The Value of a Good Friend

Last Update: April 02, 2019

It's my good friend,

Lynne Huysamen's BIRTHDAY today!

Can I get a Woohoo?!

The Value of a Good Friend in the Business

Having a friend in the business has meant the world to me.

As many of you know, Lynne and I met right here at Wealthy Affiliate and then discovered we're practically neighbours - we live about 150kms away from each other. I've Thanked Lynne many times in my Wealthy Affiliate posts because she has been amazing to me.

A mentor, a friend, a supporter, a champion... an Angel.

Lynne has a heart of GOLD.

Lynne is always a good few (hundred) steps ahead of me which is wonderful because she willingly shares her knowledge, tactics and contacts.

And she does it with such enthusiasm! Lynne bubbles over with excitement every time she calls me with a new gig to try out.

Lynne Huysamen - Online Infuencer

As an online Online Influencer, Lynne has become a celebrity. She has strangers coming up to her to tell her how grateful they are for her and how they follow all her posts.

Lynne gets sent all kinds of amazing goodies and attends amazing events.

Last year, Lynne somehow got me invited to the LG Influencer Event which was great fun - and we got awesome goodie bags!

Lynne is always in my corner.

Last month Lynne drove into town especially to attend my Xtraordinary Women talk. It was so wonderful to have her in the room and get the chance to Thank her publically.

The Event was 2 days before Lynne had to travel to Joburg for her biggest Influencer job yet.

Now, Lynne is crazy busy on an ordinary week but this week was a particularly busy one for her. Yet she made the time to be there for me. And she was the first guest to arrive!

Lynne is a woman of her word, she will never let you down. I am always amazed at how she'll take my calls or send me leads when she's in the thick of a gazillion jobs.

She will set everything aside and treat you like you are the most important person on the planet.

Lynne is always in your corner.

And I know it's not just me who feels this way.

It's Lynne's helpful, generous, passionate nature that has attracted her huge following.

It's the way she shares her knowledge and success tips so willingly.

When she learns a new skill, she shows you how to acquire it too. To date, she's created 133 Tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please join me in THANKING LYNNE HUYSAMEN for all she has done for the Wealthy Affiliate community and WISHING her an AWESOME BIRTHDAY!

Or better still, pop across to Lynne's Profile and leave her a Birthday Wish.

Here's To Lynne

With Love and Gratitude

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Sytemsinc Premium
Great Post Lauren! Thank you for sharing!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Kimberleigh. Lovely to meet you!
SondraM Premium
Awe...this is so sweet it brings tears to my eyes.

You are very blessed to have a TRUE friend like Lynne.

Lynne, if you read this Happy Birthday!
laurenjean Premium
Aah, sweet. Thanks Sondra. I am blessed indeed.
LynneHuy Premium
Thank you for the special birthday wishes Sondra :)
Twack Premium
Just counted fifty five machines over the £500 on the uk site. The higher end machine would look to be fairly 'specialised'. If you have a spare domain, why not ?
laurenjean Premium
?? I'm sorry Twack, I have no idea what you're talking about?
Twack Premium
Sorry Lauren, I think someone else now has your intended message...they will probably be as confused as you were. Anyway, a wonderful post nontheless and Lynne, I am sure, is grateful to have a worthy friend as yourself.
laurenjean Premium
Haha, nothing like multi-tasking or should we call it multi-toggling? Thanks for the laugh.
jennyjewel Premium
That was a lovely post Lauren. true friends are hard to come by, you are very lucky.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Jenny. You are so right.
KenShaddock Premium
A wonderful note of gratitude for another human being Lauren. Beautifully put.
I will check Lynne's storey and yours too.
Have a great year.
laurenjean Premium
Thank You for the compliment, Ken. Lynne really is this amazing. Glad you're popping across to check out her profile.
Wishing you all the best for your year too.