23 Reasons to Take Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Deal

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Black Friday 2018 is nearly upon us and I am excited!!

This is the third year in a row I'll be taking Wealthy Affiliate up on their AWESOME Black Friday offer.

As Black Friday is on 23 November this year, I've come up with 23 Reasons for YOU to take Wealthy Affiliate up on their Black Friday Deal.

23 Reasons to Take Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Deal

Saves You Money


The cost saving is phenomenal, especially if you're upgrading from paying monthly to yearly.

$299 a year vs $ 588 a year /$49 a month


Or $24 a month


Even if you're switching from the usual Yearly Rate to the Black Friday Rate, there's a great saving:

$ 299 vs $ 359 - Saves You $60


Once you've opted for the Special $299 rate, you're grandfathered into the $299 rate FOR LIFE. Say what?


Thus protecting yourself from inflation, future price increases and currency fluctuations.


This instantly affords you MORE VALUE because Wealthy Affiliate's offering doesn't stay the same every year - no siree, Bob... not a sausage... instead, it just keeps getting better & better.

More Training, more tools, more enhancements to the Program.

For exactly the same price, year in & year out.



Saves You Stress


The pressure is off because you no longer have to scramble around every month looking for a payment.


Once you know your cost of business is taken care of for the year, you can R E L A X and focus on doing the Training and building your online empire in your OWN TIME.


This serves as YOUR commitment to YOUR Success.

Have you noticed that the magic starts happening once you're ALL IN?


Now there's another stress I've been able to avoid since I've been taking Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday deal. Don't laugh... because it's the stress of spending money on Black Friday unnecessarily, frivolously, spending it just because...

Once I knew Black Friday was a thing... suddenly all these special offers and deals seemed to appear EVERYWHERE.

Now everyone knows that women (and some men) can't turn down a sale.

We see great savings and we have to have it.

Haven't you heard the old joke, "my wife doesn't see her credit card as having a limit, she sees it as having a TARGET." Hehe.

But this deal is different, very different.

I look forward to Black Friday.

I plan and save up for the Wealthy Affiliate Special because I know that Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing since sliced bread.

Or should I say, I know which way my bread is buttered.

Because Wealthy Affiliate doesn't cost me money - it makes me money

... which brings me to my next important point...


Makes You Money


With all the excitement around Black Friday, this is when the seasoned Affiliates make BIG BUCKS.

Affiliates who have completed Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Bootcamp and those who are taking the Super Affiliate Challenge make MORE MONEY on the Black Friday weekend than any other weekend of the year.

I am convinced Black Friday is bigger than Christmas for online marketers.


As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, Black Friday is your opportunity to

Make $130 per sale


2 & a bit Sales and your own Black Friday Special is covered. (2.3 to be precise).

Just 3 Black Friday sales and you're in PROFIT for the year.

And of course, as mentioned, experienced Affiliate Marketers make a lot more than 2 sales on Black Friday.


Even as a Starter Member with FREE access to Wealthy Affiliate, you can make $65 for a Black Friday Sale.


Gives You Special Priveleges


Live Class with Kyle:

7 Factor “Secret Sauce”


The White Paper:

The Secret Sauce


5 Weeks of Live Training:

Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019


As mentioned before, Wealthy Affiliate is ALWAYS INNOVATING.

By grabbing the Black Friday deal you get to ONE OF THE FIRST the first members to enjoy...

Early Beta Access

to NEW Tools and Enhancements

Just to give you an idea, here are just a handful of the improvements Kyle and Carson introduced in 2017:

Site Content Images - Over a million free images available at the touch of a button in Site Content while you're creating your posts.

SiteSpeed - at no extra cost, Carson improved our SiteSpeed. All we have to do is toggle a switch.

Site SSL - Free Security certificates (https) for all Premium Member sites (Siterubix and privately owned domains).

Site Comments 2.0 - We now have a way to earn money by leaving quality comments on member sites.

Mobile Friendly - Wealthy Affiliate just went mobile. Woohooo!


2019 is YOURS


Who knows what exciting changes Kyle and Carson have in store for us in 2019?

One thing I know for sure... their changes never cost us anything more than the $299 we pay once a year for Premium Membership on Black Friday.

Did I mention NO UPSELLS?



Which gives me another reason to Smile... the more of us who join Wealthy Affiliate on Black Friday, the bigger and better our community becomes.

The next Training that gets posted by one of the Wealthy Affiliate members may be just the Training you're looking for to take the next step in your online business.

For example, I've decided my next step is to write a book and sell it on Amazon Kindle.

Do we have training on that?

You Betcha! Tons.


And once you go for Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Special you become more a part of this brilliant, beautiful, supportive, caring, affirming community than ever before.

You become one of us. And this community is really special.

Like no other community I've ever come across online.

A community with HEART. And it starts right at the top with Wealthy Affiliate's Owners, Kyle and Carson. They just give and give and give some more.


Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop shop for anyone ready to build an online business.

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Live Chat
  • Site Support
  • Affiliate Program


You'll learn how to set up your own website and, although the focus is on AFFILIATE MARKETING, you'll find members taking what they've learned at Wealthy Affiliate and making money online in all kinds of interesting ways:

The world's your oyster!


What Are You Waiting For?


The urgency of Black Friday Fever can serve you.

Because in this case... taking this DEAL... propels you into a new and exciting future.

The start of your online empire.

And all this for only 82 cents a day (even in South African Rands that's less than a cup of coffee. At current exchange rates it's only R 11.53 a day).

Go Get Em Tiger!

The future is yours for the taking.


P.S. What's your favourite reason to snap up Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Deal in 2018?

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Hi Robert, Thanks for always taking the time to leave a positive comment on my posts. Much appreciated.

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I made a note of her post a few weeks ago, did some research and a very cool gig to get into. Some of my Ukrainian lawyer buddies and drinking pals really got excited when I showed them.


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