What An Awesome And BUSY Week!

Last Update: May 13, 2018

This week has been so busy and exciting! On Wednesday I got to meet Lauren and Jill in person at the Mommy Hero event held by Happy Event. We got on like a house on fire - which I knew we would since we have been in such close contact for the last at least year plus.

I also got to meet some other bloggers and a South African celebrity! She was so awesome and friendly too, not quite what I expected.

I really hit it off with another blogger that has a baking blog - she is on the Expresso Show on TV :) She has invited me to be a guest on her Youtube channel as soon as we can arrange it - like OMG how cool is that?

So on top of being spoiled rotten and getting the most awesome massage I got to really meet and mix with some amazing women.

I had to shoot out early from that event since I was invited to another Mother's Day Event being held on the other side of town by Netflix - also a spa pamper day. Not something that happens every day right?

I got to the Netflix event 2 hours after it started which was unavoidable....and I got spoiled rotten all over again - this time with a manicure and pedicure and another massage all while watching my choice of Netflix on an ipad with some earphones.

I left home that morning at 7am to make the 150km journey into Cape Town and I got home just before 7pm loaded with gifts and having had an absolute ball.

I could get used to this!

Next week Thursday I am heading back into Cape Town to attend a function by LG - cocktails on the rooftop of the Media 24 building. I am sure there will be plenty of mingling opportunities for me there too.

And yes Lauren I will be emailing and trying to get you an invite to the LG event - someone has to drink the cocktails and it cant be me!

It has taken me so long to get this post up because I had to get some content up my websites after losing a day of work running around having fun :) Then on Friday I had a Mother's Day event at my son's playschool... yesterday my kids were invited to a birthday party and of course today has been a family lunch for Mother's Day.

I feel like I have been away from WA forever!

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DebbieRose Premium
Sounds like so much fun...especially meeting Lauren and Jill. That's a great picture of you all....a successful trio.

Happy Mother's Day,
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Lynne.
Maine3623 Premium
It’s great to be able to post to a celebrity and have her respond :)

Sounds like you are having a great time, enjoy, you earned it,

AlanJE Premium
Hi Lynne, better to be too busy than too quiet, Best Alan
LynneHuy Premium
Yes for sure!
BrianCh Premium
Hi Lynne,

You have a very full schedule. Mom bloggers unite! Hope you get Lauren a ticket. It won't be much fun without her. :)

Keep well.