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Last Update: Sep 12, 2018

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Hey everyone!

Today marks a long-awaited and incredibly important milestone in our history at Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited to announce that Wealthy Affiliate is now Mobile Ready and mobile device users will get to experience our brand new responsive design!

Mobile Responsive Design, Why it's so Important.

First off...Responsive design means that the site will work beautifully on a device like a mobile phone or tablet, I wanted to explain that before we move on because it's something that everyone should be aware of.

Google recently announced that their default web crawler is the Google Mobile Bot. This means that Google is experiencing a very high percentage of mobile device usage. It also means that a lot of traffic and rankings come through the mobile versions of Google.

The better equipped your website is to handle mobile devices, the better the overall search presence will be. This is why all websites built at Wealthy Affiliate on the WordPress platform come equipped with responsive designs.

Mobile Usability Prior to the Update

Mobile Usability Now

Our WealthyAffiliate.com website has long been Mobile ready, but the WA members area historically has been designed for DESKTOP users. This doesn't mean that the WA members area has not worked on Mobile Devices, it's means that we haven't had a dedicated design for mobile devices...until today!

With this update we expect that our already GREAT rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing will get a boost in traffic and rankings. Your Blog posts, Questions, and interactions at WA may rank a lot better - thus giving your activity a chance to earn you referrals :)

Much of WA is Mobile Ready...but Not All Yet.

As of today, about half of WA is Mobile responsive ready. There are literally hundreds of pages within WA which required redesign, and rather than wait for them all to be done at once, we wanted to release the most highly used areas of WA first.

You'll notice that your experience on a mobile device will switch between desktop and mobile (explained below). In the "mobile" design world it's been common to have a mobile experience that does not offer 100% of functionality when compared to that of the desktop version. This IS NOT something we've ever been interested in. We want the mobile experience to be the same high quality, and full experience that is available to desktop devices. For this reason some areas in WA are yet to be designed for mobile devices, and this is a current focus.

Available Mobile Responsive Areas include:

  • Main & Top Menu
  • Training Courses & Lessons
  • Blogs
  • Questions
  • Member Profiles
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Live Events Menu
  • Account Settings
  • Jaaxy Platform within WA
  • Blog Editor
  • Comment Areas

Future Responsive Areas:

  • Task Manager
  • SiteManager
  • SiteDomains
  • Website Build
  • Live Events
  • Private Messages
  • SiteContent
  • SiteComments
  • SiteFeedback
  • Affiliate Area
  • Notifications
  • Training Builder

Many of the "Future Responsive" areas have been left out on purpose because we are in the works of significant updates to them, we'll release mobile ready design at the same time we update those areas :)

Switching between Mobile and Desktop.

As you browse the WA members area on a mobile device, you'll notice the User Interface switch between a responsive design to the design you're used to already (desktop).

If you need to get back to the mobile menu, you can always just visit the "dashboard" as it's 100% mobile ready.

If switching back and forth is not something you like, then you can turn OFF the mobile responsive mode from your account settings.

We've found that readability, engagement, and overall usability at WA is MUCH improved in the responsive mode on mobile devices. It's easier to comment, it's easier to learn, it's easier to navigate, it's easier to search, it's simply EASIER when using a mobile device!


The initial roll out of our Mobile user experience for the WA members areas has been something we've been working on full-time in the background for a very long time (seems like forever). All new development of platforms include mobile designs and we cannot wait to release more in the coming weeks and months.

In my last post I alluded to having many updates coming to WA this fall, and we're just getting started with them all...you're going to hear from me quite a bit with every significant release :)

I'll leave you with a few questions.

Do you use WA on a Mobile Device? If not, will you now that we're Mobile Ready?

Leave your answers below.

Chat soon,


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Recent Comments


I use WA on my mobile device daily. Yes, i did notice it was not ready. glad to hear it is now.

Carson you are awesome! I noticed some of the changes earlier and I was doing the mobile happy dance.
I use my cell phone ALot and you have made me a VERY happy lady.
Y'all have made our lives even better. I love how you Kyle and the rest of your team are always trying to make it easier for your members here.
Thank you very much

Lee Ann

Hey Lee Ann, you noticed within a few moments of releasing the update and blogged about it too. That’s just AWESOME!! I’m glad you are doing the mobile happy dance, I am right there with you!

There are many of us members dancing.
I even blogged about the changes I noticed from my cell, replied to the few comments I received, from my cell and responded to you from my cell.

You have no Idea (you probably do, but you know what I mean) how y'all have helped those of us who are on the go a lot and are addicted to WA.

I have always taken my cell and my tablet with me so that I could continue to work on my site, traffic, research and etc..
As long as there was internet I would be either busy here or on my website.

There were challenges, but I still did it. So with this update, you have made me a VERY happy lady as well as many other great WA members.
Thank all of you for all that you do for all of us
Lee Ann

This is pretty cool To be honest yeah its 50/50 for me when i am at work .I work on my blogs and I check things out through the social part here and there.

when I am at home I use my laptop to work on things and whatever that is harder to do on my phone i touch things up when i get home from my 14 hour days. so this is something I have been looking forward to

thanks for all the things you Carson, Kyle and all the WA team in the background. I hope the best for you guys

Consumption of content on a mobile device is sooo much better now...here’s hoping it makes those after work blog posts and interactions that much better without having to pull out the laptop!

You are always amazing me with new and improved features! This is a wonderful post with great information of state-of-the-art tech! I use mobile on occasion and will be logging on more often now! So excited for all the advancements, improvements and updates at WA!!

Erin :)!

Hey Erin, thanks for the comment and words of support. We are always pushing forward and have so much up our sleeves!

Super, Super Carson!

[mic drop]

In all seriousness, I understand how much work goes into a mobile friendly version of a site... so Kudos to you!

Thanks Jay, you of all people know how long we have been working on this, and we are really excited to get this released to all those mobile users of WA. Lots of mobile updates coming to other areas that have yet to get a shiny new mobile design!

Awesome, Carson! I use WA on my laptop and a lot on my smartphone. This improvement will be v-e-r-y helpful and so much easier to use. Woohoo! Thank you! You guys did it again! :)

In the past 30 minutes I've used WA so much on my iPhone, it's a breeze writing these comments from my mobile phone, and dictation makes things even easier :)


This is Awesome News!

I have been looking for ways to do the majority of my work from an iPad Pro. It's just so much easier to tote than the Mac Air. Also there are other nice features of an iPad that I really love for marketing.

I can't wait to try this out.

- Glen B

Hey Glen,

Let us know how you like things on the iPad Pro - with the screen being so large, you should see the same desktop version of pages. Mobile responsive designs shine on smaller screen sizes like Mobile Phones. My iPad Pro has a larger screen than many laptops and it works beautifully with WA :)

Awesome to know Kyle,

I have an iPhone 6 Plus too. I'll have a look with that device as well.

My eyes just aren't as good as they used to be staring at a computer screen for well over 30 years.. lol..

- Glen B

Great achievement! I'm curious to give it a try :)

I was surprised when I to went to WA today on my smartphone and noticed.. it's now mobile friendly!

Thanks, Carson!

Hey Daniel, I can't stop smiling because this means less hand cramps from pinching and zooming :) YAY!

Yes!! And no more hoping my big thumb hit the right button! LOL

Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.

Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.


Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.

Amazing news!! I'm excited to have this especially when waiting in the car line for my daughter!

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