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Last Update: Oct 14, 2017


Hi Everyone

Today I decided to write a post simply to play around with the new Site Content Images function.

I just couldn't wait to try out a few of those stunning FREE images!

Just in case you missed Carson's post - here you go:

SiteContent Images is Here! Over 1,000,000 Optimized Images.

This happy lady shows you how I feel...

Okay, enough playing around now... Back to work!

These free images are amaaaazing. What a wonderful value-add.

THANK YOU Kyle and Carson!!

Innovating as always.

Giving us GIFTS that save us TIME and MONEY.

It's your turn... hope you have fun playing on Site Content.

To Your Success,

PS. Ooh... and I love that I can access images I've previously uploaded. Like my signature (for example) which goes into all my blog posts. Brilliant!

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It really is awesome i love it too :)

Yay, Sylvia! Lovely to hear from you. How are you doing?

A welcomed addition Lauren, the new platform will streamline our work for sure.

Agreed, Alex. Am thrilled.

Isn't this great, Lauren! I love it! I forgot about my signature. I made one of those too and need to add it too. Perfect!

Cool, Sue. Such a pleasure.

This is awesome Lauren. I was so excited when I found Carson's blog last night, I forgot to add images to my blog...LOL!!


He he Tammi! Thanks for the giggle . :)

I feel your excitement Lauren. Carson's announcement is wonderful!

I couldn't resist, I played around with it last night. Lol. It is so cool!

Fab Vanessa! You got in before anyone else. :)

I love this feature too. WA is always improving.

Totally Mike! Agreed!

Hi Lauren thanks for the 'demo' :)

I haven't used SiteContent yet! I was waitng for the images.
So there is an option where we can go back to our media library? do you know if the images in our previous library are compressed automatically now. I'm thinking we may not need the EWWW Image Optimizing plugin any more which would be great!

Nice picture of you and it looks great as a cirlce!

Heya Patsy... ha ha.. thanks for the compliment but that image is not me - I just typed "happy woman" into the search bar and downloaded a free image.
No, you can't access your Wordpress media library from Site Content (until you publish a post) but any images you upload from now on will be saved in your site content image library.
Compressing is automatic but if I'm not mistaken you'll still need EWWW for your existing images - unless of course you're planning to replace all your existing images with new one's.
For newcomers starting out at WA and use the new Site Content they will never need to compress images.

I highly recommend trying Site Content out for yourself. Quick. You've been missing out.

All the best

Hi Lauren, I figured I would have to keep that plugin.

I recently replaced ALL of images because I wasn't sure if they were legal. I got my new ones from the merchants I use to promote my niche. There is no way I would replace them, I found the perfect ones. My niche is visual.

I don't like the thought of having my images in 2 different places. Unless I upload them all to SiteContent! Aha, there is an idea.

Another thought just came to mind. Having our content in two different areas. One in the original Wordpress, then the newest in SiteContent. I'll have to PM Kyle.

Thanks for your great reply :)

Oh. My. Word Patsy. What a Mission!
Your images in site content also appear in your media library once you've published your post.
You are able to edit your site content published posts either in Wordpress or in Site content.
Have you done Kyle's walk-through yet?
I highly recommend doing that training and then giving Site Content a test-run.
Here's the link:

Thanks, I feel better that our images appear in the media library.

I haven't watched the walk through yet, I was waiting until I was going to use it.

Thanks for you help! I appreciate it :D

Hello and thank your for this

WA is there for use in every way and continues to make improvements which is to help us in every way


Absolutely, Paul. Never cease to amaze me!

Best of the best!!!


I have wanted this since forever. So excited to use it .
With Grace and Gratitude

Yay!! Enjoy, Karen! :)

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training