, great to see your online business is growing. Just reading it makes me feel more motivated to work harder in my own.

Hi Rey, so awesome to hear from you! THANK YOU for taking the Black Friday special. I've been looking out for more blogs by you as I'd love to hear how you're progressing with your training.
Did you get past that website feedback hurdle you mentioned in your last question? Hope you saw my answer.
Is your website starting to take shape?
Please keep me posted and shout if you need any help from my side.

Hi Lauren, everything is going good so far. I haven’t been working on my site much but I plan to get some work done this coming week.

By the way, you are a great writer. Your writing style is so free and engaging. I’m trying to be more like that in my writing.

Keep up the good work.

Congratulation on your great success. You have been busy. My head is still spinning. lol. You are seeing the prize from all of the hours u have put into your business. It is finalling paying off. I am so happy for you. Great inspiration.

Wishing you futher success.

Hi Carrie, Thanks for your lovely message.
You're right, I've put in many hours and I'm happy to put in many more into my online career. It's all so worth it.
Wishing you all the best as you get to grips with the computer and tackle an entirely new career. You've got this!

Happy for you Lauren, congratulations.

Thanks Lanu. How's it going your side?

Slow and steady wins the race my dear.

Hi Lauren and well done on your achievements -2019 is yours alright and all the very best growing your business presence online with those awesome plans
I plan to work locally and see how that goes so busy preparing for kick off early Jan 2019
Go well and enjoy the festive season

Hi Vicki, Thanks so much.
Working locally sounds like a great plan. I'm just coming to the end of my 6-month contract at The Kids Gym, a local brick and mortar business. It was fun being out in the world and made me realise the importance of becoming more visible in my business via video.

Fantastic Lauren and I'm sure 2019 is going to be so successful for you
You have got what it takes and you know what to do so go well and keep being awesome

Wonderful news! Very exciting things coming up for you. We have purchased a couple of courses from Udemy as well to help us.learn some new skills.
This all sounds wonderful and we wish you every success as you charge forth into 2019!
Colette and Philip

Heya Colette and Philip, always fab to hear from you.
Sounds like you are still steaming along brilliantly.
Wishing you every success for the New Year too. Let's do this!

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