Black Friday 2017

Last Update: November 21, 2017

Black Friday 2017

Last year Black Friday was all about me. This year it's all about YOU.

Let's Define YOU:

Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Deal is for YOU if:

  • You have a passion or hobby you'd like to turn into a thriving online business
  • You are a budding blogger needing tools and training
  • You have set up a website and would like to make money from it
  • You would like to become an affiliate marketer
  • You've heard it's possible to make money online but you have no idea where to start
  • You've joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member and you're ready to take your online business seriously
  • You're a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate and you're ready to save a whole heap of money

Last year all I could think about was how I could find a way to pay my Annual Wealthy Affiliate Membership at the super discounted rate of $299 on Black Friday 2016.

I couldn't wait for Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday Sale because I knew that was the day I would stop paying monthly fees and get access for an entire year to this awesome platform.

I really thought in my first year of blogging that I'd manage to pay for the special myself.

Turns out it took me a little longer than expected to build my online empire to that level.

I am eternally grateful to my wonderful husband for footing last year's Black Friday bill (and almost all my bills for the last 4 years since I became a Mom).

And here I am... at Black Friday 2017... Proud to say I've finally done it.

I've cracked the blogging code. YAY! Money is starting to flow in.

I'll be paying my Black Friday special this year with earnings generated directly from my blogs.

It's taken me nearly two years to reach this point, which sounds about right. I've polled a lot of my friends and searched the internet and many people are of the opinion that when you're building a business:

The first year you lose money, the second year you break even, and the third, you make money.

Maybe I'm old fashioned believing this.

Maybe that's a limiting belief because I know others are achieving results a lot faster than this.

Maybe it's just that I wasn't desperate enough or driven enough to do it faster.

All I can say is, for me this is pretty accurate - that's precisely how long it's taken for me to find my feet in the blogging world.

And critical to my success, was committing to my online business.

I took Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday deal a year ago and that was exactly the commitment I needed to make to take me to the next level.

So enough about me... let's focus on YOU.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to commit to building your online empire?

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phakacha8 Premium
I like that Laurenjean, Wow! You made it.

You hooked the money-giving pedestal yours in 2 years.

Hey, you owe your hubby in footing your BLACK FRIDAY BILL in the 1st and 2nd year.

laurenjean Premium Plus
Haha, thanks H. You are right. I owe my hubby big time! WA has been lifechanging.
phakacha8 Premium
Woohoo! that's it.
Felynz Premium
Great post and many congratulations! Your excitement is definitely present in your writing. I hope that this following year proves even more successful for you!
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Louise! Happy to hear that.
MKearns Premium
Here we go Lauren!
laurenjean Premium Plus
Yes indeed, Michael!
bobrseno Premium
This is a great post!
This is my "me" year as I am going "annual" this Black Friday. Looking forward to this "ride" with all of you.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Bob. Welcome to the Black Friday Club! :)
bobrseno Premium
Thank you
JeffL61 Premium
Hi, LaurenJean. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that you stated in your promotion of the Black Friday sale here at WA as worded in your outstanding article!

Any premium level member, (not yet paying at the yearly rate) simply needs to understand the tremendous savings in $$ that is part of this sale beginning on Friday.

All members would get everything considering the tools, training and support at a fraction of the cost compared to paying for a yearly membership at any other time of the year.

Furthermore to keep paying $49 every month - which works out to $588 for an entire year versus the $299 payment during the Black Friday sale coming up in 3 days only represents a savings of extra money that could go into other ventures within a member's online business.

Furthermore if a person is truly SERIOUS about his/her business then committing to the yearly membership offered through this special sale indeed is about that individual.

Yes, folks as LaurenJean stated, the focus would be on YOU!!!
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks for your wonderful comment, Jeff. Realised after posting this that I hadn't spelled out the Savings. Thanks for doing that for me. You rock!