I did it! Officially Upgraded to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus!

Last Update: November 13, 2020

As you know from my previous post, Wealthy Affiliate: Christmas before Black Friday, I've been testing out the free version of Premium Plus for the last couple of weeks - and it's fabulous!

My number one reason to upgrade to Premium Plus: The Premium Plus Training

Wealthy Affiliate's training has always been superb and Premium Plus takes it to another level!

I've been building a couple of YouTube channels lately so I was really excited to discover the training by Chris Myles aka Benji's Dad. He is such an awesome YouTuber and explains things so neatly and succinctly. It's been a busy week so I haven't had time to implement all his tips and strategies yet -can't wait!

Just to give you an idea of how much Premium Plus training is on offer already.

I haven't had time to sample the other Premium Plus training yet. So far all the classes have been delivered by top income earners here at Wealthy Affiliate:

Kyle himself

Jay Neill aka Magistudios



Tim McKinlay

EdwinBernard has a great post with more details about the current training on offer, Premium Plus, have you found the Gold?

Reason #2 Impressed by Jaaxy Enterprise

Again, haven't had the time to thoroughly explore all the wonders of Jaaxy Enterprise yet, but so far I'm impressed by the lightning search speed. Anything that can save me time is a bonus right now.

Reason #3 Affiliate Income Potential

I haven't made a huge amount of affiliate commission at Wealthy Affiliate yet... I'm working on a strategy that should change that in the upcoming months, so the new income potential is hugely attractive.

We now have the opportunity to earn HIGH TICKET AFFILIATE COMMISSION right here at Wealthy Affiliate. I'm following a number of Wealthy Affiliate's top income earners and most (if not all of them) advocate selling high ticket digital products or online courses. It's a great strategy.

If you missed this info, Read the section on Amped up Affiliate Opportunity in Kyle's post: Announcement: The Future of Wealthy Affiliate is Here. (Screenshot below).

I'm sure I'll uncover loads more benefits as I dig into my new membership. I'll write a more thorough review soon.

My only regret is that I didn't make the bucks in time to get the $795 yearly deal for Premium Plus - I'm paying $99 a month for now.

Let's see what this year's Black Friday brings. Aiming to have the money available by Black Friday just in case I can snag a super hot deal.

Over to You

What did you decide? Are you still Premium or have you gone Premium Plus?

To YOUR Success!


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MiaL Premium Plus
Congratulations Lauren! I haven't gone Premium Plus yet as I'm not convinced I need it at this point, but it sounds excellent and I can see there will be a time when I'm ready to take the plunge. I would really love to see the training from the super affiliates, I can imagine the value in that would be amazing.

I haven't heard any mention of Black Friday on the platform yet so I wondered if perhaps it wasn't going to happen this year?

Thanks for sharing Lauren and I hope all is going well in your world.

laurenjean Premium
Hey hey, Thanks Melissa! Lovely to be back in contact. I haven't had much time to blog here lately, been focused on my own sites and YouTube channels.

Black Friday will be going ahead... please see Carson's response below.

Everything is going swimmingly my side, Thanks so much. Hope the same for you. All the very best!
AlejandraB Premium
Premium+ is on my wish list, not now for the moment, but I will
laurenjean Premium
Excellent, Alejandra! Thanks for popping by again to leave a comment.
JulietAA Premium
Premium+ is great. I’ll upgrade but not now.
laurenjean Premium
Fab, Juliet. See you in Premium + when you're ready.
AlexTagger Premium
The first thing I did when I joined this site was go Premium! I plan to upgrade to P Plus the first opportunity I get!
laurenjean Premium
Awesome Alex! Go for it! Hope you get your opportunity soon.
RoseLee2020 Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience with Premium Plus Lauren.

Much appreciated!

laurenjean Premium
My pleasure, Rose. All the best to you!